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Posted in: Which fashion item or trend do you wish would disappear forever? See in context

Thong underwear.

A lady may think herself 'cute' but not so cute that I'd want to see her uncomfortable, unsanitary underwear when she bends over.

What was wrong with 'bikini' briefs.

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Posted in: Pet shop owner had no permit for killer python See in context

The law whould bar-b-cue the nutball owner of that snake. He is the only one responsible not the builders (who builds the ducts of a house thinking that they have to protect against SNAKES getting crushing the lives out of children)!

The only "good" thing to come out of all this is that that snake and all of its dangerous and venomous friends should make excellant luggage, hatbands purses and the like.

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Posted in: 84% of women don’t want to see men's nipples at office: survey See in context

Men go without tops at the beach, nobody finds their nipples sexy and the statement about sexual harrassment just goes to show how far down the toilet this whole sexual harasssment thing has gone.

If a man complained about a women's nipples showing at work he'd be on the mat both for the sin of noticing in the first place and then DARING to mention it to anyone!

Foolishness, pure and simple.

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Posted in: Famous faces See in context

I'd never heard of this Bobby Ologon guy but did some research on him.

He's not a Black American but an African.

He apparently has not had the same, long-term experiences of racism as have others so all that "Tom-ing around" probably doesn't bother him as much as it would others.

I understand that by Japanese standards that he's loud and aggressive, that part I like.

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Posted in: Protesters make final bid to block France gay marriage law See in context

"Viva la difference" meant the difference between men and women. There is no difference between homosexuals.

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Posted in: Doolittle Raiders hold final reunion See in context

The men and women who fought and suffered in the second World War have all grown old and all but a very few have died.

We ourselves are just the sum of the lives that have gone before us.

Is it in good taste to talk of the wars of our Grandfathers, maybe not, but it is most appropriate.

Appropriate or not, what struggles and accomplishments will we reflect upon when our own time comes?

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context


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Posted in: Honda develops new technology to join steel and aluminum See in context

Clever, but why are they testing it in the U.S. first?

There are several points of failure possible, the most damaging of which being contact between the two metals despite the adhesive/sealant.

Can anyone say "Where did the big hole in the dorr come from"?

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Posted in: New Zealand lawmaker apologizes over Muslim rant See in context

I think calling Islam a stone age religion went a little far.

He should have called it a primitive/tribal or unsophisticated religion.

As for the blanket ban, ask yourself what other Religion is infamous in this day and age for physically attacking those who chose NOT to believe in it?

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Posted in: Man held for slashing son, daughter with knife See in context

It's sad but understandable, it happens ALL OVER the world.

If you've worked hard all your life, taken reponsibility and then find your family destitute it can crack any person's mind.

Those of you disparage his misfortune, please be stronger in heart when your own time comes.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan announces return of Texas and Idaho burgers See in context

Well I'm from Texas and I'm amazed that they can bring a burger that big to Japan and charge so little for it, from what I've heard of Japanese food prices.

The mustard-relish thing is interesting.

A real hamburger in Texas doesn't allow for mayonaise or ketchup, (not unless you're 4 years old or under), so as long as the relish in the mustard-relish is dill relish then I say "Heeee-haaa!"

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Posted in: S Korea launches rocket in 3rd attempt to put satellite in orbit See in context

No one seems to panic when South Korea launches a satellite. I guess that what you get when you're one of the "good guys"...

but seriously folks, should nations involved in "saber rattling" with their neighbor nations be launching satellites, (satellites are often just surrogates for weapons payloads).

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Posted in: Man arrested for drift driving after 4 injured See in context

Four people were drowned last year attempting to drift on a road near the ocean.

The number 4 appearing in both accidents is significant.

Yes, you may have practiced drifting when you were alone but having that new girl and her friends in the car for the first time it is precisely NOT the time to attempt drifting.

A fully loaded car is EASIER to slide and much harder to stop or control compared to a lighter vehicle.

Bottom line, grow up.

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Posted in: 2 Kanagawa cops arrested for sexually harassing female colleague See in context

The question is, if you can't protect you own be behind from abuse how you going to protect someone else's?

It's a problem that the US military is facing now. Female soldiers and officers SOUNDS good on paper but if you have to spend energy protecting them, bouncing officers and soldiers involved in groping them, even though they may be some of your best men, you may find your semi-feminine forces out matched by a more male, (though not as enlightened), opposing force.

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Posted in: Man holding handgun found dead on gate-ball lawn in Chiba See in context

As an American the first thing I think is this is the loser of a running gun battle.

P.S. Fifty is NOT old.

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Posted in: Seven charity workers shot dead in Pakistan See in context

"If anyone recieves any sort of benefit for themselves that did not come from our hands We'll Kill You All!" seems to be the Taliban's primitive way of thinking.

