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Posted in: Man, two youths detained over mugging spree See in context

Perhaps we should use demolition equipment,such as dynamite, to teach all three of these thugs a lesson.Messy but effective.

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Posted in: 'Abenomics' hitting consumers from all sides See in context

Able is the man.

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Posted in: Los Angeles bans plastic bags in grocery stores See in context

Get rid of plastic bags. We need biodegradable bags to protect the environment.

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Posted in: Next from Stevie Wonder: a gospel tune in Arabic? See in context

Stevie, pride of Motown and Detroit, is still making music.

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Posted in: Japan to hold unprecedented military exercise in U.S. See in context

I agree with you numbies, give Japan some of our nukes. Imagine a future where cyborg ninja stalk their enemies with pocket nukes.

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Posted in: Police in Japan pull over Google Street View car See in context

I've traveled all over Japan with streetview. I hope they add sound. Matter of fact, I've seen the world. Love Google street view.Of course, Japan is my spot.

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Posted in: Man arrested for running online high school prostitution ring See in context

they didnt shut down the website yet did they?I always miss out.

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Posted in: Dynamite alarm clock See in context

I love it.

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Posted in: 'Pocket photo' mobile photo printer See in context

Japan has done it again. I remember the old Panasonic slogan "Panasonic, slightly ahead of our time.

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Posted in: Central Japan Railway Co (JR Central) See in context

If only America had such a system. Our trains are a joke. This is one way Japan has us beat. We should've had Maglev 30 years ago. Washington should stop spending all our tax dollars on 200 million dollar jet fighters and rebuild America's rail system. Japan's rail system is number one.

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Posted in: Fame part of family business for Will, Jaden Smith See in context

One thing I appreciate about Will Smith is that he enjoys sci-fi. He has an extensive resume of sci-fi/action films that move beyond stereotypical black movies that show dysfunctional relationships, prison, drugs, gangs and poverty. Black America has rejected math and science and thus has little interest in sci-fi. While most black people in America can't relate to I Robot, I am legend, Hancock, I applaud these movies. Even having a black president means nothing until black people embrace education more fully to pursue the promises and possibilities of sci-fi.

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Posted in: Second man charged with London soldier's murder See in context

Nations should be careful about just letting anyone in. Immigrants don't just bring work ethic, or education, they also bring resentment, anger, ideas. We know from long, bitter experience that malevolent forces exist fueled by the injustices of the past. Immigrant communities should always be carefully watched for extremist behavior.**

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Posted in: Strong quake causes panic in Taiwan See in context

Perhaps, in the future artificial islands will be constructed but actually move a landmass, not likely. Earthquakes are the one force that torments beloved Asia with its prosperous, teeming cities, uniquely beautiful women, high speed rail and paradise-like weather. I experienced a tremor when I was stationed on Okinawa. I'll never forget it. If I make it back overseas the one thing I'll fear will be quakes.

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Posted in: Kawasaki Heavy develops cost-competitive way to make ethanol from farm waste See in context

Japanese technology at work. Continue research so we stop depending on fossil fuels from unstable countries who hold nations hostage.

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Posted in: Strong Japan will be no threat to Asia, says defense minister See in context

I'm all for a strong Japan, a strong South Korea and a strong Asia. The US has put its manufacturing power in Asia and thus remains only a military power. In today's world, economic power rules. With wage and price controls, Japan can reassert it's economic power. Stop outsourcing. This has hurt Japan and the US. Yes, Japan should join the nuclear club. It certainly has the right.

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Posted in: Jean Stapleton, TV's Edith Bunker, dies at 90 See in context

How sad. "All in the Family" is a ground breaking show. Edith is one of the great characters of TV to be forever immortalized on reruns. R.I.P, Edith Bunker.

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Posted in: Japan to give $1 bil for Sahel security, stabilization See in context

"An unusual taste of Jihadist anger". Japan's connection to the US also makes it a target of Jihadists. Very generous for Africa. But Africa is very corrupt, make sure the money actually helps people and doesn't end up in some dictator's pocket. Japan should also arm itself and train for the coming confrontation with terrorists.

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Posted in: Hashimoto apologizes for comment on U.S. troops, but not 'comfort women' remarks See in context

No more apologies. Yes there were comfort women.Let the past rest. War is ugly, bad things happen. This issue needs to be put to rest. Japan, no more apologies, when I was stationed on Okinawa we visited BC street, whisper alley and gate 2 street. The women were and are available. No one should be fooled about this. So Japan stop apologizing, every military has had comfort women. I don't want the great nation of Japan to compromise its dignity anymore.

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Posted in: China trying to strengthen its claim to Okinawa See in context

China doesn't want to contend with the US, Japan, South Korea and possibly India, Vietnam and the Philippines. A bully simply can't be tolerated. America should learn this lesson also. If China wants respect then give respect. Too many other nations have issues with her for her to stick her chest out.

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Posted in: China trying to strengthen its claim to Okinawa See in context

China should think very carefully about this. Many nations and peoples have been taken by force. It's too much to try and correct. We need peace and a chance for everyone to make a few bucks. China needs to make sure its food is safe.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologizes to Muslim world for gaffe See in context

He's right. He apologized, get over it. I certainly don't see tourists scrambling to visit the mideast. For at least the last thirty years there's been nothing over there but turmoil, chaos...take your pick.

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Posted in: Chinese military planes flew near disputed isles 40 times in one day See in context

Time for a blockade.

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Posted in: Abe says restoration of sovereignty day signals hope, pride See in context

I hope Japan does fully rearm. US get out of Okinawa. I want to see Japan strong and aggressive in all it does. I can only begin to imagine the technology Japan has stashed away. Cut the apron strings with Washington so the land of the rising sun will rise again.

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Posted in: Woman attacks high school girl with knife outside apartment See in context

A cut above. The cutting edge. Cut to the chase. Made the cut. Cut from the same cloth.

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for paying 14-year-old girl for sex See in context

I agree with sensai258, innocent she's not. She sat at her computer and arranged the meeting. Her parents should beat that ass.

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Posted in: Raw horsemeat the secret to Nagano's No. 1 longevity? See in context

Hmmm, imagine McDonalds. Horse nuggets. Big macs. Mchorse

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Posted in: Former ASDF general: 'China won't initiate war over Senkakus' See in context

I really believe the Chinese won't start a war either. They don't want to "lose face". They know they'll more than have their hands full with Japan...then America will have to jump in at some point.

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Posted in: Robot suit gets global safety certificate See in context

Its about time. Will this give you superspeed? Where can i buy the stocks?

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Posted in: Japan executes three death-row inmates See in context

Bravo. Tired of tax dollars supporting these killers.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for throwing newborn baby daughter's body into irrigation channel See in context

Such cruelty. Glad to know Japan is not afraid of the death penalty. Should use it on those who harm children.

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