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Posted in: White House says Trump stands by claim Obama wiretapped him See in context

It depends what "wire tapping" means including all collateral activities related with Trump's circle and staffs during the campaign.

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Posted in: China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea See in context

Communist China borrows a page from Islam. "China is seeking peace means letting China get its way". "Islam is a religion of peace (if you submit to Islam)" as shown in history.... World court decided against China illegal building islands in S. China sea, and faceless China still bullying other nations without shame. Japan can sail in international water according to real law, and not fake China's bully law.

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Posted in: North Korea says Kim Jong Nam VX poison claim absurd See in context

Absurdity is the DPRK. U.N must bring them to I.C.C.J. for all horrible crimes against their own people, especially the spoiled selfish little choppy dictator and his gangs. Malaysia has no reason to keep diplomatic with DPRK in order to stop the illicitand illegal activities by DPRK, against U.N's authorized sanctions. How many N.Koreans have fund and freedom to be the tourists in Malaysia? Only spies and Kim's gangsters who exploit Malaysia as its illegal gateway. This also apply to other countries including Cambodia as e.g.

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Posted in: Malaysia says nerve agent killed Kim within 20 minutes See in context

KJU's purged campaign resulted over 300 deaths of DPRK privilege class, and more to come. They all live in fear worshiping a young and insecure dictator. How many more VX nerve agent killings before U.N starts to wake up? Nations around DPRK should have enough stock pile of antidote to protect owns citizens. This nutcase is getting out of control.

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Posted in: VX nerve agent found on Kim Jong-Nam's face: Malaysian police See in context

The DPRK got caught red handed and playing the old denying game by accusing the victim instead. The VX nerve agent could be brought to Malaysia via diplomatic pouch or N. Korean agents (planners & killers). The symptom of heart attack was consistent with VX's effect. It can can be handled safely without touching handler's skin since one drop would kill. There should be an international outcry, especially U.N. against one of its member , The DPRK. Communist China got bitten twice so far since two N. Korean China's sympathizers were killed recently by the young fat dictator Kim, dis uncle and half-step brother. China is playing a loosing game with these vicious gangsters/ self-serving cultists of Kim's dynasty.

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Posted in: North Korea blasts Malaysia over Kim assassination See in context

A few more days, the two arrested women would be expandable (death) by N. Korean agents. The DPRK uses their embassies as hub for all illegal transactions to funnel money back to their dictator(s). Malaysia has been exploited and it is time to take a stand against these gangsters. The killings and lies to secure Kim's dynasty control have no limit. In N.Korea, no one dare to say "Kim soooo fat". U.N. is watching one's own rogue state gone wild without any solution!

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Posted in: TV footage appears to show deliberate attack on North Korean See in context

Obviously, it was planned, tested run of selected target. Kim Jung Nam was followed and assassinated in public. The young mafia gang dictator of N.Korea has done the killings to many including own family. Now he even killed beyond his own turf! The four N.Korean suspects may well cash in their rewards in the grave since "little dictator Kim" might do his magic of disappearing to cover his track. BEYOND SHAME AND IT IS PSYCHOTIC.

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Posted in: Malaysia looks for 4 North Korean suspects who left country See in context

The four suspects left on same day leading to a fishy smell from N.Korea. They might already be in N.Korea cashing on their rewards, but it can be their last day. The cultist dictator Kim Jung Ung can make them disappear to cover his tract. What a hell on earth for the mass to be brainwashed, living in darkness and fear-worshiping Kim(s), the criminal gangsters.

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Posted in: Trump orders new refugee screening, to prevent 'radical Islamic terrorists' from entering U.S. See in context

It has been long overdue to prevent America from becoming the second "Eurobia" in the making. Most see Islam as religion, but the fact Islam is also a political doctrine and supreme mono- culture that annihilated the conquered cultures. The political and cultural Islam are more active under the banner of caliphate. Trump did not ban Muslims as liberal media wants us to believe, but implementing serious vetting process for refugees from all these trouble spots in the world to better secure America. Trump does not want to see America facing refugees crisis as Europe recently (don't forget to thank Obama for this mess). The bias liberal media is obsessed to distort Trump's agenda.

