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Posted in: LDP to urge gov't to possess capability to strike enemy bases See in context

When push comes to shove, no one or country will protect Japan or its citizens better or more fiercely than its own security forces. The world is a very different place today than 50 plus years ago and the Asian Pacific areas are showing expansion on all sides of Japan. More defenceive measures with first strike capabilities have become more and more a reality.

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Posted in: 7 death row Aum cult members moved from Tokyo detention center See in context

Gas vice Hanging is more approbate way to end their lives on earth.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry admits altering land sale documents, removing name of Abe's wife See in context

Oops, got caught with their fingers in the cookie jar! Political our run amok !

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Posted in: Japan marks 7 years since Tohoku disaster See in context

A new GOJ radiation reading taken deep inside Japan's damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor No. 2 shows levels reaching a maximum of 530 sieverts per hour, a number experts have called "unimaginable". The medical repercussions alone will continue into the next century based upon studies of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Sadly too are the Scientific studies of the American and British nuclear testing conducted in the Marshal Islands which reveal their uninhability will continue for at least another 200 years because like Dailichi’s #2 max levels within the earth alone have been way beyond that ever expected prior to and following subsequent scientific Monitoring studies. Those islanders too, like the residents surrounding the Fukushima areas will no longer be able to visit their ancestral grave sites nor their buithomes. Our hearts and prayers reach out to them and their future generations.

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Posted in: Gov't considering national award for star figure skater Hanyu See in context

Typical Japanese’s reaction to their celebrities on the national stage. It’s all good — recognization for her hard work. Her team mates however should also receive public recognization.

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Posted in: Armed deputy at Florida high school resigns after failing to engage shooter See in context

Peterson is “guilty” of negligent homicide for failure to act as a first responder LEO to a live shooter scene, which was his DUTY to do so. To Protect and Serve is more than a motto of law enforcement, it’s a call-to-action mandate you swear to when taking your oath of office. Sheriff Israel had no previous knowledge that one of his senior officers would fail to preform his sworn duties intil this incident occurred, therefore to call for his ignition resignation is a little premature pending a full investigation. Gun Control - Mental Health, that is the question. With the vast amounts of Firearms available WORLDWIDE “gun control” like “illegal drug control” would be an impossibility for ANY NATION to control in the century due to joint cooperation for each and if in doubt, just take a look at what’s going on around the world today!

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Posted in: Trump rebukes Japan over nontariff barriers against American cars See in context

SlickdrifterFeb. 23  01:45 pm JST has it correct to a point. Eoupean autos and primarily the German autos are more of the luxury style vehicles “preferred” by the majority of Japanese’s nationals, WHO can afford the stiff import tarrifs placed on all motor vehicles — here, all Japanese consumers must agree. And herein lys the center of President Trump's statements.

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Posted in: Japanese team returns home after competing in Pyeongchang See in context

Congrats to all the members of the Japanese Olympic winter teams, they’ve set the mark for the next summer games teams. Well Done!

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Posted in: Missing woman probe leads to more severed body parts being found in Kyoto, Osaka See in context

Correction: Reclaiming the recesses body and contiuing to dread its Evil.

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Posted in: Trump rebukes Japan over nontariff barriers against American cars See in context

American cars imported to Japan on top of being taxed 100% of the purchase price must undergo a rigorous vehicle safety inspection. In addition there is presently no dealerships located in Japan thereby making replacement parts another expense should the need arise, even European cars are expensive to import to Japan for all the same reasons as American autos. There is a market however, there are a whole lot of restraints not incurred with Japanese auto sale I’m the United States because Japanese auto plants are permitted in the U.S., thereby reducing ownership costs. This tends to dip the scales in favor of Japan’s Auto industry.

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Posted in: Beyond East & West See in context

Yumi is foreword thinking in her designs and is sure to appeal to the younger generation and cause the older more traditional Japanese to cringe at her wonderful and colorful designs however, that said her international following is undoubtly jumping with joy at her new offerings as I. Good Luck Yumi...

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Posted in: Japan is safest place to be born, UNICEF report says See in context

Wealth not “wrath”!!!

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Posted in: Japan is safest place to be born, UNICEF report says See in context

UNICEF doesn’t tackle the problem that many of these depths can more than likely be attributed to the mother’s Lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and malnutrition are leading causes of child mortality rates. Wrath or the lack of is not the only factor for all the birth deaths. Now many of theses factors feed into their research report.

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Posted in: Murdered Okinawa woman's family to seek compensation from U.S. gov't See in context

SaikoPhyscoToday  06:59 am JST

Seek the Money from the Japanese Govt., because believe me, if the central Govt. didn't want U.S. Forces in Okinawa, they wouldn't be there. The Philippine Govt. kicked U.S. Forces out of their country many years ago.

Sorry my friend, the Philippine Government did not kick the U.S. government out, they ask for an unattainable $$$ amount for the U.S. to retain her Military presents. This following their last SOPA increase was become atune to Blackmail and did not make for continued good faith relations, therefore all American military forces were relocated. Their lose was another country’s gain. Military installations around the world provide jobs and increased economic growth to the areas their located, no matter how you choose to look at it.

