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Posted in: 2016 presidential race off to an early start See in context

The US presidential election is the best entertainment I have ever seen. Looking forward to it with my pop corn and vuvuzela. Just too sad that the result has an impact on every one in the world either directly or indirectly.

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Posted in: Newborn baby's body found in bag near pond See in context

When will we here good news about children in this country??? A nation with such a low birth rate and you still here such bad news about babies every now and then. Dame da na...

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Posted in: If you found a bag with a huge amount of cash, say 10 million yen, would you hand it in to the authorities or keep it? See in context

Let's stop pretending as perfect people here. It's going to be a different opinion once we find ourselves in this situation in reality. I will keep the money with me for one year and if unclaimed then I will use and avoid any unnecessary tax to uncle Sam. Reporting such a huge sum of money to the police will raise eyebrows and insiders might leak info and the money might end up in the wrong hands which will render your honesty futile.

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