This mental aberration shows ever every sign of backfiring on them but I don't think the Taliban possess the simple intelligence to STOP.

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Posted in: U.S. raps M'bishi Heavy for work on California nuclear plant See in context

I live in the effected area and pay my utilities bill to SDG&E.

We take nuclear safety VERY seriously in Caliafornia, there'll be no Fukishima here.

People in San Diego are deeply disappointed by these failures and their ongoing expense and inconvenience.

The phrase "Made in Japan" has taken on a patina that it hasn't had since the 1950s-1960s.

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Posted in: Stalker sent 1,000 emails to ex-girlfriend before killing her, police say See in context

I think I may be one of the few commentators here who doesn't actually live in Japan, (no anger please, it's just that I'm interested in what goes on in Japan), but what I can't figure out is why her husband never took action?

In America I can't imagine this not having attracted police attention after her husband inevitably cornered the suspect after, say, the first 50 emails.

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Posted in: Defense begins for U.S. soldier accused of killing 16 civilians in Afghanistan See in context

What did anyone expect? These men are placed in a situation where some of the locals are friendly by day and murderous by night.

So called Blue on Green violence is not limited to phoney recruits in the Afghan military but spills over to the local fellow selling kebabs by day who then murders people friendly to the Americans by night.

I couldn't stand it either.

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Posted in: Astronauts take spacewalk to find ammonia leak See in context

I wonder if this fragment is from the the Chinese satellite that the Chinese themselves destroyed about for 3 years ago in a childish attempt to flex their technological "muscle" only to find out that the reason more advaced space programs never did anything that stupid was because it created a hazard to every vessel near that orbit in perpetuity?

Space now gives a whole new meaning to the term Chinese "Junk".

Too primitive to have advanced weapons you say?

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Posted in: 5 arrested for creating and distributing info-leaking cell phone software See in context

Well at least they sent the information to a DATING site.

If you going to be a parasite you might as well be a parasite with "benefits". (^v^)

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Posted in: Fire at Saudi wedding kills 23 women, children See in context

Do the words "Primitive society" and "Barbaric culture" ring a bell here?

Any other place on earth Men, women and children would get together at a wedding and have good food, drinks and a dance with no deadly weapons in sight.

A wedding is a celebration of life not death.

I'm reminded of the tragedy at a moslem wedding several years ago where the groom lost control firing a "celebratory" burst of machine gun fire in the air, and mowed down six members of the wedding party including his mother and sister-in-laws.

Hard to take such a culture seriously in the 21st century.

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Posted in: Canadians 'bullying the bullies' over teenager girl's suicide See in context

I don't care for bullies but hasn't anyone noticed that this young woman had mental problems far beyond what would be normal for a girl her age, (and Brother, that saying something!).

We can't hold every weak minded teenager's hand or make the World into a remake of the 'Care Bears' for them.

In order to become an adult one needs to toughen up and grow, no excuses, e.g. bullies, accepted.

If she'd survived her own self destructive tendencies long enough to become an adult would the World have gotten any better for her?

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Posted in: Police search for more remains under house in Hyogo See in context

Female serial killers are rare but when they do appear they are the most cold blooded of all, usually killing for either financial gain or Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Sorry Japan, I hate to see it happen to you.

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Posted in: Mexico pizza delivery man killed for being late See in context

I'm currently living in San Diego on the Mexican border and get to see the dehumanizing effect that the ongoing violence is having on the people there is as sad is it is frightening.

Just as in many parts of the Middle and East Asia today, when life becomes cheap, a 1,000 yen pizza becomes more than enough of a reason for murder.

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Posted in: Declining kanji-writing skill of Japanese blamed on cell phones, computers See in context

Kanji and the other artifiacts of the Chinese writings system NEED to die out.

While Japanese is a logically structured and impressive language the writing style STINKS!

The Japanese could make the switch to a simpler writing style with but a fraction of the effort they put into learning the serveral character sets that make up the current Japanese language's attempt to deal wit the modern world.

Pictograms are soooo first Millenium.

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Posted in: 3 die after car goes into sea after drift racing at Kobe harbor See in context

Drift velocity changes with the weight distribution of the vehicle. A small car is actually harder to drift and thus easier to control when just the driver is present.

Difficulty increases almost exponentially with the load on the tires.

Moral of the story, don't drift with a fully loaded vehicle, (unless you can either swim of fly).

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Posted in: Women show their enthusiasm for tattoos See in context

Tattoos are an ugly and barbaric form of "art" best left to primitive cultures who think a bone through the nose is "beautiful".

Even in America a visible tattoo is often called a "Career Killer" because a lot a people really HATE them.

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Posted in: World’s first snaggletooth girl group formed See in context

Less than perfectly aligned teeth can be very cute.

They can add 'character' to a face.

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