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Posted in: Scientists defend warning after tsunami non-event See in context

"Classic case of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" for the scientists. I hope they don't get complacent. It may be inconvenient to evacuate, but beats the inconvenience of being sucked out to sea by the tsunami".

I agree with this completely. Glad they got us thinking about it. Imagine the potential catastrophy if a tsuanmi struck but nothing was said.

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme's spring lineup See in context

No wonder meta-bol is becoming a problem in Japan, but I'll let other people worry about that ;)

But, are these donuts really that good? I had a couple my wife bought for me, and I thought better her than me lining up for 45 minutes just to get them. I'll look for something more suited to my sophisticated palate.

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Posted in: Ayaka Hirahara makes her wedding dress modeling debut See in context

Anyone been to Katsura's bridal "salon" in Nogizaka? A rather tacky place, much like her dresses.

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Posted in: New ticket gate that checks for explosives tested at Akihabara station See in context

Terrorists are so poor they have to use the trains now? Well, it is good to see them economising too ;)

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Posted in: Toyota now investigating Corolla steering problems See in context

"Then compare Toyota's accused 34 fatalities to 1,800 for GM. In over 10 million trucks, all 1973-87 GM full-size side saddle fuel tank design pickups is the worst auto crash fire defect with over 1,800 people were killed in fire crashes involving these trucks from 1973 through 2000. Despite a voluntary recall request from NHTSA in 1993 and an initial defect determination by Transportation Secretary Pena, GM stubbornly refused to initiate a recall".

Good for you 330, nice of you to fire something back and hope it made you feel better.

What I wrote was in answer to a question someone posted, nothing more nothing less. If you really think what you posted is valid, maybe you you should also look into the recalls that Mitsubishi hid for something like 30 years (maybe you could check that out too).

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Posted in: Toyota now investigating Corolla steering problems See in context

"Uncontollable acceleration is as scary as it gets to a driver, but the likelihood of this happening to owners of these recalled models is very small. Like one in a million small. You have a better chance of dying in a plane crash or getting mauled by a dog".

The likelihood of it happening is very small, I think everyone would agree with you. However, IF it happens, you could die from it. And people drive every day and as people drive every day, it is something they don't really want to have to think about, therefore they complain. The average person does not fly every day, nor does the average person go anywhere near dangerous dogs every day.

And why is the world attacking Toyota constantly? Well, I think one reason is that for years and years the Japanese have criticised the quality of products from other countries consistently. Now it just seems that the shoe is on the other foot.

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Posted in: Managing gaijin teachers See in context

"Second, the language problem is a big problem. Many gaijin can "talk" japanese, none really "understand" its nuances becuase they are not a japanese. It is peculiar to the special Japanese spirit I think. When a foreigner speaks japanese it always sounds like the looks of katakana. But when a japanese speaks it is like kanji, you know?"

Of course "gaijin" can't "really understand" due to lack of practice. There are plenty of "gaijin" who can speak fabulous Japanese thanks to their many years of hard study.

It's like English schools in Japan. How many Japanese have studied English over the years and still have trouble saying basic things? The greater majority I think.

People should think a little more before posting inane comments like this.

Anyway, a pretty good article. I don't agree with it all, but overall pretty good.

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Posted in: Antiwhaling protester to be brought to Japan for questioning See in context

"Japanese authorities are concerned that indicting him could lead the U.S.-based conservation group to intensify its antiwhaling campaign, they said".

Interesting comment here. Japan is being intimidated by an anti-whaling group (non-military, non-economic entity)? That is something that the "rivals" of Japan would love to hear.

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Posted in: Vivian Hsu back in Japan after 7-year absence See in context

I can't believe she is back. Yes, she certainly is good-looking, but I hope her Japanese language skills have improved since the last time as they were rather limited last time.

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Posted in: Activists claim Japanese whalers were hurt by their own pepper spray See in context

"...the whalers are stupid and their government is just as stupid?".

Didn't know the whalers were a country. Saying the whalers have a government is equally as silly.

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Posted in: What do you think about the custom in Japan of women giving chocolates to their male co-workers on Valentine’s Day as a form of “obligation,” and then receive chocolates back from the men on White Day See in context

Great marketing ploy for the people that invented it, but a clueless interpretation of "western culture".

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Posted in: Papaya Suzuki shows off sleek new form See in context

I've been a fan of Papaya and his dancers for a long time. Good luck to them all.

"So, now he's 'Stringbean Suzuki'?".

Very witty indeed pamelot, full marks as you brought a smile to my face!

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Posted in: Stuffed teenage girls arrested for trying to eat and run at restaurant See in context

"Stuffed teenage girls...", that headline I find to be absolutely hilarious. Someone must have used a great deal of time thinking that one up.

Back on topic, if the manager found shoes outside the room but no one inside, does that mean one or more of the girls fled barefoot?

And the girls should be given some praise, after all there mode of escape was very ecologically friendly.

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Posted in: How well founded is Japan's gastronomic pride? See in context

Whatever article you read about "Western" food, they unfortunately seem to harp on the "greasy" hamburger. Rarely any talk about other food you can get.

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Posted in: Japanese ask: Is U.S. backlash on Toyota a ploy to boost American auto producers? See in context

"Is this U.S. backlash a ploy? No more a ploy than say banning all American beef products because of a few cases of B.S.E. No more a backlash than what the Japanese did when China had some problems with their frozen foods...

