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Eriko is horribly thin. Give that woman a steak!

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Depp needs to make another movie like Blow or Donnie Brasco. Stop chasing the money as he really doesn't need it.

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They've made the Indian Khan into this white dude. Pathetic!

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I thought this was going to be about Okinawa!

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There will be a lot of negative comments on here, but for some practical criticism, these cops seem awfully old. I don't feel very confident knowing guys this age are protecting me.

uchimizu is one of the stupidest practices in Japan for sure.

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What a bunch of vankers!

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La Bamba.

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zichi - agreed.

Completely unlike Obama.

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Wow Obama can even heal the sick! What a guy!

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DA Saitama!!!!!!!!

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hi hi hi, hai ok!

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I came to Japan over ten years ago and this woman has been 41 for as long as I can remember.

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Mixi is great.

Done a lot of international "exchange" with local girls thanks to it.

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Da Saitama!

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Saitama needs some serious improvements in social services.

RIP Ryuto.

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I walk around barefoot and make balls with my toes.

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The new Ishikawa Ryo!

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Let gay people get married, they have the right to be just as miserable and sexless as I am!

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It beggars belief how many fellow Americans carry guns "just in case". It shows what a mess our country is.

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That Japanese TV with all its sexualization of children doesn't have this problem is amazing!

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They have NO hobbies. They often marry for reasons other than love, meaning they don't want to spend time with their "partner". For the most part, they don't know that there are other ways to live life. Slavery has yet to be abolished in Japan. From childhood their lives revolve around institutions- club, school, juku. They have no idea what to do with their free time. In my childhood, my friends and I had hours/days/weeks of free time in which we learned to amuse ourselves. Lots of kids here are on "salaryman" schedules from a young age. 6am to 9pm - asaren, school, club, juku.

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"Unlike many other developed countries, largely mono-ethnic Japan does not have a significant Muslim population, and there is little emphasis in the educational curriculum on cultural sensitivity. "


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It must suck to be a smoker, not only are you killing yourself AND stinking, but also every time a smoking related topic comes up you realise that everyone hates you.

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Choking smokers, Don't you think the joker laughs at you?

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Every week JT trots out Eiken, TOIEC, JET, AET related tripe and you guys make comment after comment debating the same topics. In the meantime, JT enjoys watching the revenue from their sponsors increase!

If you all feel so passionate, rather than debate pointlessly, do something about it in reality!

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A bunch of foreigners (I am assuming there aren't many Koreans or Japanese posting here) arguing about how Korea and Japan should act diplomatically.


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Without the caption I would have pegged them for Japanese nationalist idiots.

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You would think that Japan as the 51st state of the union would have finally gotten over their struggles with English. After all the Dutch/Jews in NY have, the Mexicans in the south have, the Asians in Hawaii and California have.

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Dialog is the best way forward in any adult situation alonng with necesssary compromises by both parties.

However when dealing with a petulant child, making them stew in the naughty chair is also a good option.

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