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Posted in: Quentin Tarantino marries singer and model Daniella Pick See in context

Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to marry into the Hollywood “family”

Well, there's family, and there's Manson's "Family". Unfortunately that "Family" did hurt poor Sharon Tate and others.

If the new movie is as good as Inglourious Basterds or Django I'd be happy with it. Plus it's got Bruce Dern... always a good sign. Let's hope marriage and (presumably) contentment doesn't dull QT's edge.

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Posted in: Trump urges Abe to balance U.S. deficit with Japan 'very quickly' See in context

Really, all Abe has to do is nod his head, promise a few things, sign some meaningless memorandum of understanding and then stall for time until Trump exits the political scene, which won't be any longer than two years away. Trump will go home happy, brag to his constituents about how successful he's been and that will be that.

Problem is, America, if you don't have stuff people want to buy, then you're not going to be able to force them into buying it.

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Posted in: UNESCO adds reggae music to global cultural heritage list See in context

Reggae was influenced by ska.

And both were influenced by Calypso and Mento (check out the Jolly Boys below). The good thing about all of this is it doesn't need to be kept alive by UNESCO global cultural listings. It's perfectly capable of looking after itself, and of inspiring seriously influential bands like the Clash.

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Posted in: A dozen things to do deep in the mountains of Shikoku See in context

I've gone rafting down that river and crossed the vine bridge a few times,

Well, that makes me envious. Only seen the north-western corner of Shikoku, plus a train trip across the north of it, but it left me wanting to see more. Plus reading books and articles about the 88-temple pilgrimage - I'd do that, if I ever get fit enough. But surely I'm not the only one who sees the Mannekin Pis up there as a pretty serious piece of environmental vandalism?

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Posted in: European soccer weekend: 3 derbies in England on Sunday See in context

What's the fuss? In Derby, every day is Derby day.

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Posted in: Burger King celebrates 'Good Meat Day' See in context

I don't mind Burger King either but five meat patties for one person is just grotesque. Happy Heart Attack.

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Posted in: UNESCO adds reggae music to global cultural heritage list See in context

What's the point of putting reggae on this list? Reggae doesn't need it. It's proved its worth over decades now and is an integral part of modern music. Maybe the list needs reggae more than reggae needs the list.

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Posted in: Olympic meeting in Tokyo gets off to chaotic start due to corruption case See in context

De Silva told fellow delegates. "He has done a tremendous job in raising the profile of ANOC in the world."

Who gives a damn about the profile of some organisation called ANOC? These guys are just there to organise the Games and their own country's participation in it, not to raise their own profiles. It's amazing how everyone worldwide, and certainly everyone commenting on this article, knows just how corrupt these people are and how votes are bought and sold and yet nothing, nothing, gets done about it.

What do we have to do to clean things up, a dawn raid on IOC headquarters?

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Posted in: Storm dumps month of rain on Sydney in one morning; gale-force winds fan fires in north See in context

Some were hurt, but was anyone killed, Do the hustle?

Two people dead, unfortunately. One SES volunteer, and another person in a car crash.

Violent spring weather isn't unusual, but this storm was something else. On the radar, it looked like it covered half the State. It didn't compare to some of the extreme weather events in Japan this summer, though.

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Posted in: Imperial couple visit support center for foreigners in Shizuoka See in context

The Emperor never came to see me when I was in japanese language school ! J'accuse !

You've done your money, Bintaro. That wasn't Japanese they were teaching you, it was French.

That's why the Emperor never visited.

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Posted in: Trump tests presidential limits with threat to General Motors See in context

Businesses don't run on patriotism. They don't run on helping out the worker, and they certainly aren't run to help out the President. They're run for profit, and to maximise the return to their shareholders. Expecting businesses to run any other way is like expecting a crocodile to spare your life out of the goodness of its heart.

Only way this wouldn't be happening is if workers in the US were happy to accept Mexican or Chinese wages.

Even I know that, and I'm not a successful businessman like Trump allegedly is.

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Posted in: Filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci dead at 77 See in context

The Conformist is a masterpiece

Agree absolutely, The Conformist would always be in my Top Movies of all time. To add to the other films mentioned, Spider's Stratagem, Stealing Beauty, The Sheltering Sky are also brilliant and justify his reputation. On the other hand, I thought 1900 was overrated and if you've ever seen La Luna, you know what a dog looks like.

