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Come on, it is pathetic. I cannot recall any case, when drifters made any serious accident, or other ways cause problem. High-school kids riding bicycle at night without light, writing email on their keitais and riding in the opposite to the traffic or kei-river mamas slaloming on the highways to get faster and faster.. imho, these ones are more serious problem.

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Posted in: Jewish human rights group protests 'anti-Semitic' ad in Nihon Keizai Shimbun See in context

any remains been found that could possibly be traced back to the ancient tribe?

Well, do you means skeletons with the IBM-tattoos from Auschwitz? You know, it is irrelevant, as factual evidences generally don't play important role in any nations "ancient history" concept. It is also irrelevant, as for many Japanese their relation with Jews are determined by two points: Jews already got the "best banker and masterminds" and the "poorest victims of the WWII" medals, and this seriously heart some Japanese egos, who wants these medals in their pocket.

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Posted in: High school student drowns during diving practice in Chiba See in context

While I am not an experienced PADI instructor, my opinion is that an instructor is responsible for the life of the students. If there is a danger, he/she must recognize it, he/she should be aware of it and procede according to. Because it is his/her job.

If a student makes a fatal accident at a drivers test, no one says the "oh, driving a car is dangerous if you don't know how to do. poor kid, but it was an accident"

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Posted in: Sayonara, mobsters; neighbors oust Japanese gangs See in context

Japanese cities and districts where owners banned foreigners to rent housing, because foreigners commit crime: all. Japanese cities and districts where owners banned Yak to rent housing, because Yaks commit crime: Akasaka district.


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Posted in: Pushy French are world's worst tourists; Japanese are top: study See in context

To rank tourist to be good or bad from the practical point of view of some major hotel chain, is pretty limited and ignorant. Come on: how much they tip (yeah, we love money), how clean they are (yeah, we dont like to clean the room)? Even if they are valid criteria, it tests a certain category of tourist, during a certain activity. I cannot see how would it be representative to the Britons in Mallorca fornicating with drunk wales.

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Posted in: Older men up in arms over slovenly female behavior See in context

I completely agree with these old Japanese.

The old way it is much more fun: how can one sexually harass a girl, if the girl is wearing skirt, talk laud and maybe not even a virgin blushing with the excitement that I am groping her on a crowded train. Oh tempura, oh mores!

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies in hit-and-run while crossing street in Yokohama See in context

How tall is a 2 years old child? 80 cm? J drivers cannot spot anything smaller then an elephant, so I don't think she had any chance on the crossing to be recognized.

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Posted in: Unauthorized Komukai striptease photos highlight copyright dilemma in Japan See in context

So will we see Minny Mouse nude, too, in Rock-za?

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Posted in: Nowadays, almost every family has a car. In the near future, every family would be having a humanoid robot that can help out various things at home. See in context

Robot cooking shows on TV, what else?! That was a good one. I would really love to see some young talentos tasting the newest robot made food, and telling how better it is than to eat in McDonalds.

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Posted in: Pointing the finger at a generation of postwar Germans See in context

I’ve lived in Germany and what is astonishing for me is the lack of mea culpa.

He is right, Germany should take examples how Japan or ex-colonist countries like the UK showed mea culpa about their wrongdoing in past history.

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Posted in: WHO raises new-flu alert to highest level, declares global pandemic See in context

I am just curious why cannot see the Japanese numbers.. After the outbreak, the last number I saw in media was about 150-200 cases. Then somehow so many other important news came up that the is no place for flu.

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Posted in: Kaio says harsh treatment a part of sumo See in context

Kaio said Mongolians are hungrier and train harder and that’s why they are dominating sumo.

There is always an excuse why a Japanese is lazy, and why Bulgarians, Mongols, Americans etc. are working harder. Who are the next yokozunas? Pygmies? They are hungry for sure.

Why must they preface the word sumo with "japan's ancient sport". its certainly no older than other forms of wrestling around the world.

To be exact, as a sport, it is much younger...

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Posted in: Fall-out rumored between Yokozuna Asashoryu and wife See in context

Finally, a yokozuna with a full-on life. He's become a J-celeb.

So will he sing naked and drunk in Roppongi, too?

