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Basket of deplorable 3 (Presidency, House & Senate) Vs. Liberal elites 0. The Dems' platform "the stupidity of American people" has deal a big blow to the core of their foundation. Let's clean up the swamp. The deceptive of Obama's scheme will come into light. Trump's presidency will help to reduce the aggressiveness from many dictators across the globe. First Brexit, second Trump-et, and third check the Chinese.

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The Dems use "the stupidity of American people" in every turns and they show. The narcissist serial liar Obama wants the corrupted Hillary to carry on the path of weakening America as an ordinary among other nations. FBI and Congress will struggle against Justice dept. to investigate and convict the Clintons on many illegal activities, even after the election; especially pay to play in the crooked Clinton foundation. They will turn America into "Banana Republic" in due time since their minions still worship them as being duped by Deceptive Network of Cronyism (D..N..C..).

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Hillary makes Watergate looks like peanut from "HumaWeinergate", perjury of lying to congress, the corrupted activities of Clinton foundation, and F.B.I. revisiting HRC's home cooking server, and recently Loretta Lynch took the fifth regarding Iran's payment authorized by white house! Regardless the outcome of the election, Hillary will be under investigation and in spite of allegedly unlawful cover up by executive power branches....the outcome will be nasty as HRC. Obama's pardon before conviction? HRC pardons herself? HRC got impeached as her husband that make two impeached amigos in the white house?....These epeculations truly make America looks like a "banana republic", and all credited to the corrupted & greedy machine of The Clintons.

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If corrupted Hillary win, there might be a case of constitutional crises to come. Huma Abedin allegedly will be indicted and related to Hillary... the corrupted Clinton foundation problems, Congress issues with the sham FBI first investigation of not indicting HRC, reopening Hillary server case, wiki leak.....Will Hillary pardon herself? Abedin & others? Just the idea of a sitting president under the investigation would make U.S. standing undesirable! How about a potential foreign governments blackmail Hillary through hacking her server.... WHAT A MESS. Once a Weiner is always a Weiner.

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Crook & corrupted Hillary urged Comey to release the new found info as F.B.I.(fix be in!) still reviewing thousand of new emails. What a hypocrite, she lied and breached thousand of emails under congress' subpoena that should be known to public, and got away through an early sham F.B.I.'s investigation of her server! The Clinton foundation would be investigated and exposed if justice dept. & IRS not under Obama's control. The Clintons left office broke, and now pocketed themselves $ hundred of million, just because law doesn't apply to them? Clinton cartel and their machines stop at nothing to induce a new low to U.S. politics including the office of presidency. Which Hillary are her minions voting for?

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National debt of $19T+, failing Obamacare, M.E. in turmoil, dictators across the globe mocked at U.S..... mean nothing to Michelle Obama! Really, the Dems elites are operating of "the stupidity of American peoples". Moreover, after eight years of deceptive and lying, how low the U.S. will be of having the impeached, corrupted, and crooked PRESIDENTS in the white House. Maybe the Roman Empire replay itself again in Western history. Red line & reset button anyone?

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Health exam for both candidates by independent physician(s) should clear up many speculations. Hillary is now being forced to cast her soft image for the final stretch in the campaign (LOL). The coming debate will be a major test for both. Normally under pneumonia attacked, patient is gasping for air and not just falling to the ground ? First excuse was dehydrated of heat exhaustion, and then pneumonia since last Friday !!!! Maybe October surprise is coming that even her minions will find hard to swallow. So far, not much about substance and contents, but only demonizing campaign with full of the series of lies. Watch out, Karma will catch up with Crooked, Corrupted, Criminal activities, and Cronyism politician(s) in due days.

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Posted in: With his wife sidelined, Bill Clinton steps in to fill void See in context

Slick Willy, narcissist Obama, and Dems machine are out in force to sway minions as they see them as "the stupidity of the America people". Bill Clinton did not know what sex was (he lied to all lives matter), and Hillary does not know what "C" (Confidential govt. secret) is? What happen to America??? By the way, people should have access to medicine that Hillary took at Chelsea's apt., since after 90mn. she walked out on her own without secret services looked ten years younger with slimmer hip than usual (sudden weight lost!) and passed on pneumonia to many....and still missing on campaign trail for Bill to fill in! (This miracle medicine should be available to all, since all lives matter, and TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG !!!!)...

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump clash over who is best for U.S. minorities See in context

The DNC ( not to be confused with Deceptive Network of Cronyism!!!!) has done a good selling job with minorities in gaining their votes, but their vicious cycles of despair, poverty, and government dependency are so addicted to shake it off. Democrats benefit the most by either using or abusing minorities for political gains. The RNC has done a poor job with minorities. Republicans must point out and showing minorities the way out of government dependency abusive policy that has been employed by Democrats. There are some minorities who make headway through responsibility and accountability, and they are the good role models for better future to all minorities and ALL AMERICANS. To those who abuse minorities for political gains, I say you are rotten to the core. Remember "the stupidity of America peoples" during Obama's ACA passing! Now race card and division are in tune among crooked and dirty politicians with the liberal media as a choir to sing along, and that is beyond shame.

