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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening ‘massacre’ at vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

Fax from convenience is a joke .. with the source phone number and surveillance camera as finger print .. what a fool dude! at least send a post card from a post box .. some creativity to buy time from COP ...! LOL, dumb and dumber!

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Posted in: Japan's governors call for COVID lockdown See in context

Japan look down at the Chines and other eastern Asian countries for their incompetence. Japan has resources and infrastructure to quickly build / convert Covid-19 dedicated hospitals in Convention Centers and Schools .. Use the JSF staff for monitoring and treatment on the same site. In case of a Disaster that is what we do .. where is that? Japan was one of the first country with Covid-19 outbreak in the world around Feb 2020 ... what have these useless Liberal Democratic Party politician learnt? Lock down and throw the money out. Vaccination is still slow .. Pathetic!

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Posted in: Detained Sri Lankan 'treated like a dog,' says family after seeing video See in context

Classic, crime is a crime! Japan is good to show up some of fake good things and hide the crap on the back! more transparency and impartial approach is required! Hope there would be a proper justice to put behind the bars for those responsible at Nagoya Immigration Office.

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Posted in: Coronavirus threat rises as Japan cheers Olympic gold medal rush See in context

Like the Roman Empire .. Give Circus and Bread to the mob ... mostly simplistic stupid people easy to manage in the way the Government wants, the Pandemic is out of control not because of the virus but because the host porting the virus are free to move everywhere without penalty or strict Law restrictions! Shibuya, Shinjuku and other major cities.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to pay more for hosting American troops See in context

Keeping troops in Japan is of best Interest of US Government .. if they believe Japan should increase the share for the military cost of US troops in Japan they can decrease their force and Japan start getting more domestic military presence in Okinawa and other strategic bases.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic beds are sturdy, organizers says after 'anti-sex' report See in context

Sexual activities can be done on the floor ... wild or rough without breaking the bead cardboards.

If condoms are souvenirs to bring back home stupidity says buy one in your home country! Amazing the lack of common sense in JP.

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Posted in: Many people seem to be tired of staying home, or feel more at ease due to their perception that vaccinations are progressing. See in context

Right and wrong, vaccination is not a preventive measure for infection rather that to minimize hospitalization or death in all ages now with the Delta Variant around us. Government lack of actions to inform the population of exposure risks and how vaccines work slow down the pandemia end even more. Asking people to close restaurants over accelerating vaccine shots go against. Japan has resources and financial strength to control it but due to incompetency on politicians the light in the tunnel is far far to be seen.

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Posted in: Japanese condom makers fear anticlimax at Olympics See in context

The title of this article doesn't make any sense .. condom to climax? good sex is enough .. with or without the rubber. IOC said Alcohol ok but no condoms .. doesn't qualify for the final sex during the stay? Another contradiction, keep the condom away and bring back to the home country for the HIV awareness ... but No SEX please.

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Posted in: Alcohol allowed but no condom distribution in Tokyo Olympic village See in context

Really? No condoms means no Sex? or they will put GPS as well? not sure on the logic and rational on the decision. If this is due to COVID-19 then alcohol goes in the same way. Athletes are adults - well most of them but the safety and AIDS risks prevention are still important where usage of condoms is highly advised for good! People will have sex either way ...

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Posted in: Japan should have scrapped domestic COVID vaccine trials: Kono See in context

Slow like a snail ... US started in Dec 2020 ... 2 months monitoring/screening and prep ready from February start .. Elders and Medical staff and mass population from April at latest ... why Kono saying it now? Election and Gov desperation to save face!

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Posted in: Japan's vaccine push ahead of Olympics looks to be too late See in context

They were looking for 5 stars hospitals with Qualified doctors and nurses to inoculate 100 millions of people ... it is like a dream with only few thousands per day .. another decade to lose in Reiwa ... after 3 Heisei lost decades in economy.

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Posted in: Anger in Tokyo is just latest example of how unpopular hosting Olympics has become See in context

Japan postponed the 2020 Olympic Games to gain time and have better measures to cope with COVID-19 but after more than a year from one of the first cases and Japan being impacted around Feb last year nothing has changed due to slow incompetent Politicians decision making lack of leadership, and out of the box solution with massive vaccination program. They are still fighting on the venues / qualified people to handle the inoculation tasks with a very slow pace per day ... Lock down back and for and keep counting even if the Games are called off ..

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Posted in: PGA apologizes to Mickelson, Koepka for fans on final hole See in context

Glad to know about Phil! Great Fun and Callaway player .. lol! The age is just a data he can keep playing longer. He might be so excited he might not be annoyed by the fan jumping in the last hole.

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Posted in: Gov't pledges to fix embarrassing vaccine booking system flaw See in context

Incompetent leaders and politician, low software development skills in Japan comes from more than 40 years back .. lastly lack of common sense will kill us all. Lost decade they said in the 90s .. 30 years passed and Heisei finished. The Covid-19 smart phone monitoring SW (COCOA) sponsored by the Ministry of Health was another disappointment. Surprise Surprise!

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Posted in: Long working hours killing hundreds of thousands of people a year, WHO study shows See in context

Working long hours and awareness on how the boss evaluate people sitting in front of the desk working long overtime hours is more valuable than being productive and help the organization to be profitable ... the lost decade in the 90s is now 30 years and keep going up.

China was far down from technology and other areas regardless their authoritarian methods (I do disagree) but showing more results! Japan can do much better if we can focus!

It is quality than quantity in the labor hours.

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Posted in: Over 80% in Japan oppose Olympics this year: poll See in context

Sad for the olympians and athletes due to Japanese politician incompetence with multiple delays in the inoculation of covid-19 considering Japan was hosting the Tokyo Olympics games buying time for the 12 months postpone request raised on 2020. Multiple city lock downs (Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo and the list goes on) with little effect and more tax stimulus (said not enough to cover the expenses) to be paid to the shops rather than implement a policy for introducing new process and technology for telework or prioritize vaccination of those key people who should be facing people due to the nature of the job.

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Posted in: Japan begins first joint military drill with U.S., France See in context

China military is not the biggest threat rather than a diversion, it is the economy and technology overtake.

Due to the global Pandemic, we all focused on the lock down, crisis, money stimulus when China planned this for years .. Dollar printing, fake currency etc with them sending few ships around Taiwan and South China sea. Wake up! there are other items China is taking over that goes beyond the military. Western corporate invested Trillion of $ and big market aspiration feeding their Communist Government for the world supremacy on technology and economy (gold and resource in their reserve) ... they took us off guard from the back.

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Posted in: Unused COVID shots piling up in Japan amid slow rollout See in context

Japan, was one of the first country with COVID-19 cases on Feb 2020 with the Diamond Prince cruiser badly taken cared spreading the virus across the passengers, on 2021 vaccine rolls out got delayed due to ultra-conservative government and people approach to use with new vaccines as the country asked "voluntary best effort" shops/city lock down mostly partially. Once cases are reduces they lift and request for another quarantine as this supposed to buy time for a long solution and "sustainable" approach to leverage new normals for work and health service supply.

Instead of having hospitals to host COVID patients they should used schools or convention centers, stadium with tents inside ... where is the "self defense personnel?? no nurse, no qualified doctors but the government is not using at its best the trained military rather to pay taxes.

Olympic games is on its way with the Government incompetency reflected during the crisis, lack of ability to use science and technology (UVC 222nM under Ushio and Columbia U) that can make a difference rather than spend the money to deliver *Abemasks on 2020 ... sad reality (Japan hosts many novel prize scientists but bad administration of its resources).

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