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Posted in: Man in his 30s being questioned over murder of 7-year-old girl in 2005 See in context

I hate this. Look at her picture! She's so cute... I'm sure she was a very sweet girl. I just can't imagine what kind of person would do a thing like this. Sad world...

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Posted in: Major quake alert mistakenly issued for minor shake See in context

Got quite the scare this afternoon. Very LOUD alarm, hard to miss it! I saw the alert, shut everything down and had one foot out the door. I waited, and waited...

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Posted in: Places in Japan that made an impact on foreign visitors See in context

Wow, I read the title of the article before I read the article itself, and the first place that came to my mind was Hiroshima. The museum is a must-see for anyone, but other places in Hiroshima are also really lovely. Especially Itsukushima-jinja (Miyajima).

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Posted in: Police ignore complaint from man who stabs neighbor See in context

"...a police spokesman as saying that the officer on duty could not understand the nature of Sato's complaint."

"...victim had been harassing him using electromagnetic waves."

Yeah, I don't understand that complaint either!

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Posted in: Tokyo to try 24-hour bus service, but no 24-hour subway service yet See in context

That doesn't sound useful at all really. I would love 24 hour train service, however! Heck, even if the trains ran at least once or twice between last train and first train would be a huge difference. I've always hated how parties have to end at 12:30 because someone's gonna miss their train.

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Posted in: Man grabs woman from behind, cuts her hair See in context

That would be a hostess snack club.

I know what you're saying, but when you put it like that, it sounds like a place where they serve Twinkies.

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Posted in: Wendy's to open 2nd Japan restaurant in Roppongi on Aug 17 See in context

This is the first overseas joint venture for Wendy’s/Arby’s International.

When will we get an Arby's?!

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Posted in: Mother suspected in murder of 1-month-old baby boy See in context

RIP small baby. :(

Are Japanese mothers educated about postpartum depression??

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Posted in: Bus nap See in context

Great picture! Probably breezier in there than in the bus cabin.

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Posted in: Temperatures soar across Japan See in context

Couldn't stand it any longer! Yesterday and today were the first days of this year I turned the air-con on. Stay cool!

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Posted in: Getting hitched See in context


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