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As a Korean, I understand what and how you feel when you see this article. Yet, I was surprised that no Japanese one can speculate this article in a reasonable way.

You all think that this is an overreaction of the South Korean people in the propaganda, the lack of liberal media system, lack of respect to the International Community, or the lack of democratic behavior, etc.

Yet, I haven't seen any self-reflection in you all Japanese people on why the South Koreans are getting crazy on this "trivial Islands Dokdo".

I sincerely hope that you all have to spend several days or several months, several decades recommended doing a "self-reflection" on your own history and the consequence of your modern history against your neighboring countries. What would be the possible past memories of the people of your neighboring countries in the persistent and unstopable greed in your history?

It should be noted that Japan has violated numerous international treaties, conventions and the recommendations of international organizations, without taking any significant legal and moral responsibilities.

Your neighboring countries do not believe your ostensible allegation to bring any issue to the International Organization.

Finally, you, young generations of Japan must wake up, respecting your neighboring countries.

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In my opinion, persistent Conservative rules for the 50 years of Japan have yield a variety of unnecessary disputes, nearly militarized conflicts with many neighboring countries,including China, Russia, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore for the Sooking Massacre.

You have to keep in mind that Japan does not have any real or loyal friend in Asian region. Malaysia? Thailand? Not at all. How about the US? Well..

I sincerely hope that Japan, you young generations must focus on consolidating democracy in your country, rather than consuming illogical energy on international issues like territorial dispute.

According to Huntington, "Japan was universally and properly view as a democratic nation after WW II. Yet, it effectively never has had even one electoral turnover", which mean no consolidation of democracy. Japan is in the democratic transition.

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I agree with you that China has not such as convincing and universal political philosophy or ideology. In that sense, the headline news is odd.

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As a Korean, the ICC is a great idea that the world community would have the shared principles, and even more common regulations against crimes. Yet, the ICC will be applied to those countries ratify the ICC regulations. As far as I know, many countries, including Japan ratified the ICC. However, the US, China, India, Pakistan do not join it yet. So, the efficacy of the ICC is not clear.

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I do not think that it is a good idea for the world leaders to attend the ceremony in Beijing. The Chinese government is not consistent to deal with some domestic issues and international issues. We have to send some more strong signal for the Chinese government to comply with the international norms, in particular including human rights and environmental protections. In addition, the Chinese government must deal with the Tibet issue in favor of the Tibetan independence.

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So far, the US made so many things hurting the Middle Eastern people. In particular, given the ambivalent history between the two countries, US and Iran, the US must concede the requests of Iran, or guarantee the securiety of Iran, by deminishing the influence of Israel over the Middle Eastern countries.

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