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Posted in: Mexicans begin to unite in fight against Trump's plans See in context

This one is the wrong emotional target for Mexico to loose. Mexicans should unite to raise national educational standard ( average below middle school level), stop compromising with drug cartels, and corrupted politicians. Mexico has natural resources and potential to prosper by upgrading with new mentality to cope with fast pace of science and technology.

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Posted in: China says it will not back down on South China Sea See in context

Those constructions must be treated as "vessels" by world community. If they are causing problems to the traffic flow, they will be removed or destroyed. Confrontation and war are terrible things, therefore China should remove these vessels out of the way, for sooner is better. China's trashy talks and bullying ways will eventually come to hurt China. China did this, because China could (Obama's retreat foreign policy). The world will stop China from behaving badly.

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Posted in: China's tourism authority urges boycott of APA hotel group See in context

Now Chinese can exercise their freedom of choice: "please, stay in China".

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands of women stage anti-Trump protests across U.S. See in context

Too bad, million minds were duped by progressive liberal globalist who used them in hoping they will be dictators one day (e.g. George Soros Inc, media). The marchers are exclusive with leftist agenda organized and deceived by extreme liberal agenda. They denied women pro life the right to march.... Look at their leaders, a bunch of low morals Hollywood stars such as Madonna, Kate Perry, and illegal immigrants. THEY SHOULD MARCH IN MOSUL, TEHRAN, N.KOREA, AFGHANISTAN, CHINA.... if they are true to themselves.

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Posted in: Promises, pomp and protests as Trump sworn in See in context

A refreshing new day for the world away from "masters moral" of George Soros, Obama, and all their self serving globalist minions. Hooray! Obama was lectured (he was not used to it) as Trump spoke of reality, vision and works needed to be done. After eight years of deceptions, the words "God", "Islamist terrorists", forgotten Americans....sound freely as should be. We will see communist China behave differently on many issue, especially concerning the illegal reclamation and bullying all over Asia. The Bush,The Clinton areas are over, for Obama's faking and self glorifying legacy will diminish like candle in the wind. Last, it will take time for globalist liberal minions to go over the hang over from their failures. May the good force guide you to abandon the dark side and joining the fight against "the globalist evil empire".

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Posted in: Obama says goodbye in emotional speech See in context

Obama's legacy: added $10+ trillion in national debt more than all presidencies combined, million more on welfare, squandering U.S. role into weaker position thus allowing dictators gone wild (as predicted 8 years ago), foreign affair's fiasco lead to Syrian's crisis affecting the whole world in years to come, divider and deceptive in chief inflaming racial issue rather than healing (Chicago's murders..), narcissist of upper ruling elite who doomed the Dems. and still has no clue, Obama care will go down in drain, partisan politics, abusive of executive orders disregarding the laws passed just to follow globalist agenda of George Soros,,,, and still million minions still praise Obama as their demigod !!!! THERE WILL BE FRESH AIR AND LOTS OF WORK TO BE DONE IN CLEANING UP HIS MESS.

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Posted in: Spain: 1,100 migrants try to breach North African border fence See in context

"no bait, no fish" . Europe is under siege from mostly Muslim immigrants from trouble spots of Islamic conflict in one form or another, and it is getting uncontrollable; especially with the instability of Turkey dictatorship. Bombings and killings of civilian in Belgium, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul..... are small scale for worst things to come. The Globalist politicians across the globe have no solution, for they only know how to talk and retreat. Sovereignty, entitlement, enticing to refugees who are not willing to integrate into larger local culture are problematic. Maybe U.N. will allocate them to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Russia, China, N. Korea.... for a change! Who caused all these fiasco, and don't forget to thank Obama ????

