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Bill Wright comments

Posted in: Meet Japan's female marines who are training for war See in context

Japan can take a lesson from Israel where all of legal age is a member of their active & reserve Self Defense Forces. JSDFs are among the best trained military.

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Posted in: 4 robbery suspects may be sent from Philippines to Japan next week See in context

Extradition treaties exist for this very reason & it’s nice to see that Japan & the Philippines have one and only right that the 4 Japanese citizens/criminals are returned to Japan for Punishment.

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Posted in: China launches high-tech aircraft carrier in naval milestone See in context

China’s military buildup shouldn’t be a surprise to world as many have commented here, the West by its own greed for cheap labor has provided much of the Technology to make it all possible & the rest has come in the form of International Espionage of various manufacturing facilities in these countries which we read about over the past 20yrs. China’s Final Goals are & have been transparent “Asian Domination”, Japan, N & S Korea, Vietnam, Thailand. The buildup of their Naval force’s , the small islands they’ve been grabbing up & Militarizing will give them the logistic lines necessary to accomplish their Final Goal. For China, the end goals justifies the means necessary to accomplish them !!!

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Posted in: Japan's top court rules gov't not liable for Fukushima disaster See in context

Given Japan’s history of Coastal damages caused by Earthquakes & Typhoons DOJ & TEPCO geological surveys should have identified the location for facility as extremely likely to become a National Disaster. Japan has one of the best earthquake monitoring systems in the world and over the years have surely developed a Seismograph overlay chart of potential “hotspots”. Nuclear power facilities properly monitored/managed have proven worldwide to be Safe & an excellent source of Energy distribution. I doubt seriously that TEPCO could have received permission to construct the facility without due diligence of all that oversight. That said I cannot see how the courts came to a “No Fault” Decision in favor of DOJ solely!!!

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Posted in: Opponents of SDF base on island worry as it puts down roots See in context

A smart move, GOJ read the tea leaves on China’s expansion attempts in the area & an ECM Station is a great first alert method!

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Posted in: Tokyo ward rejects couple's marriage registry under separate surnames See in context

A case of look B4 you leap. Traditions die hard no matter what country upholds them. These are Japanese Citizens married under American law requesting acceptance under Japanese Laws. The United Nations can request Japan or any other member of the UN to change the Traditions however their batting Averages on getting conformity with their requests todate have been petty Dismal. Worldwide marriages between a man & a woman have always been Traditionally viewed as the woman becoming a member of the spouse’s family nucleus. If it’s Absolutely Imperative that they keep their own surnames the option of filing a N-400 request for American Citizenship is always Open.

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Posted in: China vows it will fight to the end to stop Taiwan independence See in context

Prior to President Biden’s administration, China was hesitant to pose a challenge to the WH however the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the reopening of discussions with Iran, various Terrorist groups, lack of assistance to Ukraine & the Blind eye to our Illegal immigration problem on the Southern Border has demonstrated a weak response to standup to Abby altercations beyond Verbal !!!

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Posted in: U.S. naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash See in context

One of the first warning signs of altitude sickness is reduced energy. Individuals who are getting altitude sickness tend to become very fatigued, though they may also have a difficult time sleeping. The fatigue is due to a lack of oxygen circulating in the blood. Oxygen is required for muscle function, so without enough of it, individuals feel weak and tired. 

This symptom of altitude sickness may be easily ignored because patients may attribute the fatigue to other things. For example, a climber might think their fatigue is due to the exertion of climbing. This may be true in some cases. If someone who is traveling to high altitudes feels fatigued, they should pay close attention to how they feel. If any other symptoms of altitude sickness show up, it is important to get to a lower altitude immediately. The Proctor (Judge) has more Courtroom authority Than a U.S. Judge. Having spent 17yrs in Japan both as a military & civilian under SOFA, I’m amazed at the low (3yrs) Sentence for an accident that caused the death of a Japanese National. Accidental deaths of a Japanese citizens are a costly Incident because the Procurator takes in the age & earning potential if the injured/deceased individual (s) involved!!!

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Posted in: Tons of Japanese nuclear waste may be destined for overseas disposal See in context

Luge Solar Farms tied into Local power companies may be the answer, there finding there’s way into local power companies throughout the United States today. They’re a great way to subsidize existing non nuclear facilities. Japan gets lots of offshore Wind , another source of energy. California and the Eastern freeboard are also subsidized by them. Nuclear power plant are used worldwide & are great as long as proper procedures are adhered too, however to many employees become commonplace in the routines and it only takes one small error in Judgment to cause a major incident.

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Posted in: Japan's tuna market, the world's largest, hit hard by pandemic See in context

I Agree with many others, maybe this will allow the Tuna population worldwide to began recovery. Oceanographic scientific say the entire Tina population is on the verge of becoming an endangered species due to Commercial fishing & the high demands for them. A 400lb Tuna in the US brought to market in the U.S. can net the Commercial fisherman AS MUCH AS $5000.00 USD.

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Posted in: Osaka mayor under fire for saying women dawdle at shops See in context

Cont. Shoppers checking quality, prices & freshness of food purchases. Men or stop & go shoppers normally because their either single or picking up items requested by their spouse or a family member.

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Posted in: Osaka mayor under fire for saying women dawdle at shops See in context

I doubt seriously if either use their shopping time during the Coronavirus to socialize, women have always been Conscientious

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

Japan is to strategic to US Open Seas Policy ! We tried to shift our forces once B4, only to find out it’s not Viable The Longistic’s were more Complicated than anticipated. I think there’ll be a lot more negotiations between GOJ & the US B4 a final decision is reached !

