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Posted in: Toshiba invents device it claims can decontaminate radioactive soil See in context

97%...what of the remaining 3%?

There will be some mountainous areas and other areas that are equally difficult (or maybe impossible) to find/get to.

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Posted in: Sales pitch See in context

Being in Japan I would much rather see a Japanese girl on that poster. Japan, just as many countries, has an abundance of beautiful women - it's a pity that they aren't used more in advertising far more often.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activists use drone to track Japan fleet See in context

Seems pretty typical of the Japanese to call foul, even though they use the same tactics. Last year (I think it was) the whalers sneakily hired planes in Australia to track the anti-whalers (sneaky due to the fact that they didn't inform the Australian government). It caused quite a controversy. But now as we see the anti-whaling groups employ drones, the whalers go ballistic.

I'm not anti or pro whaling. If the Japanese were allowed to hunt in their own waters I believe the whole thing would go away. But it does bug me a lot how Japan has handled the whole affair, it really does have an air of cultural imperialism, "If it is Japanese culture we will do whatever we want".

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Posted in: Two missing BBC 'Doctor Who' episodes found See in context

Along with Blake`s 7, one of the best tv shows of all time!

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Posted in: It would be an engine for fiscal revival and job creation that wouldn’t require raising taxes. See in context

Go and look at what has happened to Australia when they introduced slot machines (pokies) just to pubs there. It has introduced so many social problems it isn't funny. In a country with very little social welfare I think the potential for disaster would be far worse.

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Posted in: Speeding blamed for pileup involving 8 Ferraris, 1 Lamborghini See in context

For any Australians out there - NOT the Ferrari!

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Posted in: Tokyo Motor Show 2011 See in context

You better hurry Shoko, it finishes on Sunday I think. And the Fun-vii pulled a lot of people, the stage performance was pretty interesting. The other really fun thing at the show is the Passenger Car Test Ride Program where you have a professional driver drive you around the track there, and they go pretty fast, everyone who rode it seemed to have fun. Lots of cars in the program - Mercedes, Lotus, Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, VW, Honda and lots of others. Please go as it really is fun.

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Posted in: Police oppose proposals to liberalize Japan's gun laws See in context

I thoroughly side with the police on this one. Just no need for guns.

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

I'm sure if it were Japanese dramas having tremendous success in another country, these people would be supporting it and bragging how good Japan is. I always get a laugh when I see events like this, as it really exposes how rascist some are.

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Posted in: The forever war See in context

I often like to tell Japanese about the S.S. Centaur that was sunk by a Japanese submarine off the Australian coast near Caloundra (there is a monument there on the headland). It was a hospital ship and the lives of many medical staff were lost, not only to the attack but to sharks when the survivors abandoned the ship. It was a real war crime.

My story will probably seen as a tit-for-tat story by many people here on Japan Today, but it makes me rather irritated the greater majority of Japanese don't seem to comprehend/know that Japan killed a lot of innocent civilians as well. I only ever seem to hear about the fire-bombing of Japanese cities and the devestation caused by the A-bomb. In my 20 years in Japan I have never heard about the suffering Japanese attacks had caused. I have never heard any Japanese mention it at all.

The scale of the attacks might be completely different but the effects for those who survived the war are pretty much the same.

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Posted in: Speeding blamed for pileup involving 8 Ferraris, 1 Lamborghini See in context

There were 20 supercars travelling as a pack ... and speed was involved? I`m thoroughly surprised!

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Snickers and Erika Sawajiri See in context

This ad is actually a little old now, it started a few months back at least.

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Posted in: Australian rugby league great Arthur Beetson dies See in context

I used to hate rugby when I was kid, and it was pretty hard at times as I come from Queensland!! But when I was growing up this guy was just huge (and I dont only mean physically), he was everywhere, he had quite an influence on the state. He was such a legend. And now that hes gone ... I miss him. As the old saying goes, you never knew what you had till it`s gone.

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Posted in: Cars go green and online as Tokyo Motor Show opens See in context

Just got back from the show and I had a good time. A lot of good exhibits there of which I probably enjoyed Nissans the most, I really enoyed looking at their concept cars. But it seems that every exhibitors stand I went to ... was really pushing the eco-friendly and fuel efficient cars, so maybe we will some different on the roads in the near future. And I met quite a few people from many different countries. At one point I was talking to guys who were Chinese and I thought by the logos on their outfits they were from China ... I was kind of wrong! They were from New York and work for some Chinese language station. Anyway, it was good to see a lot of foreign media there.

Maybe the show could be a little bigger, but at least it is closer to town this time. I think when it opens to the public on Saturday, we`ll hopefully see some big crowds there.

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Posted in: Mudslinging battle raging at top of Yomiuri Giants baseball club See in context

Don`t know about anyone else, but I can kind of see parallels between this, the Daio and Olympus scandals. They are all big companies run by people think they are untouchable.

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Posted in: Tokyo Motor Show 2011 See in context

Me too Trouser. I've already planned that I'll be there 5 times. Hopefully I can win a test ride through the lottery and I'm semi-interested in seeing Ai Tominaga (not a great fan of hers, but would like to see her nonetheless). It's not mentioned in the article but you those advanced tickets can be bought at almost any convenience store, JR offices and practically any business that has anything to do with travel (see the Motor Show's webpage for details).

