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BigMike Surf comments

Posted in: Nix the tiki bar: Hawaii tourism gets authentic See in context

Aloha from Waikiki!  I live and work in Waikiki. It has changed a lot. Waikiki will never be Hawaiian again.  It's all about the Money!!!! Yes fake beaches and beach boys more worried about making money then teaching the gift of surfing.  Just come down too the beach some time and listen to these growing men fight about Money. It's very sad if you think about it. Everyone is making Money from the beach to the mountains. And it's only going to get worse. Look at the Moana hotel they are get ready to build another tower 27stores high to replace a 6floor one they have now. Oh but wait there trying to say that we need more Hawaiian culture so they have this moon event. Give me a break. It's owned by Kyo hotels of Japan. It's ok were in the USA money in everything. Aloha was sold a long time ago. As for Disney they are putting there money were there mouth is. Hiring local people teaching the Hawaiian culture giving  back to it's people. Great Job. 

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors healing but still scarred See in context

in some city's like ogatsu watanoha and ogawa. When I was there a lot of people called us volunteers heros . I think the real heros are the victims the one that are still livening there. Like the this young lady and her family. Most important are the kids. I have thought a lot of Japanese kids how to surf here in Waikiki. That's why I went to give back to them. The kids are the future!. It's been almost one year. I don't have much in Life but what I do have I am greatful. I pray everyday for the people there. God bless them. Just remember KOKOROZASHI Tohoku !

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors healing but still scarred See in context

Yes it was very sad. I read her story back in April. I am from Hawaii and work as a surfing instructer in Waikiki. No one should be scared of the ocean, But I went to Ishinomaki in April-July too volunteer and mylife has changed also. I could not believe what I saw I'm so<>

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Posted in: Man who posed as doctor in tsunami-hit area accused of fraud See in context

I am from Hawaii and was in Ishinomaki From April 26-July. I was not feeling well towards the end and went too this doctor at the volunteer center. He give me some pills to take. I WOULD LIKE TOO KNOW WHAT HE GAVE ME. ITS A SHAME THAT HE WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR MONEY. THERE ARE A LOT OF VICTIMS AND VOLUNTEERS THAT WERE COUNTING ON THIS JACK ASS.

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Posted in: Last evacuee shelter closes in Ishinomaki See in context

I am from Hawaii and was volunteering in Ishonamaki for 11 weeks. I have been to shelters there it was very sad and depressing. It's good to hear its getting better for them. The people of TOHOKU have been through so much. Much Aloha from Hawaii. Bigmike Surf face book.

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Posted in: Bakery stands out in tsunami wasteland See in context

Aloha all. I was in Ishinomaki volunteering from April to July. It was very sad to see complete towns destroyed. Its nice too hear that some shops are rebuilding. I pray every day for the people of Tohoku. May you be blessed with much ALOHA. FROM HAWAII BIGMIKE.

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Posted in: Tsunami wreckage becomes tourist draw See in context

What is this world comIng too! I was there for 11weeks helping in Ishinomaki City. I paid for everything. I am from Hawaii.I went there to help out in any way I could it's very sad there. People if you want to go there please go to help the people there it's a very good feeling to bring with me my ALOHA from Hawaii....the kids needs socks and under wear!!!

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