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Posted in: Obama slams suggestion of Muslim test in wake of Nice attack See in context

This trash murderer yelled "Allah Akbar" with a copy of "ISIS" inspired materials with him when killing innocent civilians including children. Even thought he might not be a die hard Muslim devotee- he is a Muslim. This is a hard reality among many Muslims around the world, especially in the West that seem to have conflict value system on oneself and can turn into a radical Muslim terrorist ( Allah' soldier) in a snap. To stop these carnage, we must see as it is, thus getting to the root of the problems. Obama had Muslim root,(worn Muslim dress....) is trying very hard to defend his childhood Islamic experiences, and neither lacking of in depth understanding, nor totally denying the facts of reality. In so doing, this misguided perceptions make the world into a very dangerous place; especially among Muslim nations. This failure from the top that supporting by the 1% corrupted liberal elites including mass media around the world is turning the world backward toward chaos in opposite direction from even their own ideas. WE ARE PAYING THE PRICES FOR THEIR FAILURES. Islam needs REFORMATION and the world must confront such beliefs or practices that are against human rights, extremism, and real value of democracy, including abusive of woman, sex with children as sacred, unscientific dogma... Beware of the evils of Trojan horse, folks.

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Communist China has no face by spitting out non sense bully words that reflect of corrupted and ugly minds beyond shame. The world community rejects these poor and selfish behavior of Mao once said " one hand uses to shake the adversary's hand, and the other is ready to stab the adversary if needed". It is beyond shame, China!

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Posted in: China says it could declare air zone over South China Sea See in context

Communist China is beyond shame to employ bully and extreme selfishness politics in this way. The world community must stand up against China who commits "cultural genocide", " coral reef environmental genocide" disregarding the civilized norms. If Chine still continuing on this wrong path....communist China will collapse and Chinese mass will suffer most. If hell breaks loose, the opportunist Russia will not side with China as Beijing has hoped for. No face and beyond Shame, that is China today.

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Posted in: China blames Philippines for stirring up trouble in dispute See in context

It shows the bully communist China has no face among civilized nations in spitting out nonsense words to advance one own's selfishness. The nine dash china's map would be all over the map if it has its way, and that is beyond shame. China would benefits by stopping this bully and overly selfishness politics, and communist China will burn itself one day if continuing this path.

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Posted in: GOP lawmakers duck for cover after Trump's response to Orlando massacre See in context

As predicted, the carnage by these cowards, mental & radical Islamist are spreading all over the globe; from France , U.K, U.S, Indonesia...while the sleepy P.C. liberal western leaders still playing game of denying the root of the problems. After Obama retreated from Iraq and turned Syria into chaos facing destruction and blood bath as proxy state of Iran, the caliphate of ISIS is spreading in many forms. How many more innocent lives on the street of civilized nations will it take before it is too late? While focusing to score political points, the blood of these innocent lives from France, U.S. to Syria are on the their hands. Trump or no Trump, these scenario will continue in years to come, and moving toward the culture clash. They are not hate crime, sexuality or family problems per- se; these killers are aspired religious fanatic under the banner of Islam. ISLAM NEEDS REFORMATION, and if Obama and other leaders do not see the HATRED AND CALIPHATE in Koran and same of other religious fanaticism, the carnage and massacre like Orlando will continue.

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Posted in: Obama's hug of Hiroshima survivor epitomizes historic visit See in context

The central focus is "PEACE" and not just reduction or elimination of nuclear arms alone. How difficult it is to get N.Korea, communist China, Russia.... to scrap their nuclear arms? Even so, they will have other means of equal or greater destructive weapons in their arsenal. Obama talks, but no walks since under his presidency; nuclear weapons reduction were less that previous presidencies. Plus, more rogue nations are moving to obtain nuclear weapons at even faster pace, such as Iran, NPRK, M.E. nations, and China will deploy nuclear submarine soon near Japan. It is about narcissist Obama wants to be first on many things, such as this hollow cheap and deceptive idealistic talk in Hiroshima that fall upon many soft ears. Thanks to Obama, the world is more dangerous place now and into the future, and that is a shame.

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Posted in: China says Nanjing more worthy of remembrance than Hiroshima See in context

Hiroshima has canotation with nuclear atomic bomb in a different classification on its own. Regarding the atrocity of wars, the holocaust, Mao tse tung's mass murder by millions, and the killing field of Khmer rouge inspired by Maoism, and Tibet's cultural genocide by communist China have even greater historical implications, and that is the real history; China!

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Posted in: China to boost military spending by 7-8% See in context

This military fund would be better of using to educate the communist China from practicing "the culture of taking" and "bullying" the region for just China's own interest alone. Try "sharing" and "multi lateral diplomacy" since it is healthy for the future of China before it is too late to turn around.

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Posted in: Mexican government says it won't pay for Trump's wall See in context

Of course Mex. gov. doesn't want to pay for the wall ( it costs a lot s of taco), but fund can be allocated from various means such as fees or taxes for crossing the border if wall being built. Yes to law abiding legal immigrants, and no to illegal immigrants and related activities. If proper implemented, it will benefit both countries in many ways. Most nations have strict immigration law and follow international agreement on refugees issues. Mexico will earn respect by stop exploiting illegal border crossing for future fair trade in the continent.