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Posted in: Abe says he is confident of building trust with Trump after 90-minute meeting See in context

The meeting between two LEADERS, and not ACTORS. The alliance will be stronger through many challenges ahead.

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Posted in: Obama, in Germany, says Trump must 'stand up' to Russia See in context

Obama has not stand up to Russia, Iran, China, Syria....just talks and retreat, and that is one of his failure legacy. These two globalists follow George Soros' open societies agenda thus creating refugees crisis, suffering,and the world of chaos. They act as talkers to cover up and justify their failures and not as leaders of common citizens at all. Obama brought down the Dems and left them in disarray through his narcissistic politics like ruined ancient Greek temple. Shame!

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Posted in: Clinton blames FBI director Comey for election loss See in context

HRC was a wrong messenger with the wrong messages. The Clintons arrogant in dragging the DNC under their feet resulting total disarray of election, democratic party, and themselves. The idea of "stupidity of American people" by liberal elites got the payback from "power to the people" they ignored (basket of deplorable). The inclusive equal justice for all, demanded Hillary to reflect her wrong steps in the orange or stripe uniform. Even then, no guarantee Clintons would learn from their crimes: racketeering through Clinton foundation, perjury, and obstruction of justice (emails).

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Posted in: Obama urges nation to 'forge unity' after bitter election See in context

Obama and Hillary should speak out against the anarchist professional paid protester organizers in showing the unity of republic. Hillary should screams out to them " Does it matter? what's difference does it make at this point in time?" as during Benghazi hearing. The Bush(s), Clinton(s), are history. Obama soon will be gone to make $$$$$$, especially from Muslim nations. Next battle will be Trump & basket of deplorable Vs. George Soros (Globalist socialist) & the 1% liberal elites, including media. Stay tune in years to come.

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Posted in: Trump meets Obama for first time at White House See in context

It is just a photo opt, for image even thought is important; but lacking of substance, thereof. Obama was a wrecking ball that destroy Democratic party since last midterm election and into the future. He bad mouth Bush since day one ,and maybe Trump turns the table on him by speaking straight to people without all trashy deceptions. Clintons who made Dems as their pawn are finished while turning Democratic party to chaos, no leadership, clueless, corrupted into extreme left corner that will lead to more disaster ahead. O the other hand, Trump revamps the Republican into a new platform that must be absorbed. Suddenly, Clinton charity ( racketeering cartel) will loose donors, and without Obama's pardon, they might take new residency with orange clothes dwellers. For Obama, another smoke and dreaming of legacy that dissipated into dark thin air of narcissistic in another universe. Last, his minions who ignore the will of people (basket of deplorable) will continue screaming and searching for answers in Potville with Sanders and Pocahontas!

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Posted in: Clinton, Obama pledge to unite behind Trump presidency See in context

Typical politicians. America is facing dangerous challenges ahead left behind by failing policies of narcissistic divider in chief. A new direction will take place in America and throughout the world, like it or not. Trump's victory revamp the Republican establishment to focus on common people, jobs, and security as a new Populist Republican Party. The Dems is facing a serious correction in searching for new leadership, and hopefully moving away from the concept of ruling by the 1% of liberal globalist elites that ignore the basket of deplorable. Bernie Sander and Pocahontas are not the solution either, and it is time to clean up the Dems' corrupted swamp, in order to move on. Deplorable 3 Vs. liberal globalist elites 0.

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Posted in: Trump begins to play catch-up on transition to White House See in context

With business experiences, Trump will listen and work for rebuilding America in a new direction that will seal fairly with the rest of the world. As Obama said "campaign is over, people spoke, and there is mandate to be done", and that should be. A responsible and law abiding citizen will move on in spite of different views and resolve. Guiliani, Geinrich, Session, Bolton, Flynn..... will help Trump to navigate and drain the swamp as law required.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

Basket of deplorable 3 (Presidency, House & Senate) Vs. Liberal elites 0. The Dems' platform "the stupidity of American people" has deal a big blow to the core of their foundation. Let's clean up the swamp. The deceptive of Obama's scheme will come into light. Trump's presidency will help to reduce the aggressiveness from many dictators across the globe. First Brexit, second Trump-et, and third check the Chinese.