The shoe is on the other foot, Japan. How does it feel?".

I'd have to agree with this comment entirely. It's similar to the Schindler's lift incident from a few years ago (i.e. boy was killed by a foreign firm's lift and the Japanese went crazy about it). It's quite okay for the Japanese to bash foreign made products, but beware when those same foreigners criticise a Japanese-made product.

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Posted in: SMAP singer Masahiro Nakai to be TBS' main commentator for Winter Olympics See in context

When Nakai is on television he tries to do everything from comedy to serious stuff, and he just can't do it. And like so many people have already said, what does he know about sport?

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Posted in: U.S. warns Japan child custody laws could harm bilateral ties See in context

Japan needs to play fairly with all other countries, if it expects to be treated fairly with.

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Posted in: Problems at Toyota, JAL taint Japan Inc's image See in context

I think another problem that lead to this situation is that the a great many Japanese have become complacent. They expected the economic advantage to stay with them forever. And this complacency has led them to making a great many mistakes, primarily forgetting that other companies (i.e. foreign companies) won't stand idly by and watch their market share evaporate endlessly.

Also I think the current generation of engineers and builders aren't the same driven bunch we found after the end of WW2 who needed to rebuild their country. They didn't have anything to prove anymore and their become susceptible to making more mistakes then their predecessors.

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Posted in: Gov't urges Toyota to reassure consumers; U.S. Congress to hold hearing See in context

"Keep going with the witchhunt USA! Soon people might be backing to buying your crappy cars!".

You might be right, but these Toyotas sound worse. I think the Americans are secretly a little schadenfreude (hope I spelt that correctly) at the moment.

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Posted in: 16 security cameras installed on Akihabara streets See in context

"They should attach guns to the cameras, so the camera operator can pick off random stabbers and litterers".

... with laser sights on them I hope.

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Posted in: 16 security cameras installed on Akihabara streets See in context

If this is only done due to the 2008 incident, well, the horse has already bolted and it is too late now.

If I remember correctly, that guy from 2008 had a deathwish and just wanted to kill as many people as he could. I fail to understand how cameras like these would prevent a similar incident from occuring again especially if the person just wishes to injure people and isn't worried about the consequences.

How many times have seen the murders cases when the suspect says (for example), "I wanted to have the experience of killing someone", or, "I didn't care who I hurt, anyone would have done"? These cameras will be useless to prevent such crimes.

And if they are there to prevent bag snatching ... I hardly think 10 million would be worth it.

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Posted in: Singer Maki Goto's mother dies after falling from 3rd floor window See in context

A terrible blow to the remaining members of the family. I hope things improve for both Maki and her brother.

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Posted in: Why is there so much criticism of the quake relief effort in Haiti, whether it is of the U.S., Japan, China or others? See in context

I think another problem is "Empire building". By that I mean some people wish to increase their influence on public opinion or within their own groups in order to increase their own power/influence base. These people love to have themselves viewed as experts on certain matters, hope to show others they have knowledge or experience on certain subjects etc and due to their lack of position/authority but still wishing to increase their own status within their group will criticise others whatever the occasion.

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Posted in: Miniskirt Police to open their own theater in Tokyo See in context

Older than the girls in AKB, so I imagine their shows might have a slightly more err ... "adult" theme.

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Posted in: Mark McGwire admits using steroids See in context

I thought he was cheating at the time, and now he has confirmed it himself. Just another friggin cheat trying to justify himself. Take away his medals and all the money he ever from cheating at one of the world's most loved games.

If I'm not mistaken, didn't he say he never used steriods when he was playing? Well, that makes him a liar and a cheat.

Isn't it just so amazing how he admits to all this stuff after his career ended ... after he made his millions and walked away from his playing career.

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Posted in: Miep Gies, who helped hide Anne Frank, dies at 100 See in context

And incredible woman for an incredible time in history, both then and at the time of her death.

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Posted in: Student flees with body of 80-yr-old woman on car bonnet in Tochigi See in context

I'm not surprised that this happens quite often in Japan. If anyone watches much Japanese tv, especially the detective shows you'll see it is a common recurring theme. Seemed to happen almost every second week in "Hakure keiji".

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Posted in: Junior high school girls arrested for marijuana possession in Kobe See in context

"...since records began in 1999".

No wonder the Japanese think they don't have any crime in their country.

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Posted in: KFC pulls Australian ad over U.S. racism complaints See in context

It's very clear that most people here have clue about cricket to start with, but as usual quite happy to post the most offensive posts they think up in their little sad minds.

Has anyone seen the West Indian fans watch a home series of cricket? They come out with the brass and wind instruments and really celebrate the occasion. They literally bring the house down and many people travel to the West Indies to enjoy the atmosphere. It can be very different to how the game is watched in many other parts of the world.

That is what the commercial is about... one guy just wants to watch the game in peace and quiet so he offers everyone some chicken to quieten things down for a while.

Sounds like some people in the world are trying to stir up trouble where none exists.

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Posted in: Korean boom hits the Japan Record Awards with Big Bang See in context

That show went for 3 hours! About an hour too long imo. Should have been like the old days when it was two hours long.

I guess they could be classed as fluent, but fluent (in my book) doesn't necessarily mean that their Japanese is super great.

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