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bigsurchiba comments

Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies in Kawasaki apartment fire See in context

blackpassenger. can you elaborate on your observation.

how does having a child die in an accident equate with stupid parenting? whenever a kid dies in an accident, is it because of stupid parents?

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

The Japanese Imperialists did horrible stuff back in the day. Everyone knows about it, the emperor and PM's have apologized. When will it be "enough"?

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Posted in: Toyota hit with $16 mil fine over recalls in U.S. See in context

Toyota is suitably punished. Drives up the price of the millions of cars they sell by a few bucks. End of story, they'll get caught again, but in the end, they make good cars, people buy them.

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Posted in: Ritz-Carlton Tokyo celebrates 3rd anniversary with special room package See in context

Who in their right mind would spend money like this for a night in the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton?

someone with enough money to.

Thailand is cool also. Why not do both?

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Posted in: Sleazy English sensei avoided suspicion for years See in context

its funny. if its a J-person, people are quick to condemn the "Japanese". since this guy is an American, suddenly you see people start worrying about whether he is being treated fairly.

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

CreekDeTorrens... excellent post. Its all about revenge and reparation. The Japanese committed horrible atrocities throughout China and Asia. And it seems many people are under the misguided notion that this is not taught in school, it is. The Japanese citizens paid a horrible price for these atrocities, but for a Japanese to say this brings up the "Japan as victim" cliche that people claim all Japanese use. They do, because the citizens of Japan were victims. But they blame the Imperial Army for what happened as much as they blame the US military for opting to use nukes. However you don't see many calling the US evil for what happened, unless it has to do with the use of nukes. One of the reasons this will never be forgotten by the Chinese is that it was not they that exacted retribution on the Japanese but the US and Russians. Also their leaders after the war were so focused on various other agenda they basically signed away any hope of getting future reparations. But sure, any type of propaganda that rehashes the old wounds does serve a purpose of sorts because it sparks debate and gets people thinking about it.

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Posted in: Bare statistics mask human cost of Japan’s high suicide rate See in context

its horrible yeah.

but I would rather live in a dysfunctional society where people kept their problems to themselves and internalized their angst by offing themselves, than live in one where people are extroverted and externalize their angst by offing the people around them.

something to ponder before getting on the ain't Japan horrible bandwagon.

sure, its sad, and there are a myriad of reasons why Japan has a higher suicide rate. on the other hand, I have no worries of a random gunman taking out his angst on me. sure there have been more of the random lashings out of late, but still.

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