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Posted in: U.N. approves toughest sanctions on North Korea in 20 years See in context

It looks and sounds good on the paper for U.N., but the bully communist China would find the way to keep the gangsters of N.Korea (DPRK) floating and abusing the mass of N.Koreans as the buffer zone for China. It might work if resolution has the means to severely punish the member state that breaking this resolution. Clinton and Albright had enticed N. Korea for eight years to nowhere, and Obama's team just keep on talking as DPRK keeps on launching....

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Posted in: S Korean president defends sex slave deal with Japan See in context

Reality check: it takes two to tango. Sex slaves happen throughout history from Biblical and Islamic period till modern area. It is wrong. However, when there were pimps (DICTATORS, RULERS, GANGS...) there would be sex workers and clients. These elements combined commit crimes as an enterprise. It is time to stop exploitation on this issue and move on together by learning from all aspects of history, good and bad.

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Posted in: China warns Japan against provocation around disputed islands See in context

The Chinese communist thugs already abuse their own peoples, and having no problem in bullying others. The world court should decide all territorial disputes, and not that shameless Chinese bilateral push for Chinese sake alone. They play nationalism card for maintain total control over the mass of Chinese. Watch out what you are wishing for, since Chinese model is unwanted by rest of the world. Chinese never cease to open their nonsense cheaply big mouth. Japan must be strong and prepared in dealing with this bully.

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A narcissistic divider in chief Obama who lives in what parallel universe talks to his own Minions by painting a chaotic, trouble and confuse world that he created as a great achievement ! ISIS not a big issue? Dictators gone wild around the globe, also no problem? He forgot to include his success in Libya, Yemen, Red line in Syria, the schism between Shiite Iran and Sunni Arabs that he contributed into it....and biggest balloon of national debt that burden young Americans in years to come! Obama has no shame as usual.

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Posted in: U.S. Powerball jackpot world's largest at $1.3 billion See in context

Wishing to use this jackpot cashes for traveling all over Japan.

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Posted in: Hillary Clinton brushes off Trump's swipes at Bill See in context

Bill Clinton should come out from the closet to apologize for his lying and waiving fingers about "what is is is with Monika". There were many women who testified against him , and Hillary attacked them by standing with her sleek Billy. It is ironic and beyond shame to see Hillary uses her 1% elite status in trying to get women votes. The Clintons are self serving and not to be trusted. Too many lies one after another for these corrupted opportunistic political class. When do MInions will rise up against them?

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Posted in: U.S. plans to sell warships to Taiwan See in context

And hoping Taiwanese politicians don't sell their freedom and souls to communist China. Otherwise in the future, these weapons can face same scenario as in Iraq & Syria. How about installing a kill-switch activation for such unforeseen cases. But for now, it serves it purpose.

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Posted in: Syria settlement should not hinge on Assad's fate: U.N. chief See in context

Ban Ki Moon would apply same to Kin Jung Un. Assad was an Shiite Iranian puppet and war criminal who terrorized the Sunni that contribute to the rise of ISIS. A new form of coalition government is needed to sustain the survival of Syria. Moon joins Putin to offer a band aid solution to crisis for own agenda. What a shame.

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Posted in: The show must go on, unless North Korean divas say otherwise See in context

At least, N.K. knows sex sell, and with million minion soldiers at his disposal; no one call this "Pimp Un's show" !!!!

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Posted in: Saudi women vote for the first time See in context

The hard reality is "Islam has Islam problems" (e.g. Islamic view of the Infidels , Islam Vs. Democracy, Sunni Vs. Shiite...etc) , and "the world has Islam problem". SOLUTION IS THE REFORMATION OF ISLAM, as many religions have gone through. Women vote in Saudi Arabia is a baby step of this process. Please hold down your horses since the actual reformation of Islam is far...over due, and yet need to be implemented by so called "moderate Muslims" who must stand up against the extremists with Koran on their hands. Otherwise, the saga of terrorism will continue... "REFORMATION"

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Posted in: China tells other countries not to stir up trouble in South China Sea See in context

In other words, let communist China, the ugly bully does what it wants. The illegal act of unilateral changing the geography is beyond shame for China. It will be decided by international court, period. China has been using the illegal means to advance its Eco-politics, and now geopolitics? Really, China's model is not welcome outside China.

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Posted in: Radisson hotel in Mali attacked; at least 20 killed See in context

As predicted, Paris' carnage was just the beginning and more to come. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko H...all are under banner of extremist radical Islam who are trying to copy the model of early Muhammadan forces in conquering the 7 century A.D. Arabia. A distinct factor is the sideline (or moderate!) Muslims are everywhere. Bombing alone will not root out the Allah soldiers, rather a total reform within religion is much needed for modern civilization. Judea- Christian has been scrutinized for hundred years, and they survive. The problem is that an objective of scholarly to Islam is not much welcome and permitted. Most parts of the world are sold to this idea of Political Correctness and being deceived into turmoil without ending. How many more normal civilians death before the WAKE UP call of this nonsensical terrors?

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