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Posted in: Japan grapples with serving Fukushima food at 2020 Olympics See in context

Crazy Joe spelled it out correctly! The testing that went in by the UK & USA in the Christmas Island Chain during WWII using smaller dosages of radiation has left them uninhabitable for at least another 200yrs at last reporting. The environmental damages at this sight will take a long time recovering & the disposal of the reactor cools down water left standing poses an even greater hazard over time if the begain to deteriorate & rupture. Vital to come u with a disposal solution soon.

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Posted in: Emperor Naruhito proclaims ascendancy to throne; pledges to fulfill his duty as symbol of the state See in context

A new era begins once again in Japan, love may he reign. Our prayers and best wishes are with him and the Royal family.

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Posted in: Japan to set up police unit to help defend disputed islets: NHK See in context

Japan & the Philippines both need to join forces to confront China's attempt to expand it control over these small atolls via “squatting”. They can not rely upon the UN to step FWD !

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Posted in: Osaka rolls out red carpet, not red-light district for G20 See in context

So many comments about the Brothels. Osaka & it’s surrounding areas are lovely & rich in the history of Japan & only a 20min train ride from Kobe another city rich in Japanese history & both offer any tourist ample activities, entertainment & shopping.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

Proceed at your own risk! Non-U.S. Government or Military personnel/visitors are not covered under the Status-of-Forces Agreement and will do the full time for the cannabis usage if violators are caught & the Japanese court’s convict. Mellow out on a bottle of Nika or Suntory & enjoy the games!

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Posted in: Gov't council says pensions inadequate in aging society See in context

NONE of the Government Retirement subjugation funds where ever designed to be the end-all support for the retiree or seniors beyond their abilities to continue working. Individuals where always expected to save towards their planned retirement or in the event of an unforeseen life altering disability.

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Posted in: Automated train travels in wrong direction, injuring 20 in Yokohama See in context

Oops, still has “bugs” in the operating system, me thinks it’s back to the drawing board !

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Posted in: Trump's sumo attendance raising security issues for organizers See in context

President Trump is a fan of Sumo and considers it an honor the be allowed to displace the season owners front row seating position plus its an ideal position In which to present the trophy to the Winner.

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Posted in: Work of art See in context

Members of the Yakuza exhibit some of the best Ink art in the world. The colors remain super brilliant for the life of the individual and surpass not only that of the Chinese but the rest of those done worldwide and like the “tagging” the gangs of the world seem to tell a story of their own. While in Active duty in the Navy I traveled just about everywhere in Asia & several other countries in the Western hemisphere & had the opportunity to see many pieces of Ink art & only one ever ever entice me to consider getting a TAT & that was of a 10 yr old Japanese Geisha who’s Kimono still exhibit Beautiful radiant colors, this tat was done using bamboo tattoo needles — so I was told. I’ll always “remember” it as the only Ink that could have ever enticed me to get a Tattoo.

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Posted in: Employment rate of Japan's university graduates at 97.6%, near record high See in context

Now wait a minute, Japanese companies have a long standing policy of approaching top students during their HS grad. yrs & began “grooming” them for positions within their companies. They began by offering them finical support at low interest rates, housing if they marry during their University/ College yrs, & later, training during their “break periods” & a promise of employment following their graduation. In turn the individual is encouraged to take the courses they recommend. All of this results in low graduate unemployment percentages annually and to date Japanese companies are in dire need of a new generation of young people to fill the positions being vacated by an aging workforce. It’s become so bad that the GOJ is publicizing for foreigners to seek employment in Japan

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Posted in: Iran tells Japan it is exercising restraint despite escalation of U.S. sanctions See in context

That’s the Fox in the Hen House! A regime that supports Worldwide Terrorism is a Terrorist itself. A religious Muslim fanatic rules Iran not an elected president or Potentate & uses his religious interpretations of the Quran to spread Hate & Discontent thru his finical support of organized Terrorist groups!

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Posted in: 4 found dead in submerged car at Kagoshima Pref port See in context

Insufficient information to identify this incident however, the depth of water almost rules out an accident.

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Posted in: Kobe city bus hits several pedestrians; 2 dead See in context

Two prior incidents of foot/mind control has been identified by the company accident division. A major memory loss problem and the company’s illregeponsibility finally resulted in this major Vehicle/ pedestrian accident. This Bus drivers vehicle operating days should have been terminated and his placement if authorized should have been else ware in. The company or retirement/ terminated for his years of service.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. struggle to find crashed stealth fighter jet and its 'secrets' See in context

Hi tech is always a prize to our adversaries, it would help cut their R&D time significantly .

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Posted in: Removal of fuel in pool at Fukushima's melted No. 3 reactor begins See in context

I’m afraid this area of Japan will be uninhabited for another 20+ years. The atomic testing done by the UK & US In the Christmas Island chain has left that area uninhabitable for over 50 years and its still remains so with no determined date for future habitation. There remains so many questions concerning containment and the harnessing & safe use of Nuclear Energy !

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Posted in: France respects Japan's judicial procedures regarding Ghosn: Le Drian See in context

Ghosn holds Brazilian, French and Lebanese nationality. WOW - Most countries will ONLY allow you to hold only “ONE ” Nationality at a time ! Europe however, plays by a different set of Standards !

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife leaves Japan to appeal to French gov't; prosecutors want her questioned See in context

It appears that she takes her Wedding Vows to heart & is standing by her spouse most seriously !

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