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Posted in: 5 misconceptions about trains in Japan See in context

As a tourist, I've ridden on trains from Tokyo and points north down to Kyushu and Shikoku, and a great many JT readers would have used them far more often than I have. Shinkansen, express, locals. Suburban trains in Tokyo and Osaka. I've never been let down by a cancellation or any significant delay. I'm sure these things happen, but they've never happened to me.

It's quite funny to read that some people think you can't eat on trains. Every medium or long-distance journey, as soon as they sit down, the locals break out their ekiben or whatever they've brought to eat and get stuck in. We do too, and feel like we're more a part of the way things are done. As far as crowding is concerned, I've seen far more crowded suburban trains in Melbourne than I ever have in Tokyo or Osaka.

I think the rail system in Japan is one of the country's real achievements, and it's a pleasure to ride the rails with it.

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Posted in: Osaka to host 2025 World Expo See in context

personally best parts fo Japan are rural , moved there two years ago and its the best life choice ive made,

Sounds like you're living a good life, buddy, and I congratulate you for it, but when it comes to holding a major world exhibition that masses of people are going to attend the inaka isn't going to cut it, and it sure isn't going to want it. There's room to appreciate the good (and bad) points of both city and country, I reckon.

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Posted in: Wheelchair user sues over being told to leave wine tasting event See in context

Next will be old people with walking sticks

Don't give them ideas...

You couldn't have a clearer example of discrimination than this. Unless they just straight-out banned wheelchair users from drinking at their tastings altogether. And walking stick users.

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Posted in: Australian judge sentences IS supporter to 38 years in jail See in context

Realistic sentences which hopefully demonstrate to any morons hoping to follow the example of these criminals that the legal system in Oz will come down on them hard if they do.

So far these terror plots have mostly failed because the extremists planning them have been too stupid, arrogant or disorganised to execute them properly. One day, though, there'll be some Bin Laden type figure who knows what he's doing, and we've just got to hope that the cops and the anti-terrorism units will be able to stop him in time.

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Posted in: Osaka to host 2025 World Expo See in context

Osaka_Doug, I'm not a resident of Japan but I have visited Osaka, as well many other places in Japan, and as a tourist enjoyed it enormously. I've also known quite a few people here in Melbourne who've worked in the city or have relatives there and have fallen in love with it. It's just suffering from the perennial Second City syndrome, is all. Good to read a realistic but positive insider comment like yours (and a couple of others) among so many other unneecessarily negative comments elsewhere on this page.

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Posted in: Hundreds of migrants push on to U.S.-Mexico border bridge See in context

A question to the pro-invasion crowd: Imagine, say, 50-100 strangers climbed over your fence and are pounding on your back door with their fists demanding that you let them in

I don't know about your house, but my house doesn't have my own private police force backed up by an army contingent numbering in the thousands to protect it.

Since you've got all that, and only a few hundred rock-throwing unarmed civilians to deal with, why are you all running so scared?

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Posted in: Hundreds of migrants push on to U.S.-Mexico border bridge See in context


It's often the case, even with legal migration, that it's the men who make the move and go elsewhere, leaving their families behind. In the case of the route from central to North America, the route the men follow is a pretty dangerous one and maybe not one they want to subject the family to. The men find a job, send back money, and either the wife and kids either follow later in a safer way or use the money sent to them (remittances) to improve their lives back home. Whole communities can live that way.

Re doing things the legal way, the first sentence of my first post was:

Look, it's your country. If you don't want these people in there, that's up to you.

But neither you (I assume) nor I are living lives of dire poverty, surrounded by crime and hopelessness. If we did, we'd feel differently about everything.

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Posted in: Hundreds of migrants push on to U.S.-Mexico border bridge See in context

Why do they want to go to America?

The link below explains why. In Honduras and El Salvador, unimaginable levels of violence, a homicide rate dwarfing even that of the USA. Crime, extortion, the channelling of the illegal drugs trade through their countries (as you say, a trade to satisfy US citizens appetites for drugs) and entrenched corruption in every area of public administration and law. No hope for young people trying to make a meaningful life for themselves, unless of course they want to get involved in some of the above in which case life is probably going to be short.

Other posters have said that these are problems Hondurans have to sort out, and that's at least partly true. But that's going to take a very long time, and in the meantime, despite abject poverty, homelessness, racism, exploitation etc., life in the USA still looks better than it is at home.

That's why the demonization of these people should be repugnant to us all.

