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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers request Kishida address Congress during April visit See in context

The only address I want to hear from Kishida begins and ends with, "I hereby resign as Prime Minister and a member of the Diet."

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Posted in: COVID patients again rising in Japan; experts warn of 10th wave See in context

I expect it will grow even higher in April when they start charging for the boosters.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift could make it from Tokyo to Super Bowl. Parking her private jet could be tricky See in context

Oh, to be so filthy rich as to have to worry about where you can park your private jet.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit quake-affected areas to assess damage See in context

Too bad Ishikawa isn't a foreign country. He's much more into overseas junkets. He would have been on the first flight.

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Posted in: What is your biggest hope for 2024? See in context

My first grandchild's birth (due this month)!

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will play leading diplomatic role in 'tense' 2024 See in context

I would be laughing out loud at what this clown has to say if the situation weren't so serious.

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Posted in: Kishida considers forgoing Latin America trip due to fund scandal See in context

I think that would be the first overseas trip he passes on. He certainly loves going abroad more than staying at home to, well, you know, do his job.

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Posted in: We embrace Chigyu, the most controversial beef bowl in Japan See in context

Seiji-kun is way behind the times. I've been eating this for years and Tabasco has always been available.

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Posted in: Ohtani agrees to record $700 million 10-year contract with Dodgers See in context

Can't root for him as much as I want to. Too bad Atlanta didn't pick him up.

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

Doesn't look like a national costume to me. More like some foreign anime-inspired fiasco.

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Posted in: Talking Heads on the once-in-a-lifetime 'Stop Making Sense' See in context

Blast from the past. Thanks for the memories

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Posted in: Kishida plans Sept 13 cabinet reshuffle, coalition partner says See in context

Same people in different offices. Nothing will change.

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Posted in: Governors may make good presidents − unless they become 'imperial governors' like DeSantis See in context

It depends on the person. Reagan did a great job, while Clinton and Carter were disasters. I wonder if it's more about the party than the previous job.

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Posted in: Crazy about 'kakigori': Japan’s favorite summer treat See in context

Kakigori is an overpriced scam. No way I will pay 300 yen for 3 yen worth of ingredients.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Indonesia, India for ASEAN, G20 summits See in context

Has there been a month that Kishida hasn't made an overseas trip? The guy obviously hates staying in Japan.

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Posted in: Tohoku University first candidate for huge Japan gov't research grants See in context

What the government should be promoting is the International Linear Collider (ILC), which has been proposed to be constructed in Iwate, the prefecture just north of Miyagi. Tohoku University could have a major role in that. The ILC would bring much needed population and economic growth to this region, which was devastated by the 2011 earthquake. Scientists from around the world have been clamoring for approval by the Japanese government for this project, saying that Iwate is the best candidate site for the ILC. If approval doesn't come soon, they will start looking at other candidate sites, probably CERN.

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Posted in: Wall of phones See in context

Should have been recycled into something other than art.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving newborn son in toilet bowl where he drowned See in context

Being in an izakaya, I'm surprised she didn't give the age-old excuse, "I was drunk and don't remember."

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Posted in: Air travel is in a rut – is there any hope of recapturing the romance of flying? See in context

I won't be flying again until it becomes as easy as getting on the shinkansen. Walk up to the machine, buy your ticket, get on the train. Airlines and the TSA have made air travel so cumbersome that I won't have any more of it. I didn't leave anything in the US so important that I have to go back for it. I haven't been back to the US in well over 15 years, and I don't have any plans to go there for another 15 years or beyond. If the airlines want my business, do it the way of shinkansens. Otherwise, no thanks.

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Posted in: Victims of fatal 1985 JAL jet crash mourned on 38th anniversary See in context

Must be a slow news day for this to be the Top Story. An event almost 40 years ago.

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Posted in: U.S., China agree to double weekly flights between countries See in context

Anyone associated with the CCP, which is pretty much anyone within China that has the means to travel internationally, should be refused a visa and landing rights. The CCP is the most dangerous organization in the world today.

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Posted in: Japan coach tells team to 'be proud' after World Cup exit See in context

Nadeshiko-Japan. O-tsukaresama deshita. You'll get 'em next time.

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Posted in: One person in 100 suffers from hidden mental illness, says magazine See in context

JT is on a roll today with its deceptional and misleading headlines/articles. While schizophrenia in and of itself may account for 1 in 100 (I don't know, but I'll give JT a pass on that), mental illness as a general subject affects far more people. Depression can be devastating. I suffer from a slight form of depression, and it has taken me years of counseling and medication to a point where I don't wake up every morning wishing that I hadn't. And like I said, mine is only slight depression. Much more needs to be done for mental illness in Japan, and not just the extremes of schizophrenia.

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Posted in: One giant step: Moon race hots up See in context

Since when is "hot" a verb? Extremely poor wording for a headline.

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Posted in: China lifts bans on group tours to US, Japan and other key markets See in context

Keep anyone associated with the CCP out. Which is pretty much anyone in China that has the means to travel internationally.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks atomic bombing's 78th anniversary after hosting G7 summit See in context

Every world leader should visit and appreciate the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. It changed my life. Anyone not touched by it should be banned from public office.

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Posted in: Joe Biden, America's oldest sitting president, needs young voters to win again. Will his age matter? See in context

An exceedingly one-sided opinion piece that fails to look at the extremely low popularity ratings the dementia-riddled incumbent has.

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Posted in: South Korea presses on with World Scout Jamboree as heat forces thousands to leave early See in context

Continue the event through August 12? The heat is bad enough. They need to look at a weather forecast. There's a typhoon on the way.

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Posted in: Stars of Broadway's 'Back to the Future' musical happily speed into the past every night See in context

My cousin went to see it and said that it was awesome. I would love for it to make it's way here to Japan so I could see it.

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