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This article "crax me up!" The defenders of the JP are grabbing at straws.

The women are so desperate to marry that they subscribe to the "OMIAI" directory in search of a husband. The men are also looking for a wife. Things like these are destined for doom. I personally know of a wench that confessed to me about finding her husband "Koji," through this service. Both she and her mother laughed so hard about it - as they told me the story.

He had to be a successful salary man with a substantial income, and a savings of XXXXXX amount of yen saved up. Then they proposed that he have a house, or plan to have a house built. Another catch was that her mother would be able to live with them.

One afternoon, the mother and her daughter the wench has us over for dinner. Koji came home and we were introduced to him. I can certainly see how they targeted him. His appearance was of an extremely shy (dorky) man. We sat at the dinner table, and they gave him his plate and sent him upstairs to his room - while we chatted. After he went up the stairs, they laughed about how much control they have.

Needless to say, I was completely disgusted!

From my own personal experience, I was married to a JP leech myself. She would literally "scream and bitch," and demanded to have 200,000 YEN minimum - for spending money, per month. And cried out loud saying, "I want diamonds and bangles!" Luckily the psycho and I are no longer together.

So, my heart goes out to the men who are overworked, and come home to some "fake-faced thang" that's squeezing him for everything that he's got.

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Posted in: Scornful Syria hails 'historic American retreat' as Obama hesitates See in context

Given past situations that we are faced with such as the wars of Iraq, Afganistan, and Somalia. I think President Obama did the right thing. He's faced with a lot of criticism for consulting or getting the final "go ahead" by the US Congress. GOD forbid another war, but whatever the case maybe, the President is a smart man for doing so. There's no weakness on his part. Trigger happy people are quick to point that he's weak. Not at all. The consequences are too much if he acts on this alone. He needs the support from his own people.

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