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Posted in: In some countries, there are moves to ban or restrict the wearing of religious clothing and symbols such as burqas, veils, head scarves, skullcaps, turbans and crucifixes in public places like schools See in context

I support the ban as well. Everybody wants the feedom to observe their own religion which is fair enough, but a line has to be drawn somewhere (and if that line imposes on that freedom, bad luck). Works both ways of course, not only banning the burqas (or other religious symbols/insignia) in Western countries, but Mulsim countries and countries that have different religions also should be allowed to make their own rules.

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Posted in: Elderly woman arrested for beating youth sitting in priority seat of bus See in context

Young Japanese can be extremely stubborn these days. I'm not surprised he reacted that way.

I'm sick and tired of seeing younger people not offering their priority seats to the sick, elderly, pregnant, but attacking someone and breaking their nose is inexusable. If she is "genki" and capable enough to beat up a high school student like this, clearly she isn't in need of a seat in the first place.

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Posted in: What do you think of the decision by major Japanese companies such as Rakuten and Fast Retailing to make English the official language at their management meetings? See in context

Wonder if this decision will give a shot in the arm to the sagging "Eikaiwa" schools?

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Posted in: Vacant houses going cheap See in context

"Why don't people who live here learn the language? How would your home country feel with foreigners living there who can not speak the local labguage?".

It happens all over the world Debucho. I've seen plenty of Japanese living and working in Australia who have a lot of trouble with English even after several years of living there. But the real estate agents there are still very happy to deal with if they have money like everyone else.

But this situation with vacant houses certainly sounds like a good opportunity with a bit of business acumen.

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Posted in: Man punched in face by fellow train commuter over phone manners See in context

It annoys the heck out of me, these people who use phones on the train. And I can kind of understand him losing his temper and throwing a punch, but to nearly get someone killed as a result is not understandable, he should have been arrested.

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Posted in: How do you think Naoto Kan will do as prime minister? What do you think his biggest challenges will be? See in context

Hatoyama and Ozawa did a pretty good job of poisoning his administration before he got in, so doing anything will be a challenge.

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Posted in: What do you think Yukio Hatoyama's legacy as prime minister will be? See in context

For a guy who only lasted 9 months and will only be remembered for his botched handling of several things that were imporant for most Japanese, I seriouly doubt anyone will be thinking of the word, "legacy".

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Posted in: Waterproof MP3 player See in context

Sudden rain and sweat? Wahaha, someone in the marketing department must be really desperate for ideas.

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Posted in: What do you think of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's decision to kick SDP leader Mizuho Fukushima out of the cabinet because she disagreed with his plan to relocate the U.S. Marine base at Futenma wit See in context

I think if people don't publicly tow the line in the party they belong to, the party really doesn't have any meaning. Regardless of who is right or wrong, in this case, Hatoyama made the correct decision.

The whole situation has been handled badly right from the go, but she deserved to get kicked. What she has been doing is undermining the current administration. The government does not need people like her in the cabinet.

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Posted in: `Diff'rent Strokes' star Gary Coleman dies at 42 See in context

I loved that show. It was a big part of my Saturday night's viewing at the time. Very sorry to hear about all the troubles in his personal life (and Dana Plato for that matter) as he gave me enormous pleasure during my teens. He certainly deserved more.

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Posted in: Tamaki heating things up with Noriko Aota See in context

"We’re living together and having sex".

Obviously a gentleman. But what can you expect from a guy who said about his last relationship, "I will love and protect her forever".

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Posted in: Woman stabbed in back on Ibaraki street See in context

No idea meloveulongtime, but there seem to be a lot of them around. I'm actually not very worried about getting robbed for my wallet in this country, I more worry about some person who stabs, injures, kills complete strangers because they want to see what it was like, or due to the stress in their life.

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Posted in: Hatoyama's flamboyant shirt inspires copies See in context

Didn't we see an article here a few weeks ago lambasting him for his lack of dress sense? And now we have an article saying his flamboyance is encouraging copies ... /sigh.

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Posted in: Dear Angry Western Guy See in context

Stupid article really. Maybe the woman was really trying to wind the guy up with various insults and he really lost it? Unlikely, but possible. Anyway, there could have been any number of reasons why he got angry at her in public and I've also seen both Japanese men and women do it in public. I still remember one night on the Narita Express having to listen to some Japanese girl in her best American accent really give it to her boyfriend. And she knew every foul word under the sun. But being Japan no one asked her to quiet down. And he just sat there and took it.

