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The TSA workers should be very careful in their approaches to the public. They should always remember that "In every rule, there is an exemption". So, they must examine first the situation they are in before doing any necessary actions because their actions can lead to violation of human rights. I remember what happened last Saturday when a TN female was imprisoned when Transportation Security Administration workers attempted to pat down her daughter Saturday. Her response led to her arrest. The woman allegedly grew to be belligerent and was arrested for disorderly conduct. This incident occurred after the Transportation Security Administration altered its procedure concerning the pat down of children last month. Now she may need personal loans to pay for the inappropriate behavior.

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Posted in: House rebukes Obama but won't halt funds for Libya See in context

I think the house is just doing its responsibility and so was President Obama. They just need to be fair in all things since they were put in their positions because people trust them so they should be trustworthy of the people's lives. By the way, have you known already about the news wherein USA Today states that Obama has signaled a break with tradition when it comes to military suicide deaths and presidential letters of condolence. Traditionally, only battlefield fatalities have been addressed with presidential letters of condolence. I found this here: Obama offers condolences for military suicides

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