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Posted in: Nanking Massacre movie has strong opening in China See in context

i guess it would but made by the goverment smells like propaganda to me. And how about what Mao has done to his own people? no film about that?

Since the film industry as whole in mainland China own by the government, whatever Chinese movies qualifies as propaganda. By the way: do you cry so hard, if the Japanese make a movie about Hiroshima? Do you protest every August when Hotaru no Haka aired on NHK? Oh, no? "We were aggressors, therefore we suffered more?"

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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? See in context

In the Japanese market, the producers decide who is the hot star. In the US, they just don't have enough influence to hype bands like SMAP or morning musume.

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Posted in: The United States had been a failure on the immigration front. See in context

Well, my parents always asked what I would like to be when i grow up. Now I know: I will be a condor or something like that. I will fly high and wait till this dinosaur country will die, with no professional labor force, no cheap, manual labor force, only a bunch of old people without kids or social system. And then I will feed well on the carcass..

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Posted in: Aso addresses IOC evaluation team as Tokyo inspection begins See in context

the world’s best transportation networks and accommodation

Transportation may be good for commuting workers, but last time I was in Tokyo, it was still crowded. I have visualized an extra X thousand tourists during the rush hours.. Also, telling that Tokyo is excellent in terms of accommodation is a joke. Cheap hotels with good access for transportation is rare.

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Posted in: Aso See in context

Aso, be proud! Japan is already a world leader in producing pedo-porn (UN source) and bestiality movies. Hail to the Japanese culture.

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Posted in: Saga woman arrested for forcing daughters into prostitution See in context

For a while I though that the 10something thousand yen per capita for vitalizing economy is just pocket money. But now I realized how much fun i can get for this money!

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Posted in: Pregnant junior high school teacher harassed by students’ 'Miscarriage Club' See in context

So do I understand right that everyone is happy and everyone is safe, because these kids are too stupid to find a good chemical to poison her?

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Posted in: Hatoyama claims donated money shows 'mother's love' for him See in context

Should ministers also give fingerprints when they go out or return to Japan?

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Posted in: Horie says legal system unfairly crucifies rich and famous See in context

Well, at least he has a lot of time to write books, go the press conferences, and work on his image. It also seems, diet is not that bad in the jail: at least no problem with calories. I wish i was a prisoner in Japan, witting books, getting rich and famous...

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Posted in: Man arrested after taking taxi from Tokyo to Fukuoka and refusing to pay Y359,230 fare See in context

Someone was right: we maybe fooled by numbers. It maybe not that uncommon at all. People who wants to disappear really fast, they use taxi to go far away. It also make sense that he may not have money with him but supposedly can got at the destination. And the taxi driver makes a try: high risk, but probably high profit. I guess we just don't read in the news the successful escape stories, so all we see that failed ones.

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Posted in: Four injured after 10 men brawl in Saitama family restaurant See in context

I think they were fighting to decide if they want ice cream or cake as a desert. Unlawful things cannot happen in Japan, I am sure.

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Posted in: Yakuza eligible for gov't Y12,000 handout See in context

So what about hookers? Do they get extra to relieve the financial difficulties of their pimps, too?

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Posted in: Strong yen drawing Japanese women to S Korea for plastic surgery See in context

It's supposed to be a warning to Japanese women about the problems which can arise

Having a Korean face in Japan? :) Not a good idea.

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Posted in: Blackmail on an institutional scale See in context

Can someone summarize for me what this independent investor wants to say about capitalism?

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Posted in: Asashoryu in trouble again for pumping his fist after victory See in context

Fixing fights - OK. Killing a young wrestler, hammering his head with baseball bats - OK. Actually showing human emotion and enjoying victory - that is soooo ugly!

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Posted in: Physics requires the ability to think creatively using mathematical formulas, so English isn't essential to pursue theoretical physics in Japan. See in context

Why ridiculous? Reading literature is important part of his job. Write papers is important part of his job. Train students to be able scientists is important part of this job. And he cannot even read a written speech in English, it seriously question how he was able to do his job so far.

Not speaking about the fact that if you are a foreigner researcher here, people many times pick you if you are not able to fully communicate, make speeches, do the administration etc yourself all in Japanese.

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