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Posted in: Wendy's to be relaunched in Japan in December See in context

Wishing Wendy`s a speedy return to the Japanese market!

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Posted in: Japan's answer to next tsunami: a mini-Noah's Ark See in context

There are just too many possibilites to class this as a safe item for use. Put it in a park, well you have to get to the park and mabye in the panic, and there will be panic (as demonstrated by stories of people dumping old people they were helping when the water got too close), people could end up fighting over the things.

The story mentions crash tests, but what kind of crash test and were the tests of an international standard?

After seeing the March 11 vidoes I can imagine some people being trapped in these things and rolling over and over inside, either getting a bad case of dizziness or getting injured against that bar in the middle.

I can also imagine some poor person not being able to see outside that well and can`t see some immensely large object rapidly approaching them to crush them to death.

Until some government authority approves them, best keep away from them.

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Posted in: AKB48 open new store in Akihabara See in context

Mariko Shinoda, 25, Tomomi Itano, 20, Takahashi Minami, 20, Sae Miyazawa, 21, put in an appearance at the opening ceremony of the new AKB48 Cafe & Shop Akihabara on Friday

Only four could manage to turn up. Seems a rather pathetic effort from the group to attend the opening of their own shop. Just seems to be another cashcow in my opinion.

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Posted in: Kyoko Fukada appears at men-only preview of movie about infidelity See in context

I always find it amusing that she stars in movie about a topic which she disapproves of. Sounds rather hypocritical, but for second-rate actresses it's an easy way to make money and keep their career going.

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Posted in: Long arm of U.S. law battles corruption overseas See in context

I wish them well, as it would be best for the world. However, I do think it will be a battle that will go on for years and years as bribery and corruption is entrenched in many countries (maybe all countries?). Until education and economies improve world wide, not only in the first world, but the third world too the US authorities are going to be very busy.

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Posted in: If hospitals force out 70,000 patients immediately, we must be ready for several thousand of them to be homeless on the street. See in context reduce the highest rate of psychiatric hospitalization among developed nations

Once again, the Japanese obsession to be number one, but not through legitmate means. Just a game played through statistics to achieve a goal. I'd love to know what other government departments do a similar thing here.

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Posted in: Employees reveal absurd company regulations See in context

But if you repeat if these stories are repeated outside of the magazine, now one would ever believe you. I`ve seen so much crazy stuff in this country over 20 years but no one ever believes the stories.

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Posted in: Mikie Hara shows her Mystique look See in context

She`s blue in the face! Oxygen starvation?

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Posted in: Australia takes on tobacco giants over packaging See in context

Just a question ... so if they need to "slash" prices to compete, as I guess these black market cigarettes must be very cheap, that these tobacco giants have been charging grossly inflated prices for their procucts?

If I remember correctly and it has been a long time since I`ve smoked in Australia that prices even back then, with tax included, were around $10/pack. From this I can only imagine (imagine mind you, not based on any hard facts) that if they can take the tax hit, their product must be overpriced in the first place.

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Posted in: Japanese version of 'Saturday Night Live' to debut in June See in context

Just another vehicle for Imada and Sanma. Seriously doubt that we`ll be able to distinguish this show from any other material that they have made in the past. Same stuff just with a new name tacked on.

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Posted in: BoA to make Hollywood debut See in context

Like many people from overseas that head to the US, they only get bit parts and then their place is taken by the next person. I know shes Korean but how many Japanese/other Asian have we seen go to Hollywood and have gotten really major success? I cant think of anyone outside of the martial arts field. At best she`ll end up in the perpetual supporting roles.

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Posted in: Keeping up with Japanese metrosexual manes See in context

"Foreign women have to maintain their A-game while living among Japanese ladies with their petite figures, flawless skin and polished sense of style".

Talk about generalisations! What a shocking statement to say. Every Japanese woman is petite, has flawless skin and a polished sense of style. What a load of garbage.

And isnt the word gaijin considered a little politcially incorrect these days? The word is avoided on tv these days by most people. Bascially the writer seems to think that there are only two err ... "races" in the world the Japanese and rest of you get lumped together as "gaijin". Doesnt matter if you are from the US, France, Ghana or New Zealand, you are all just gaijin.

When he uses the word gaijin does he mean any particular group or is it just another bad generalisation of non-Japanese?

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