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Posted in: Student survivors slam Trump's comments that FBI missed signs on Florida shooting due to Russia probe See in context

On Saturday, Trump tweeted, "Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign - there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud!"

There’s nothing in this tweet that’s disrespectful to the 17 depths and the FBI is at fault for not releasing information they’ve had all along concerning the collusion investigation which has go on far-far to long, wasting taxpayer $$$ and impending the administration’s Forward progress. 18 months into this administration an many nationwide appointments are still unable to be filled due to Democrats road blocks, still the Trump administration has began to improve the downward spiral of the economy, began cutting regulations that held up production in many areas which in turn has the job market opening once again. Teenagers slamming Trump are being edged on by adult intervention not because they’re in fear on their lives or care one iota about gun control. Smoke & Mirrors !!!

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Posted in: Emperor's abdication ceremony on April 30, 2019 to be state occasion See in context

Emperor Akihito has preformed his state functions honorablity while enduring his illnesses and deserves to pass the Throne and retire from public functions and enjoy his remaining days. Monarch Abdication are atune to Incarnations and are all done with much fanfare and are not unlike the Presidentual ceremonies. They are what they are and there’s no getting around them.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister warns against N Korea's 'smile diplomacy' See in context

No one wants to see any kind of military aggression, least of all the S Koreans however, they only need to recall the history of the second war and what happen to the Europen Jewish population to understand what a reunionfication with the north would be under the present regime. S Korea is an up an coming industrialized country and N Korea is a starving country with little to no industry or trade on the worldwide open markets in addition to the strong sanctions from the United Nations due to her continuing development of WMDs.

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Posted in: No medal for 5th place Japan in team figure skating See in context

All these skaters compete throughout the years leading up to the games and had ample time to profect their routines to there peak form. By the time they go to the Olympic Games there should be no pressure just a personal mindset to preform to they’re best ability and joy of being on the ice. It’s inherant to all these composting to want to do their very best to represent them self’s, their team mates , and their respective countries - but above all else - Them selfs.

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Posted in: At least a dozen U.S. sailors under investigation over drug use in Japan See in context

Plain and simple, it’s all about the $$$$¥¥¥ !!! Yokohama sees as much drug interdiction as Yokosuka due to merchant ships importing drugs into Japan too. Designer drugs can be home grown/manufactured and all others are transported in vis ships and air. GOJ Drug enforcement is excellent and penalties are harsh.

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Posted in: Trump says it's 'un-American' not to applaud him See in context

Trump’s ever udderance becomes a media and pretzel to be twisted into whatever shape they desire at the moment. It’s always going to be catch 22 because Trump refuses to learn how to speak like a swamp Politician.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's wedding postponed until 2020 See in context

Brides prerogative !!!

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Posted in: Japan's financial regulator raids Coincheck after cyber theft See in context

Cyberspace exist between point A & point B and it’s transmissions are either microwave or ground wire - both are easily intercepts. If the users “firewalls” are weak them Security in Mott plain and simple. DOJ FCC should have shut them down until reinspection, period. These cyber-coin companies have sprung up w/o struck Security totheir users and investors. It’s always best to procrastinate on the side of caution when investing in “new” markets involving money exchanged/transfers. “BUYER BEWARE.” is more than a moto, it’s a fact of life!!!

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Posted in: Japan's antismoking plan with gaping loophole sparks outcry See in context

A 21st century move! Thank you GOJ Health Organization .

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Posted in: 11 die in fire at Sapporo facility for people on welfare See in context

Everyone wants to scream foul after the fact when this is an annual occurance in these facilities. It behoves GOJ to conduct more stringent inspections prior to winter season setting in. Safety - Safety - Safety ALWAYS we’re elderly are concerned.

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Posted in: 'Little idols': Japan's dark obsession with young girls See in context

A pedophile’s candy store. Something strange about an adult over 35 being a fan of child performers. Sorry this is not patronage for patronage sake.

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Posted in: Despite sanctions, N Korea exported coal to South and Japan via Russia: intelligence sources See in context

The very reason a Naval blockade of NK is being called. Ship’s Logs and Cargo documentation will identify violators even if the tracking devises are turned off. Either we’re all in this together or we abide by NK becoming a world Nuclear threat. NK with a WMD would have no reason to be beholding to China or Russia any longer and they like the rest of the world are within her range and age old vengeance's.

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Posted in: Avalanche engulfs skiers after volcano erupts near Gunma resort; 1 dead, 11 injured See in context

It’s nearly impossible to predict what Mother Natire is going to do are capable of and this is a prime exemple, even thought my heart goes out to the vacationers caught in the aftermath of trump vocanic shower.

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Posted in: Tokyo holds 1st drill for military attack since World War II amid N Korean threat See in context

Drills for any catastrophe do not promote any incident however, the intent is to save/ preserve life. To do no preparation is idiotic and promotes disaster ,

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Posted in: Japan's NSC to control defense buildup plan, giving PM more say See in context

Japan is heading into the .22 cenrtry realizing contributing only 1% of their GNP and remaining within the SDF boundaries with nort nor should it be. She will have to go slowly and exercise great self restraint.

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Posted in: Japan considers refitting helicopter carrier for stealth fighters: gov't sources See in context

Go Japan!!!

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