Melissa sounds like some who has been brainwashed into thinking the Japanese are paragons of virtue or something, which they never have been.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested after killing house owner during getaway in car See in context

I can just imagine these two idiots in the lock-up know, "Hey, do you really know anyone at all that lives in that street?". The most pathetic excuse ever.

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Posted in: Do you think paper-based books will eventually become a thing of the past as digital books become more popular? See in context

I hope they don't, but you can never say never. I've never used a digital book, but I know that if I use a computer for too long my eyes eventually become very sore. Will the same happen with digital book? If so I can't imagine paper books completely disappearing.

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Posted in: How healthy is Japanese cuisine? See in context

Who would know really? I think if what you eat is balanced, any country's "cuisine" is healthy.

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Posted in: Teacher found murdered after being discharged from hospital See in context

"Police said he may have been killed by someone he knew because he had just gotten out of the hospital earlier that day".

Do I understand this correctly, he was killed because he was released from hospital? If that is the case, I hope I never need to be hospitalised again in Japan.

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Posted in: Student robbed after being hit by car in Saitama See in context

"You're not serious, right? You think someone would be willing to be knocked down by a car for a share of a whole 190,000 yen? I very much doubt it".

Have you ever heard of "atariya", at least I think that is the correct word. They are people who place themselves in positions where they can get hit by cars and then claim damages or extort the driver for sums of money so they aren't taken to court.

Anyway, who knows, hopefully the police will catch the people responsible.

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Posted in: Norika Fujiwara campaigns for environment See in context

She might be hot, but with the comment, “When I’m at home in the evening, I often use candles", my respect for dropped about a mile.

I hope little Kato enjoys his moment of fame, I doubt he'll be as successful and popular in a few more years.

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Posted in: Dad who tried to take kids from Japan sues Tennessee judge See in context

I wish he had taken this course in the first place. I think most people in the world would understand how much he wants his children back, but kidnapping isn't the way to do it, however it certainly did bring back to the spotlight a problem that Japanese has been reluctant to cooperate upon. Hopefully by bringing pressure upon the American legal system, will the US government bring greater pressure upon the Japanese government to do the right thing.

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Posted in: Want to look like Aki Hoshino? Read her book See in context

Granted she has got a huge bust (surgically enchanced or not, I don't know). But I consider her to be a waif, which gives her an overall child-like appearance. I don't fantasize about being with children.

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Posted in: Which of your favorite TV shows would you like to see a movie version of? See in context

'G-Force' (Battle of the Planets) (Anime- Gachaman). That would be awesome".

Already done a few years ago.

I'd like to see Combat and Blake's Seven made into movies.

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Posted in: Dennis Hopper dying of prostate cancer, says attorney See in context

Kind of funny how life is. I haven't seen many of his movies, but he is one of those "name" actors that is always seems to be around and so I feel a connection with him of sorts. I hope his situation does improve.

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Posted in: Gackt to hold concert just for men See in context

I'm really a Gackt fan, but after seeing him on various tv shows over the years I do think he is a sincere person. Granted this idea of having a concert just for men, might seem a little silly for many of us on the JT, but at least he is doing something a little different.

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Posted in: Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako told the media in a statement that they feel distress for causing public concern about their 8-year-old daughter Princess Aiko, who stayed away from sch See in context

Distress? Wouldn't it be more like embarrassment as even the Royal Family is getting bullied at school?

I think it can only get worse. It's not like the Prince and Princess can head over to the offender's house to talk with their parents. And if something is done on an official level against the offenders, people will talk about human rights and bullying of the 'little' people by the Imperial Household.

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Posted in: Why do most Japanese take their holidays at the same time, such as Golden Week, Bon and New Year? See in context

"The answer is contained in the question: Because everyone else takes their holiday at the same time".

Completely agree with this. It is simply what people grow up with and for them it is normal.

As for the the, "They take holidays at the same time as to not inconvenience their fellow workers", is pure dogma as far as I'm concerned. If it were true Japan would be an amazing country with no problems and pure paradise.

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Posted in: Hugh Grant on relationships, cheating and the art of lazy acting See in context

Actually, I suspect many people are similar to Hugh ... they do what they do as they aren't very good at anything else. It strikes me as a very honest comment.

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Posted in: FBI probes Calif sushi restaurant after video sting by 'Cove' producers See in context

"In the US it's a federal crime to record audio or maybe even video without consent".

The article mentions that the activists were sitting with Federal agents, so that might explain the videoing.

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Posted in: Kick-off See in context

Not, "Best PR Chief"? I was really hoping for that as we haven't had any "Best ..." for while. Quite disappointing really.

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