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Posted in: Tokyo moves away from numerical targets to fight coronavirus See in context

Koike’s stupidity has no limits. Testing needs to be done to treat the sick people. Why is she even trying to run a city? She really is taking Donald Trump’s ideas and making the city worse by the day

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Posted in: Koike leads in Tokyo governor race: poll See in context

Whatever crack the voters are smoking needs to stop. People need to wake up and realize how incompetent and useless this woman is.

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

So now they were working like Shachiku and are working like Kachiku. Go figure

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Posted in: M6.2 quake rattles eastern Japan, including Tokyo area See in context

Weird. I slept through the whole thing and had no idea it happened

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Posted in: Photo finish: End of an era as Olympus sells camera division See in context

Wow my pops bought like 3 of their high end cameras. What a sad story! Good luck to everyone!

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Posted in: Abe says Japan will bolster defense after scrapping missile system See in context

For every “vow” he makes, one of his cabinet members should slap him in the face so he says “oww” and realize how horrible of a job he’s done

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Posted in: Campaigning for Tokyo governor race begins, with Koike facing 20 challengers See in context

In the end, a liar and briber will run the city

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Posted in: Many businesses ask customers, workers in U.S. to waive legal rights if they catch COVID-19 See in context

Protect your rights! Don’t let those idiots take away your protection!

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Posted in: Gov't to promote staggered holidays to curb congestion, virus spread See in context

More ideas for people to work like slaves in the Shachiku culture. No thanks.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics will be safe, governor says See in context

Another hypocrite in politics along with Aso and Abe.

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Posted in: Lower house passes 2nd extra budget for virus package, totaling ¥31.91 tril See in context

Where’s the first round of the money residents and citizens were expected to see? So far, no one has received anything. How about actually getting results instead of just sitting all day boasting about empty claims?

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Posted in: Japan's low virus mortality rate reflects social manners: Aso See in context

I Meant that the Japanese are NOT wearing masks. Kids at the park still crowd around and no one is listening. So he is wrong

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Posted in: Japan's low virus mortality rate reflects social manners: Aso See in context

Yet the trains are crowded and I’ve seen Japanese people wear masks. So they are not practicing social distance anywhere.

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Posted in: Dentsu evacuates Tokyo HQ after receiving bomb threat See in context

No surprise as the government is doing nothing to help the smaller business and the lower income citizens. Poorly handled to have paid Dentsu so much money

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Posted in: Approval rate for Abe's cabinet at 39%; lowest in 2 years: poll See in context

Get rid of that worthless piece of trailer park trash prime minister

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Posted in: As Japan reopens, coronavirus testing slowed by bureaucracy and staff shortages See in context

I did say I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a second wave. Way to go with your stupidity, LDP. You’ll never be there for your citizens. What’s so hard to show care for once and drop your egos?

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Posted in: Japan enacts law toughening regulations on tech giants See in context

Talking out of their rear ends again

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to urge gov't to retain April start for academic year See in context

Just hurry up and change it, you idiots. Waiting any longer to decide will not benefit the students. Your choices have already impacted the population negatively.

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Posted in: Ending coronavirus emergency raises hope, sparks some concern See in context

What hope? Abe’s agenda is get the Olympics going. He doesn’t care for the citizens. Incompetent without a doubt.

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Posted in: Abe vows to double Japan's virus relief package to over ¥200 tril See in context

Abe talking out of the wrong side again

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Posted in: Japan lifts state of emergency for Tokyo, 4 other prefectures See in context

Uplifting or not, the Japanese allow themselves to be whipped and work like slaves (not all) and they need to start defending for themselves after people starting fighting against comedian Shinzo Abe. They need to understand their health comes first. Sure it will take a while for some to understand that, but stop being whipped by these companies so they don’t suffer Karoushi. Ouch

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Posted in: Japan lifts state of emergency for Tokyo, 4 other prefectures See in context

Which means it’s time for people to go back to crowded trains and work like slaves again. Won’t be surprised if there’s a second wave that hits the country.

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