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Oh, and I pay for my software. (but I get big discounts through my engineering institute)

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Posted in: Japan struggling to fight shortage of skilled engineers See in context

It is not just japan that is suffering from a lack of engineering skills.

The UK, Australia, Middle East and several other places are suffering from this shortage.

It is a problem of attracting people into the various engineering fields at a young age. Many universities in the UK don't have enough numbers applying for places on engineering courses. This in turn makes it difficult to justify running the course financially. It is a vicious cycle that may seriously start to cramp their ability to compete globally.

The truth is that engineers make EVERYTHING. The machines that manufacture cars, planes, soap, packaging, tables, refine fuel, make electricity, air conditioners, paper, pencils, computers, books. Literally EVERY PRODUCT has needed an engineer to work on it at some point.

I am an engineer in the UK. I worked for a biological laboratory automation comapany and now on control systems for gas turbines (powerplants).

I would love to come and live and work in Japan, but I fear my family and I would not be welcome. My wife is a doctor (General Practicioner) and we have just had a son (7 months old).

My wifes qualifications, I do not know if they are recognised. I love japanese culture and cuteness. My karaoke skills are unmatched. I love japanese rock and punk music. I would watch anime ALL the time if I could.

Anyway, I am just saying that the Japanese make it very difficult for foreigners like myself to even consider attempting to move over, even though in the rest of the world we have highly desirable skills and would not claim social benefits, just pay high rates of tax.

Its a bit backward.

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