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Posted in: Man secretly videos 2,000 women in public toilet; sells DVDs of footage See in context

Shocking? In the West we are shockier. Search the web for "coprophilia" and "urolagnia".

Why do people think these things are only confined to the, "West" (whatever that term might really mean). If have some Japanese ability, you can find these things here too.

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Posted in: Man secretly videos 2,000 women in public toilet; sells DVDs of footage See in context

Luckily for Japan, news about perverts and baby killers is never picked up by the western media, preserving the noble and pristine perception of the Japanese.

I would tend to agree with that statement.

I think some one should release some useful facts about this type of crime, i.e. what type of cameras these people use, how they get them into the target area (men gets into women's toilets - do they use fake uniforms etc?), and then make it available to the public so they can the necessary precautions. Probably seems a bit condescending to say that, but these crimes just don't never seem to be on the decrease.

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Posted in: Firm makes iPhone Geiger counter for worried Japanese See in context

Exactly Okinawamike. Geiger counters were featured on some news story the other night. And most of them gave different readings to each other. Most of the retail versions can`t be trusted at all.

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Posted in: Japanese viewers tuning out, turning off their TVs See in context

Plus, Japanese terrestrial TV used to have those late-night sexy variety shows for adults, but a few years ago, the self-regulation authorities wiped them out! They should at least bring them back!

Late night tv in Japan used to be great Michael. Did anyone used to watch Gilgamesh Night on Saturdays? A very ridiculously stupid yet funny adult program with Ai Iijima and Fumie Hosokawa ... anyone remember the guys names? lol. I wonder if a similar show was brought back, would it boost ratings again?

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Posted in: A culture shock – generosity isn’t free See in context

I think it's only natural that when you are criticized by other nationality, they tend to defend your own country. When Chinese bullet train had an accident, I heard Chinese people were criticizing their government. But at CNN readers forum where non-Chinese criticize Chinese government, Chinese readers were furious of all those comments and started defending their government. If I (as a Japanese national) said "Mr. Bean is ugly" to someone from UK, s/he would get pissed and say, "What are you talking about!!! Shimura Ken is uglier!!!" even if s/he thinks Mr. Bean is ugly. Nicky and tmarie, why don't you tell your Japanese husband "Shimura Ken is ugly" and see his reaction. Maybe they will start defending Shimura Ken and would tell you how beautiful he is.

Once again she is way off track with her observations. You only have to look at numerous articles on Japan Today to see that many people are very willing to criticise their own countries, and if someone from another country criticises their own, as long as the person is criticising without maliciousness, people will dont get angry. They might want to debate the topic, Ill agree with that, but by responding with, "Well the guy from your country is worse", is just plain incorrect. To do so would be one of the worse forms of childishness.

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Posted in: We have no problem with transport or food products. Basically, Tokyo is back to normal but I don't know if the message has got out to foreign countries yet. See in context

The manager is certainly right. I was there yesterday and it looked really quiet. And I also have to agree with sillygirl`s comments.

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Posted in: Lawmaker drinks decontaminated water from Fukushima plant See in context

Of course it's okay to drink ... there just might be consequences for having done so at some point in the future.

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Posted in: If you had a baby with an AKB48 member, what would your child look like? See in context

In an era where men and women should be treated as equals, we see us drop to a new low. I am thoroughly disgusted that the management of AKB could even think of this. And I'm equally disgusted that the girls would agree to do it.

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Posted in: Police to get tough on sidewalk cyclists See in context

I think it will fail completely. There have been similar campaigns by Japanese police in the past. Why did they fail? Far too many Japanese backchat the police here and get extremely angry at them in the attempt to escape the ticket. I've seen it myself on the streets with one mother berating the officer because he made her late for something. And I've seen the same behaviour on TV when some station took a camera crew out on to the street and shot some scenes of people getting extremely angry at the police who were just doing their job.

I absolutely pity any Japanese policeman trying to do this in Japan, because they are going to cop (no pun intended) a mouthful.

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Posted in: Japan to take 'decisive action' against yen's rise: report See in context

If anyone is in forex, they`ll know that Japan has been talking about this for months. I doubt anyone believes them any more.

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Posted in: Kick off See in context

For those that are interested there is also a Shochiku Kageki-dan display on at the Shitamachi museum which near Ueno station in Taito-ku. The display includes a lot of items from the last century, outfits, programs, pictures etc.

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Posted in: Woman prostitutes daughter to 72-year-old man for years before discovery See in context

Good to see the school was on the ball.

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Posted in: Hosono asks 43 prefectures to take debris from Tohoku See in context

Asking everyone to share in the pain? I don't understand the thinking behind this. The debris will need to be transported then stored in some suitable place. Just imagine the problems facing the logistics of moving the stuff. And if the places where the storage suffer a mishap, the problem will continue. Instead of keeping everything in one enormous pile, keeping it in many small piles in many places is the best plan?

Obviously the amount of debris is enormous, but wouldn't be better to keep it all in one place in one enormous facility purpose built to protect it? Japan has an extremely bad reputation with industrial waste dumping and I worry that some prefectures would try to dump some of the stuff to lessen their worries.

But with the plan as it standes, I wouldn't mind betting that the reasoning behind this is cultural rather than practical.

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Posted in: Ozawa says aides' convictions 'unbelievable' in a democracy See in context

Personally I doubt Ozawa understands what democracy means.

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