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Bill Cameron comments

Posted in: Microsoft aims to reboot connections with Windows 10 See in context

I'll probably give it a whirl, but with reservations:

I thought XP was excellent and generally completely trouble-free;

some years back I got a new laptop with Vista - an absolutely grotesque and awful operating system; why this mess was ever launched escapes me!

as a result of my disgust with Vista, I decided not not buy a laptop equipped with 7 launched soon after, but various friends and my own experience with it on their machines seem to show it was a good and pretty reliable system;

at this stage XP was still available, but only on pretty limited new netbooks (great, but with small RAM) and this is basically what I have been relying on for donkey-work since, my Vista machine having been turfed into outer darkness!

largely as a result of my positive impressions of 7 (by then it was no longer available on new laptops) I got a new 8 machine a year or so ago, worked fine until I "upgraded" on-line to 8.1 - complete disaster, as I couldn't get online using my preferred browser Chrome (I have always loathed IE and the new 'apps' in 8 I find awful). Luckily a techie friend got it working again, but with added intrusive programmes so I have not switched this machine on for over 6 months.

I'll probably try to upgrade my current 6GB 1TB machine from 8.1 to 10 in the next few weeks (as its been lying used for over 6 months now I've got nothing to lose) and if that works reasonably well I'll be happy (and somewhat surprised, I must admit). If not I will make the reluctant decision to move to an alternative operating system completely, which really leaves a choice of Apple or perhaps a dedicated Chrome machine (I had Linux machines for a few years but their limitations in respect of available software don't really make it a very practical choice any more I think, except for specialised users.

Microsoft seem over the past 7 or so years to have lost the plot and lost sight of what their large base of users want; many of us have stuck with them through sheer inertia and misplaced loyalty (rather as many mainframe users stuck with IBM for far too long in earlier years).

For my smartphones (I have two, with SIMs for 2 different countries) I use android-based Samsung units, I also have an 8-inch iPad mini, all excellent in their way, but with limitations.

if this latest Windows 10 does marry different platforms seamlessly as they claim, maybe Microsoft is onto a winner, but my impression is they have alienated so many people (including me) over the past several years that they have probably missed the boat. Sad and harsh, but that's what the free market is all about. No-one uses a "Hoover" any more, we all use "Dyson" until the next real innovation comes along. Seems to me that Microsoft may be facing the same market reality.

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