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Posted in: Obama warns U.S. fate in voters' hands as Trump gains ground See in context

The Dems use "the stupidity of American people" in every turns and they show. The narcissist serial liar Obama wants the corrupted Hillary to carry on the path of weakening America as an ordinary among other nations. FBI and Congress will struggle against Justice dept. to investigate and convict the Clintons on many illegal activities, even after the election; especially pay to play in the crooked Clinton foundation. They will turn America into "Banana Republic" in due time since their minions still worship them as being duped by Deceptive Network of Cronyism (D..N..C..).

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Posted in: FBI review involves thousands of newly discovered Clinton emails See in context

Hillary makes Watergate looks like peanut from "HumaWeinergate", perjury of lying to congress, the corrupted activities of Clinton foundation, and F.B.I. revisiting HRC's home cooking server, and recently Loretta Lynch took the fifth regarding Iran's payment authorized by white house! Regardless the outcome of the election, Hillary will be under investigation and in spite of allegedly unlawful cover up by executive power branches....the outcome will be nasty as HRC. Obama's pardon before conviction? HRC pardons herself? HRC got impeached as her husband that make two impeached amigos in the white house?....These epeculations truly make America looks like a "banana republic", and all credited to the corrupted & greedy machine of The Clintons.

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Posted in: Clinton says she won't be 'knocked off course' in final week See in context

If corrupted Hillary win, there might be a case of constitutional crises to come. Huma Abedin allegedly will be indicted and related to Hillary... the corrupted Clinton foundation problems, Congress issues with the sham FBI first investigation of not indicting HRC, reopening Hillary server case, wiki leak.....Will Hillary pardon herself? Abedin & others? Just the idea of a sitting president under the investigation would make U.S. standing undesirable! How about a potential foreign governments blackmail Hillary through hacking her server.... WHAT A MESS. Once a Weiner is always a Weiner.

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Posted in: Clinton tries to quell resurgent email issue late in race See in context

Crook & corrupted Hillary urged Comey to release the new found info as F.B.I.(fix be in!) still reviewing thousand of new emails. What a hypocrite, she lied and breached thousand of emails under congress' subpoena that should be known to public, and got away through an early sham F.B.I.'s investigation of her server! The Clinton foundation would be investigated and exposed if justice dept. & IRS not under Obama's control. The Clintons left office broke, and now pocketed themselves $ hundred of million, just because law doesn't apply to them? Clinton cartel and their machines stop at nothing to induce a new low to U.S. politics including the office of presidency. Which Hillary are her minions voting for?

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Posted in: Support for 'my girl' Clinton is personal, Mrs Obama says See in context

National debt of $19T+, failing Obamacare, M.E. in turmoil, dictators across the globe mocked at U.S..... mean nothing to Michelle Obama! Really, the Dems elites are operating of "the stupidity of American peoples". Moreover, after eight years of deceptive and lying, how low the U.S. will be of having the impeached, corrupted, and crooked PRESIDENTS in the white House. Maybe the Roman Empire replay itself again in Western history. Red line & reset button anyone?

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Posted in: Clinton returns to campaign trail after pneumonia See in context

Health exam for both candidates by independent physician(s) should clear up many speculations. Hillary is now being forced to cast her soft image for the final stretch in the campaign (LOL). The coming debate will be a major test for both. Normally under pneumonia attacked, patient is gasping for air and not just falling to the ground ? First excuse was dehydrated of heat exhaustion, and then pneumonia since last Friday !!!! Maybe October surprise is coming that even her minions will find hard to swallow. So far, not much about substance and contents, but only demonizing campaign with full of the series of lies. Watch out, Karma will catch up with Crooked, Corrupted, Criminal activities, and Cronyism politician(s) in due days.

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