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Posted in: S Korea to dissolve Japan-funded 'comfort women' foundation See in context

Crucial S:

Excellent post, I've bookmarked the Wikipedia entry for future use. I note that the article also says:

There is an ongoing controversy regarding the way these statements are categorized, that being the question whether they are formal apologies or general statements of remorse, each of which carry a different level of responsibility and recognition.

Given the pretty heartfelt emotion in some of the language used by various representatives of Japan over the years, it seems to me that the question of whether the statements constitute an "apology" or "remorse" is a pretty semantic one.

Thanks again.

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Posted in: Hundreds of migrants push on to U.S.-Mexico border bridge See in context

Dom Palmer:

Do you have a source for your claim that he threatened to use lethal force?

Jeez, there are so many... just Google "Trump threatens to use lethal force" and see all the responses you get. I've included one that might have some credibility with you...

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Posted in: Hundreds of migrants push on to U.S.-Mexico border bridge See in context

I'm sure there are some left wing groups at the bottom of this, doing their best to discredit the US government.

Look, it's your country. If you don't want these people in there, that's up to you.

What you don't have to do is demonise them, call them an invasion force armed with rocks, say they're in the pay of sinister left wing groups aligned with Democrats, imply they're criminals, claim that they're being paid to do this, threaten to shoot them, and all the rest of the alarmist stuff intended to make these people look like something worse than what they are.

Single men or families, they're just poor people born into dysfunctional societies, trying to find a better life for themselves. That's it.

You might not like what they're trying to do, but if you were in their shoes chances are you'd be willing to do something pretty similar - even if did it involve breaking someone else's laws to do it.

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Posted in: Hundreds of migrants push on to U.S.-Mexico border bridge See in context

I guess we're going to find out pretty soon whether all those threats from Trump about using lethal force are really going to happen.

We can only hope that wiser heads than his prevail.

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Posted in: Q&A: Steve Martin, Martin Short on friendship and a new tour See in context

He was hillarious in 2 or 3 movies hen somebody put a leash on him and it’s almost like he wasn’t allowed to be funny any more.

Re Steve Martin, I'd add The Jerk. Agree with you on the other two, and on the observation about the leash. I think it's something to do with how much money there is in the American entertainment industry - the money men get frightened they're going to lose a bundle if the comics get too out there.

Maybe the leash is off when it comes to these guys and their live show. The interview's pretty funny.

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Posted in: JAL apologizes for canceling overbooked Tokyo-Fukuoka flight See in context

Tokyo is great, Osaka is great, Fukuoka is great. Lots of places in Japan are great.

But what does it matter how great these places are, if you can't get there when you want to?

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Posted in: Doctors clash with NRA over gun deaths See in context

"These virtue-signaling physicians would be in their lane if they pursued better surgical techniques, better postoperative treatments. They are in the wrong profession if they want to cure society's ills"

We see the term "virtue-signalling" used a lot by right-wingers to try and discredit opinions they don't like to hear. I don't think I've ever seen it used as stupidly and offensively as it is here by a doctor who seems to have forgotten that the practice of medicine is supposed to be about preserving human life, not making excuses for those who violently take it.

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Posted in: Sexual harassment poster from Japanese government draws criticism for seemingly taking men’s side See in context

If it's a woman I know, if we're work pals, if we have a relationship that's easy and comfortable, then it's OK - maybe even expected and polite - to comment favourably about her new hairstyle, new dress, etcetera.

Otherwise, there's no reason for me to say anything. I do think the ad errs on the side of caution, though. It would have been better to have shown more clear-cut examples of inappropriate comment.

I've been complimented by women I work with about a new suit or haircut. I like it.

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Posted in: U.S. troops limited to using only batons on Mexico border See in context

I'm a bit confused. How does the article above, reporting that US troops will be limited to using batons, square with this report -

which says that Trump himself has authorised troops to use 'deadly force' if necessary?

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Posted in: For people new to anime, here are six essential Japanese animated films See in context

Totoro, Spirited Away, great movies. Everyone's going to have their own opinion about what should be on there but isn't - Ghost In The Shell, for instance?

Agree with William Bjornson about Grave of the Fireflies. It should have a warning on it of some kind. An unremittingly miserable, profoundly depressing movie without one ray of light to darken the whole running length of it. Yeah, I know it's hard to get any lightness into a movie which is essentially about two kids dying. Slowly. Very slowly. The only positive thing I have to say about it is that I'm glad I've seen it, because now I don't have to watch it again.

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