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Posted in: China sets air defense zone over area containing disputed islands See in context

I have lost all respect for China. Thousands have died in the Philippines, and millions are displaced. This is no time for raising tensions in the region.

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Posted in: Robot astronaut awaiting Japanese compatriot See in context

A very good experiment indeed. Would have been better if the robot was multilingual with English and Russian conversation capability.

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Posted in: Lonely or in need of female assistance? Try a rental friend See in context

How about joining some activity group like Meetup, with like minded people. Oh wait! That would be like trying to develop real friendship, where you have to listen to other peoples problems too. It is not exclusively about "You" the narcissist!!

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Posted in: Man arrested after rice cooker found plugged into neighbor’s home See in context

hilarious!! I guess the old guy was too proud to ask for help, and the "victim" was too proud to let it go!

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Posted in: Qantas jet bound for Tokyo from Sydney grounded after snake found See in context

Snakes on a Plane ;)

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Posted in: Tokyo police advise women on how to stay safe while in elevators See in context

sighh!! if women avoiding the seats close to me on fairly crowded trains was not enough! Now I will have girls rushing out of elevator after pressing several floor buttons!!!

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Posted in: Civic groups angered after kids handle assault weapons at U.S. Navy open house See in context

oww grow up!!! if you want your kids to not see/hear/speak any evil, lock them up in a windowless room!!! how is holding a (presumed unloaded) M16 any different than playing with a plastic model of the same. i have seen model guns in Japanese stores, they rival the originals in appearance!!! this is just plain hypocritical. no point in keeping your kid shielded, show them the guns and the tanks, but also tell them the misery caused by them...that is parenting.

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Posted in: Snoozing here, there and everywhere See in context

I found the working culture quite inefficient. Instead of working solidly for eight hours with a lunch break in between, most of my colleagues work for 12-14 hours, with ample doses of inemuri, manga, AKB48 youtube videos in between, while doing the same (or often less) amount of actual work! I had to adjust to this norm, otherwise people thought I was not sincere enough!!

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Posted in: Masked hero helps carry bags, babies up and down Tokyo subway stairs See in context

It is sad that one has to be masked to help people freely!!!

When I first began, people basically said, 'Get away from me, you weirdo'," he said. "Now they still think I'm weird but in a good way."

I once offered help (in Japanese) to an elderly woman to carry her heavy suitcase up a few stairs near a local Mall (not metro)...she became nervous, went back a few steps grabbed her cell and was about to dial a number (I guess 110). I stepped back, bowed and left...praying that I am not taken to a Koban. After that incident I have often passed guys sprawled on the sidewalk drunk, girls sick and vomiting, and elderly people dragging luggage in sweltering heat. I moved on with impassive face just like the other people on the street.

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Posted in: Train passengers free woman stuck in gap by pushing train See in context

this news has come in newspapers all over the world. Incredible presence of mind and cooperation

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Posted in: Abe's ruling bloc wins big in upper house vote See in context

Unless there is a "No One" choice on the ballot paper on which people can stamp, abstaining from voting to show disagreement doesn't matter in practise. Ultimately Abe would have the numbers in the house.

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Posted in: Tsubasa Masuwaka gives make-up lecture in France See in context

ewww...what the hell is wrong with the French!!!!

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Posted in: 1-yr-old girl left in car for 4 hours while mother plays pachinko See in context

18 year old mother with 1 year old kid...borderline underage motherhood. Is there no Child Welfare Services here to evaluate whether the young biological mother is capable of being a mother? In countries like Norway, the child would have been taken away and put in responsible foster care. Sounds cruel, but cases such as reported above justifies it.

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Posted in: Privacy visor glasses jam facial recognition systems to protect your privacy See in context

don't want to located? throw away your phone.

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Posted in: LDP wins landslide victory in Tokyo elections See in context

It seems that there are not many Abe detractors in reality, in contrast to what I observe on the JT comment threads!!!

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Posted in: Ideas for keeping your data safe from spying See in context

People not watching/downloading illegal child pornography, engaging in terrorist activities, money laundering, ...which is basically 90% of general population, need not worry about law enforcements monitoring data. Privacy is a myth. A simple conversation in the house can be heard by neighbours. Unless you are Osama living in a isolated and insulated house, you are as good as an open book...even with all the shunning of electronic devices and burning of garbage, he was discovered and dispatched off.

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Posted in: Ever wondered what Japanese prison food tastes like? See in context

oh good, similar menu (Lunch Set A) is served in the University Cafeteria once a week. I can tell my folks back home that I eat prison food occasionally!!!

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Posted in: Japan, India to discuss military plane sales See in context

Chinese newspaper has called Japanese Govt, "petty thieves" for contemplating military alliance with India. Meanwhile, they are helping to upgrade Pakistani military and defense establishments!!!

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Posted in: Japanese Lolitas plan world domination See in context

The women in rest of the world (well most of it, leaving out extreme backward and religious fundamentalist societies) are striving against their objectivization and breaking out of the century old image as show-pieces and breeding vessel to claim their just position in society. I am surprised to see that in Japan, most (not all) women do not want to be women...they want to remain girls, attired as showpieces, and the trend is even supported by the Govt!!!

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Posted in: Abe warns of possible military response to intruder subs See in context

The meek Indian Govt. agreed to destroy its forward posts and stop infrastructure building in the border areas in return for China to withdraw its troops from Indian territory. Similar fate awaits Japan if they do not take proactive measures. Otherwise, one morning we will wake up to see the Chinese flag fluttering over Senkaku. About time to launch some Torpedoes and depth chargers.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman after being invited to do so online See in context

now I have heard...rather read everything!!!!

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Posted in: AKB48′s Yuki Kashiwagi sparks debate over 'vulgar' video See in context

Hilarious!!! I have seen their videos, jumping around in skimpy outfit, quite funny actually. This video is suggestive but I did not find it sensuous enough to make it an erotica.Sebsuality apart, the fans seem to be bit hypocritical in this regard.

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Posted in: Kerry warns against Russian missile sales to Syria See in context

Recent reports from Egypt indicate that the common people are now realising that the days under Hosni Mubarak were much better and peaceful than the post Arab Spring scenario, which brought the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood to power. By helping the rebels US will bring about the same fate in Syria, and would create another Afghanistan like they did in the 80's by helping the fundamentalist Mujahideens.

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Posted in: Kerry warns against Russian missile sales to Syria See in context

There is no righteous side in the Syrian conflict. Its a struggle for power between a Dictator and the Fundamentalist. Assad uses heavy (allegedly) artillery on the civilian population, and the rebels (allegedly) use chemical weapons. Military assistance to either side would be detrimental to the stability of the region. Its their war, let them fight it out.

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Posted in: Most Muslims want sharia law, but divided on interpretation See in context

Wherever they are in minority, they will play victim and cry foul on smallest of the small things.

When in majority...well look at any Islamic country. Even the secular Turkey is going that way soon.

All religions have radicals. However, most of them stick to sloganeering and rabble rousing. When there are so many suicide bombers and terrorists from a single community, there is seriously some problem with the teachings.

And no, the terrorism did not start with 9/11, it has been prevalent long before that. Much before the drone attacks, and cruise missile strikes that allegedly created the terrorists!!!

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