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Posted in: U.S. military to begin patrols during curfew hours in Naha See in context

USNinJapan. Hey my man, I feel your arguments to a degree and you are making some interesting points, but I have to push back a bit on your comments on where the problem is.

I've been in and out of Japan since Nov 1995. Started in Atsugi, worked my way to Yokosuka, bounced around and I am now on my twilight tour in Okinawa.

To say the problem is just Okinawa is not true. Send me a private message and l will hit you up with more information. Okinawa happens to be a special powder keg, so when hinge happen here, it gets nuts.

Plaincloth patrols have happened all over JP. There was a period of time when Roppongi was off limits and they had folks walking around taking pictures and asking to see IDs.

Don fall for the Expat lament. The only reason why these cats are even able to be in Japan is because of the military presence.

Expats/people living in Japan/Okinawa. Please think before you post. You are not such a privileged class of people, to be crapping on the military folks here.

I wish I could post the pictures from my thanksgiving party last night, house full of Japanese and Okinawans. Beautiful mixed children running around. My young Marines and Sailors enjoying a home cooked meal.

Enjoy your day people.

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Posted in: Okinawa legislators protest U.S. military incidents See in context

What's interesting is that I just left the 13th Annual Special Olympics that was held on Kadena AFB. Yup, hundreds of evil military folks and their families supporting and cheering on the developmentally challenged here in Okinawa.

Last week, I attended an event for the Okinawa American Animal Rescue Society. Yup, evil military folks trying to do some good for the abandoned animals here in Okinawa.

In October, my command put on two different Halloween events for the local communities.

We are also assisting the AmerAsian School in health fairs and tutoring for their students. We go and speak to the children about having positive body images and self esteem.

It's what these evil folks here do. And I could go on and on about the good things we do, but I suspect that's not what some of the people on this site want to hear/read.

Yes, the crimes committed by those few are terrible, and those individuals should be punished, but that is the minority.

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