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Posted in: Brokerage worker loses paternity leave appeal in Japan See in context

Perfect example of Japanese culture getting in the way of facts and practicalities. I can just imagine as he laid out facts and context to the court the magistrates thinking to themselves, 言い訳!

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Posted in: Toshiaki Karasawa to play Jack Bauer in Japanese '24' reboot See in context

Yawn... every Japanese production is the same tired actors all the time.

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

Lived in Japan for 14 years and lack of testing was most definitely about the Olympics. The fact the media doesn't seem to have been relentlessly questioning the government about it would be frustrating if it wasn't just one of those things I've come to expect about Japan.

The thing that has me really confused is why the hospitals haven't been bombarded with critically ill people like overseas. They can cover up the numbers by not testing, but they can't cover up the number of people requiring critical care.

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Posted in: Mother kills 1-year-old daughter, then tries to kill herself See in context

Agree @StevieJ, postpartum depression is very real and probably more common than the public knows. A caring loving environment and treatment staff is needed for new mothers and families. The idea of not taking responsibility as a family and country is the heart of the problem.

Agreed. I think postpartum depression is a serious issue in Japan (probably due to a lot of Japanese cultural factors colliding) and mental health isn't taken seriously here at all. I have heard people in Japan describe depressed people as "weak" to their faces.

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Posted in: Biden, Sanders debate against backdrop of pandemic See in context

Bernie just comes across as angry and desperate. The reality is he and his supporters are left-leaning versions of Trump and his supporters.

FarmboyToday  12:05 pm JST

So who thinks Trump will call off the election, citing emergency powers because of the health crisis?

Almost guaranteed, unfortunately. I reckon the earliest he's leaving voluntarily is 2024. He hates the job but his ego won't let him leave.

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

Japanese government style:

!. Don't panic and take a relaxed approach towards the emergency problem in question.

Take steps which demonstrate a lack of concern about the problem, as with letting all of those potential carriers off the cruise (some of whom have already tested positive).

Panic accordingly to save public face when you realize that you've goofed in a major way on 1 and 2 above.

Sadly this not just Japanese government style this is also Japanese business style.

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Posted in: 'Where's Abe?' critics ask, as coronavirus spreads in Japan See in context

On our news we have the Federal Health Minister as well as the country’s Chief Medical Officer (professor with medical background) giving the press conferences. Does Japan have the equivalent of a CMO and if so, where are they in all this?

He's busy prescribing antibiotics to people who don't have bacterial infections.

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Posted in: Rivals take aim at Sanders' electability at rowdy South Carolina Democratic debate See in context

Bernie is just Trump 2.0. Back in 2016 I really liked him but watching him interview now it's like watching Trump. God help us all.

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Posted in: 'Where's Abe?' critics ask, as coronavirus spreads in Japan See in context

Where's Abe? The same place all Japanese "leaders" are when a decision needs to be made... MIA. The whole culture is based on harmony and not making decisions so anyone who expects him to be leading obviously hasn't lived in Japan for long.

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Posted in: Japanese firms slowly moving away from old recruitment, pay practices See in context

FendyToday  03:29 pm JST

Some commenters here need to consider that Japan is culturally very diiferent. Things done within the country are not even comparable with ‘international’ interpretations. As an example, meetings held within companies are not opportunities for employees to give their opinions on topics raised. Instead, it is an occasion in which employees listen to those above them tell them their directives. Employees attending these regular meetings are expected to be quiet. So, workers in society in Japan are very much put in their place, and hierarchical systems continue to be the controlling structures within Japanese companies.

Spot on and one of the central reasons Japan can never improve from their current situation.

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Posted in: Japanese firms slowly moving away from old recruitment, pay practices See in context

YubaruToday  09:09 am JST

Make your bed you sleep in it! Japan INC created this system with the belief that it would support the country for like forever.

Too right! The trouble at the heart of this (and the reason why they'll never be able to change, or will change to slowly as to never be competitive) is culture. I don't believe the culture will ever change enough to help them escape these hazing, slavery business practices.

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Posted in: Japanese firms slowly moving away from old recruitment, pay practices See in context

But many major Japanese companies have begun to question...

As with everything in Japan, too little too late. The future is not bright for companies or employees in Japan and they only have themselves to blame.

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Posted in: Japan's new working visa acquired by only 219 foreigners in first 6 months See in context

@Henny Penny - (3) If wages are low, working conditions are terrible, and taxes horrendous, why is it the Japan seems to have no trouble attracting an endless supply of English conversation teachers? (English conversation teachers has been treated as de facto skilled workers for visa purposes.)

Not sure where you're getting your information, Henny Penny. English schools are finding it near on impossible to get unrecycled "leftover" teachers these days. Even if they can get them the salary is rubbish (for someone straight out of school with no skills it's okay, but even then I wouldn't want to try and survive in Tokyo on an English teacher's wage).

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Posted in: Japan's new working visa acquired by only 219 foreigners in first 6 months See in context

Even with 219 it won't be long before they leave after they realize how badly their bosses/companies treat them. No one that comes to Japan hangs around with the way Japanese bosses treat them unless they have no other option.

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