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Posted in: SMAP to sing theme song for NHK morning drama for first time See in context

I hope the song gives viewers a warm feeling when they hear it each morning.

thanks but no thank you

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Posted in: Hasegawa confirms break-up with Kanda because he wouldn't propose to her See in context

maybe she should try harder and shows him what a potential wife she could becomes. waiting isn't going to cut it especially for a man who got money.

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Posted in: Whitney Houston's funeral to be broadcast live See in context

she is dead, let her be at peace jeez. this is her final farwell not a damn show. how on earth would the Houston's family agreed to this; i guess money do talks after all.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri tries her hand at designing clothes, handbags See in context

What is a cell phone drama?

i think drama that is shown on NTT DoCoMo BeeTV cell phone broadcasting service.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri tries her hand at designing clothes, handbags See in context

The story is about two women who are opposite in fashion, hairstyle, make-up and personality.

oh... really?

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Posted in: AKB48 get a new look for men's suit commercial See in context

well... at least it isn't SMAP.

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Posted in: Mai Satoda to marry Rakuten pitcher Tanaka in March See in context

not to be rude but this marriage will fails. the marjority of guys at 23 years of age are too immature. he will be out there having fun and eventually find a new mate.

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Posted in: KARA's first Japan tour to kick off April 14 See in context

shake them butts KARA .

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Posted in: Man attacks emergency rescue team workers, steals ambulance See in context

three-man crew cant take down a man holding a guitar? i would understand if it was a knife; but a guitar, c'mon. thanks god the man didn't ran anyone over with the stolen ambulance.

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Posted in: Father and son killed by drunk driver while heading to shrine See in context

Arai was quoted by police as saying that he had been drinking, but he thought it would be alright to go out for a quick trip to get some cigarettes.

at 52 years of age he should have known better. RIP father and son.

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