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Posted in: Japanese police to use new holsters to prevent disarming of officers See in context

Many phase 3 hoistets on the market today offer sufficient securing measures for any handgun. Japanese Police receive excellent martial arts training & must qualify to carry firearms. Mentality of there usage lies with the individual LEO as it does with any 1st Responder, there can Never any two scenarios alike — officers just train the best they can & hopefully they’ll respond in kind,

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Posted in: Ex-gangster fatally shot in karaoke bar in Tokyo's Kabukicho district See in context

Rival Japanese gangs obtain firearms outside Japan on a routine basis and once used there disposed of so no trace can be identified especially with any homicide committed with them.

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Posted in: Female imperial family members to be barred from key succession rite See in context

Sime Japanese’s traditions never chance !

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Posted in: Japan to test disaster warning system using satellite in Asia See in context

Great endeavor on Japan’s part whitch her neighboring countries should be appreciative of.

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Posted in: U.S. House passes bills that would end government shutdown, without wall funds See in context

She and her fellow Democratic Congress personsneeds to see an EMT doctor and have her Ears cleaned. From the very beginning of the Immigration discussions Trump has stead fastly lain out his FIVE (5) REQMTS for the new budget he is willing to sign . The Democrats plainly refuse to recognize — They lost the 2016 Presidential election and Do Not Control the Nation entirely following or NOW! Strictly a war of wills or an old fashion “Polical Piss’n Contest” for which they’re attempting to shift the blame of the Shut Down onto Trump! — Sad!

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Posted in: Abe says he plans to push for peace treaty with Russia See in context

If you don’t think it can be accomplished, Don’t fault the individual attempting to accomplish it. Abe may very well secede where all others have failed in the past. Stranger things have happened on his watch !

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Posted in: 8 injured as man rams car into pedestrians in Harajuku in 'retaliation for execution' See in context

15mins of fame worth a life sentence for 9 attempted homicides — do the crime, do the time!

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Posted in: Trump blames Democrats for migrant children's death, amid govt budget impasse See in context

The parents of the deceased children omitted they were sick prior to illegally entering the U.S. The fault belongs to both parties for failing to address the outdated Immigration Laws for the past 20yrs, not just the Democrats although their the primary cause at present. When face with an eminent problem — Action is mandatory !

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Posted in: Tokyo bullet train disruption affects 230,000 passengers See in context

The Japanese Train system is such that you can normally set your watches by their scheduled arrival/departure times. This glitch upsets more that a simple transportation issue, it effect the entire countries operations.

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Posted in: About 40% of teens say school sex education is useless: survey See in context

We all live in a Digital age, there’s nothing, absolutely nothing that’s not available via the internet media. The younger generations of today have access to everything as I do mean everything. Educational institution are not able to compete with the massive information available. This type Survey is useless in today’s world. Looks good on paper only!

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Posted in: China denies 'slanderous' economic espionage charges from U.S., allies See in context

Political BS

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Posted in: Trump starts pulling U.S. forces from Syria See in context

The United States under President Trump’s Leadership and like that of the UK have come to realize we do not need 2B in the business of “reconstructing” other countries Governments, that responsibility belongs to the Citizens of They’re respective country. If they’re not happy with their Governments let them change them in whatever way THEY decide and not let another government decide for them.

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Posted in: Putin says U.S. presence in Japan complicates signing of peace treaty See in context

Sea lane route - vice Seaplane route!!

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Posted in: Putin says U.S. presence in Japan complicates signing of peace treaty See in context

Syria, seriously what does the U.S. pulling out of Syria or any other MidEast country have to do with the dispute over the Kurial Islands. U.S. military installations come under the DOJ/US Status of Forces Lease Agreement. Construction of any “base/facility/roadway or anything else requires DOJ’s approval and is funded by both on a 50/50 basis & remains under the ownership of GOJ.. Russia like China and NKR would love 2C the U.S. military forces withdrawn from the entire AssinPac Region thereby allowing them freerain/control of the entire region. Don’t hold your breath, that region of the Pacific Ocean is a “key” commercial seaplane traffic route.

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Posted in: With eye on China, Japan unveils record defense budget See in context

Abe is going to bring the JSDF’s N2 the 21st century. Japan as an Island Nation can not possibly depend strictly on her SEATO membership in a 1st strike scenario. The present stability within the AsianPac region is being challenged by China/NKR/Russia while Japan/Philippines/Okinawa/Taiwan are all “Island” nations dependent upon they’re fellow SEATO members for support should an incident arise that they themselfs are not capable of handling/fending off. Abe & his administration are not advocating Japan’s return to her WWII warfooting posture, only to increase her Self Defenses to ensure a stronger “Defensive” posture if needed.

