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I suspect the 1000 tested were people who experienced some symptoms, in other words the Japanese government decided not to test anyone other than those who show some signs. There is no mass testing policy in Japan, deliberately to keep the numbers down and stand a better chance to get the go ahead for the games. The actual numbers of infections must be in the hundreds of thousands so far, if we compare Tokyo to other metropolis. I feel sorry for the Japanese people who believe the virus didn't make it here, it's obvious there isn't policy in place for testing, actually there is one: let's not test anyone.

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Quote: 'made by Japanese for Japanese'. How true that is and an insight of this people's psyche

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Before prioritizing business travellers, Suga and its fellow nationalist party members in government eg: Motegi, no longer Abe, Aso, etc. should immediately remove the 72h pre-flight test requirement for PRs only, or apply the measure to 'first class citizens' too !!! Suga san, are you reading this? I'm sure if not you, you have spies peeing of expats posts here. You have zero credibility on this subject, and zero respect from most if not all PRs. Western powers do not openly condemn your racist measures, only because of the Yen they expect you to fork out when doing business with them. A very high price to keep behaving like a small eighteen century dictator fearful of the foreign element. Why on earth trying to attract foreign companies to invest here, if then you discriminate against its employees? My advice to the above mentioned gentlemen: buy yourself a ticket and go on a round the world trip! See other cultures, learn other languages, meet other peoples (the s not a mistake) ! It will widen your too narrow small mind. When you come back you will surely feel the shame you ought to feel for requiring PRs only to take the 72h test. Shame on you all !!!

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I am shocked to hear something like that happened here, in Japan, at 8pm in Ueno park ! Very low level of crime is the main reason for me to raise my kids here. We need more CCTV cameras, at least in the cities. You can see how in the past children have disappeared and it's near impossible to trace the perpetrators. Cameras would discourage all sorts of criminal activity, they are an extremely good deterrent.

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my advice to you is to seek employment with an international firm here in Japan, there are lots of jobs available for native Japanese speakers. If your level is high enough, you should be able to land one of those jobs. At the end of the day what they need is someone who can read and write kanji, not necessarily a Japanese national. Good luck with that!

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recently someone I met, an IT guy from India married to a Japanese lady, told me that knowing kanji is a curse for anyone who wants to find a job in Japan. Do you know what? I believe that now! You are too 'kuwashii' and a clear threat to their machinations and plots. I mean, are you being serious? Getting a job in a Japanese corporation for an expat is like trying to infiltrate the Mossad, try that :) They will never give away a precious permanent position to a non Japanese, until 2035 that is, when apparently there won't be too many available individuals of pure enough race to fill all the jobs openings. At that time Suga, still the PM, will most likely come out with another brilliant idea, a speech made in English, but translated for the press using Katakana characters.

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Talking about Suga: apparently is not very keen on answering questions, see Reportes sans frontiers website for more on him and his friend Abe. Japan ranks 66 on the world press freedom index. Suga should answer those journalists question instead of talking about making Japan a financial hub... oh sorry and scrap the 72h pre flight test for non Japanese only !!! It is blatant discrimination !!! Still waiting for your CEOS to come, are you?

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Are they for real? After the Ghosn 'incident', where Nissan executives were treated, let's say differently, I mean kindly, I'm sure in New York,Hong Kong,London and Singapore, all those CEOs are queueing up to come to Tokyo and work with their Japanese policemen, I mean colleagues, sorry. And Suga knows how attractive the 50% inheritance tax on foreign assets really is. Sure, Tokyo is going to be the next big Asian financial centre, just because of the nice view from your office window. Why don't they start from the basic: teach kids English and scrap katakana, maybe they will all stop saying hotto, itsu, etc. What do you need Katakana for in 2020? Imagine how long would it take to come to a decision on a matter like that? I would say about 200 years and they would most likely replace with something suspiciously similar.

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