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I grew up putting salt on cantaloupe and now, living in Israel, I frequently eat watermelon with feta cheese in the summer. It's quite yummy.

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In all this discussion on Bilingualism, I have noticed that no one has touched on the issue of language dominance. Despite growing up with two languages, it is still very common to have a dominant language for any one of the basic skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) or all of them for that matter. My daughter has grown up as a true bilingual in a non-English speaking country, yet English tends to be her dominant language. Her written expression in English and vocabulary are much richer though she has" native" fluency in the second language as well.. Just thought I'd throw this in as food for thought, as many see true bilingualism as having native proficiency in both languages and I just wanted to point out that one may be a true bilingual yet still harbor certain weaknesses in one area or another.

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Samantha, I understand your point, but what I was saying is that a parent will stay by the child's side no matter what. It doesn't matter if that child is a baby or 50 years old. Children on the other hand will only stay by the parents side until it becomes inconvenient. Of course, there are situations were professional care is needed, but to truly honor a parent or any human being for that matter, we must care for them with dignity, even if it is difficult. The problem with the world today is that our priorities are misplaced.

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The thing that strikes me is that a parent will stay by a child's side no matter what the situation, but a child will never stay by the parents side. Sad.

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