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This was unfunny and slightly offensive the first time around, and it's even worse now. Yes, join the ranks of idiotic gaijin stumbling around Japan as if it were some sort of theme park. Obvious facts: (1) You can get very good in a year if you stay away from English language situations and put in some effort (2) The writer must know some very...can't find a polite description, so I'll be brutally honest...lazy and/or dumb people for his sample group. (3) If you do learn Japanese (or any other language), you will enter an entirely different world due to your language ability. (4) If you can't learn something for the interest value, you're taking up space that would be better used by someone else.

Finally, to quote a previous poster: "Then really why do anything at all then? Why breathe? Why learn the guitar? Why smile to the camera? In the end, were all going to die anyway, it would all have been a waste of time!"

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