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Posted in: London wonders what happened to all the tourists See in context

Tourists came to support their national teams at first, and enjoy holidays at second. But their earnings are depended on their national economies. That is a budget of air ticket, hotels and minimum expenditure

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Posted in: Amazon spreads its digital content on multiple gadgets See in context

Amazon has turned itself into a trader and maker to explore both earning incomes to grown and expand in the fast-changing world

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Posted in: Pocari Sweat to go on sale in Vietnam See in context

Soon Vietnamese consumers will purchase more Japanese brands because quality, packaging, heath standards and other lvalues

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Posted in: Nuclear energy will be the wild card in next election See in context

Next Prime Minister is a candidate who can offer solutions to energy crisis and economic growth.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga perfume goes on sale in Japan See in context

popularity goes with commercials and Name brand

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Posted in: Twitter clocks half-billion users; Japan 3rd after U.S., Brazil See in context

each user may brings in $1 to $10 to make a sum of $500 million or $5 billion

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Posted in: Stocks close 0.69% higher See in context

investors and banks can keep stock market ups, but some buy foreign stocks for high return and other reasons.

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Posted in: Jackson says 'Hobbit' to be split into three movies See in context

theatrical movies are not too long when moviegoers can stay until a movie ends. Ideally it is 1.40 hour or 2 hour.

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Posted in: Olympic fish See in context

coloring fishes into three colors - gold, silver and bronze

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