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Posted in: High definition video camera with enhanced memory See in context

cool gear but too much money.

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Posted in: Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead. See in context

Japanese gentlemen, the way it was in the past (Edo, Meiji, Showa) nothing change, different style that now with the Globalization turn up the difference between western and Japan culture gaps, Wives did not have the same feeling 100 years ago? I guess yes and no depending on the point of view. American and European are better? or just a difference on what Japanese men prioritize ... for sure I can say look after your family before the company.

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Posted in: The Toyota story set to run and run See in context

American automaker used the media stupidity windows of opportunity for them to come, a great deal that Toyota could not fix in time at the time it happens (accident due to a break mat problem). Toyota will still be one of the biggest automaker in the world however the way the president handle the whole situation it looks more a kindergarten level when explaining to the world what happened with that particular incident and the plans to prevent and provide an air of trust for the products Toyota sells.

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Posted in: Bodies of two infants found in supermarket freezer See in context

Not even animals kill their own babies ... no comments. Just ask for justice, hunt, arrest and keep those dudes in life prison.

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Posted in: Toyota is in the soup and doesn't seem to know it See in context

Yes, Toyota is responsible to produce faulty parts and sanctions will be applied depending on the country and laws. That's it, all the fuss came after what it was considered the total quality car manufacturer failed to guarantee the safety of certain cars due to parts fault, however how many other makers failed to do so that we do not even know since no "accidents" were highly visible in the press ... it is all about visibility as well.

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Posted in: Newborn baby found dead in Fukuoka supermarket toilet See in context

At least if cant afford it, leave in a place where others can take care but not to die ...

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Posted in: Man attempts suicide on Ginza subway line See in context

wow, what might have this person after half life to come up with that drastic decision ... sad we have many case like this.

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Posted in: Police continue search for missing body parts of slain univ student See in context

Hope Cops can find a good evidence trace to the murderer soon. I can't imagine what the hell this person used to have in the brain to end up to this kind of crime, sickness might not be the right word ... but what is wrong in the actual Japanese family values with also seen many family related crimes - son-parents, etc.

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Posted in: Hawker family See in context

There will be justice for the committed crime but will not erase the pain of the whole family. I think the first step has been achieved, there is a long session until the final sentence is dictated by the judge.

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