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Posted in: Russia to move troops into new barracks on disputed islands near Japan See in context

Another example of why GOJ JMSDF needs to retrofit it’s Helocopter Destroyer into a fixed wing capable Carrier. China & NK are not the only threats to SEATO in the Asian Pacific Region ! Japancould be the next”Sleepin Giant” if they let their guard down!! All these small atolls being converted into forward military installations are being fitted with Aircraft landing strips for more reasons than to resupply there inhabitants with food and water!!! For evil to grow, good only. Needs to standby and do - Nothing!!!

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Posted in: Japan to spend more on defense, refit 1st aircraft carrier See in context

It’s foolish to believe a JNDF Carrier would see the U.S. withdrawing its carrier from Yokosuka. At a time in today’s world SEATO needs to fortify it’s military Forces to show China & NK it’s strong enough to defend themselves. China has but One Long Term GOAL in the region — control of the entire Asian Pacific and produce an economical chokehold overthrew Region ! Those who think otherwise are living in a dreamworld to say the very least.!!

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn raises speculation over coup by Nissan See in context

Summation — Greed!

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Posted in: Hope, anxiety in Japan over opening up to more foreign workers See in context

Language Is going 2B a Major problem here, yes the employers will most likely get cheaper labor however they’re going 2 have 2 employ lingquest 2 provide a means of communication between labor & mgmt. plus all the problems this is going to cost the locale economy. It’s nice that Japan wants 2 crack open its doors further but there's more 2 it than that, Best of Luck.

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Posted in: Cuban ambassador denied room at Hilton hotel in Fukuoka due to U.S. sanctions See in context

Should not” is open ended - Will Not is decisive ! Government ditakes

kills private enterprise!

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Posted in: IAEA urges rapid decision on treated water at Fukushima See in context

This amount of contaminated water will need a vast area to be dispersed since disposal requires a surface spread like an arerial crop duster not just a dumping, the “key” to safely dispense it w/o it being harmful to the environment is Surface Spreading!

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

What President Trump actually States was “rock throwing would be treated the same as being shot at”. He did not say a response would be met with a lethal bullet he’s not looking to create another “Kent State Incident” however nonlethal force cannot be ruled out — OC spray, Rubber Projectiles, etc. There are US Embassies in all the countries these migrants are coming from and the proper procedure was to apply for entry or asylum there vice attempting to “crash the gate” illegally. A country w/o borders is not a country nor can any country allow 1000 of illegals to storm it’s borders and claim asylum under the pretense of seeking jobs, better housing & medical, theres no fear or prosecution or death in that. Common sense must prevail.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. plan military response to Chinese threat to Senkakus See in context

Simple answer to this problem would be to Station a small weather station team on a rotating basis to show ownership, that what China is attempting to do by “homesteading” the islands being contested presently by the Philippines and Vietnam. It’s that old say “possession is 9 tens of the law”, then any attempt by China to lay claim would’ve considered aggression period!

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Posted in: U.S. carrier leads warships in biggest ever Japan defense war game See in context

China expansion poses the biggest threat to the stability of the entire Asian region. The members of SEATO need to band together more than ever to ensure China realizes their intent to keep the sealaned open and to maintain the stability of the entire region.

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

In ref to Mr Hiro S Nobumasa, sir the U.S. did not nor will they ever forsake the ROC-TW. We have a commitment to their sovereignty as well as all members of SEATO!

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Posted in: Japan conducts first submarine drill in disputed South China Sea See in context

China is attempting to establish strategic control points throughout the South China Seas Arena in an attempt to exercise a chokehold over the entire sealanes. This is a very dangerous move that threatens the rest of the world’s commercial and milirary shipping. History once again is about to repeat its self B4 our very eyes and the United Nations is blind - dumb & Closed Mouthed!

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Posted in: Porsche explodes after crash on Kanagawa highway See in context

During the collision he must have ruptured the fuel tank to cause the explosion. Speed and road conditions Undoubtly the cause plus a little stupidity on the driver’s part.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins U.S. Open after Serena Williams penalized a game See in context

Way-to-go Naomi ! Well played match, best wishes for continue success — stay true to your self and the game and you can’t go wrong.

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Posted in: Trump says good relations with Japan 'will end when I tell them how much they have to pay:' WSJ See in context

Once again the WSJ has shown it Trump Bashing history by publishing another “fake news” article. It really has to be total laziness on its part to falsify it’s news arrivals in this manner!

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Posted in: Kaepernick ads spark boycott calls, but Nike is seen as winning in the end See in context

Niki’s R a proven favorite Athletic shoe no matter how they tend 2 market them, there going to SALE ! Poor choise of representation will have marginal effect on their future bottom line.

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