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billabong031 comments

Posted in: Iran opens trial of 3 Americans on spy charges See in context

So does anyone here actually believe these people were really hikers?

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Posted in: Mother held for allegedly drowning 12-day-old son in bathtub See in context

I always find it surreal that these articles have quotes of why the person did the crime. In other countries, you don't seem to have that.

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Posted in: 100 Russian skinheads attack concertgoers See in context

Russia's a mess, let the skinheads have it, infact we should exile all the skinheads TO russia as punishment.

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Posted in: Hoppers See in context

Like, cheerleaders are supposed to be young, slim and pretty.

Those girls look like rugby players :l

And all I can think of is how easily any one of them can break my neck with their legs..

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Posted in: Akris and Comtesse See in context

Look hey-a people, tall and lanky does not equate sexy, everything about that picture screams AWK-WARD!

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Posted in: 45-year-old patient arrested for killing another patient at hospital in Fukuoka See in context

I've said this before and i'll say it again, japanese criminals are WELL honest!

No beating around the bush for this guy, his reason was simple, straight forward and well, plain stupid, but he was honest at least.

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Posted in: Japan Fashion Week kicks off in Tokyo See in context

That model looks moronic in those white pants :l

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Posted in: Hockey See in context

Aww that player on the left looks so sad.

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Posted in: Yasukuni See in context

I like Japan and I like japanese people for the most part. But I don't like the Japanese Imperial Army. They did terrible terrible things. They are not worth "honouring" in my opinion.

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Posted in: Russia expands Georgia blitz, deploys ships See in context


It is payback time for Kosovo. Nato brutalized Serbia and humiliated a weak Russia. And now they wanted to rub it in by admitting Georgia into Nato. Well, they tangled with the wrong guy this time.

Wow, and the crazy thing is, I have no doubt you actually believe what you said.

NATO bombed Serbia as a DIRECT response to the genocide being committed against albanian muslims in Kosovo, and that was ONLY after Serbian leaders refused to stop their brutal genocide.

Georgia wants to join NATO almost entirely to avoid what is happening now, Russia brutalising a much MUCH smaller and weaker country to force them to stay under Russia's bloated shadow.

You say NATO wants to "rub it in" by admitting Georgia as a member, the mere fact that you can only see Georgia as some kind of object, some kind of pawn between Russia and NATO is an indication of what's wrong with Russians today.

All Russia sees Georgia as is an object to use against NATO, they don't see the innocent people inside trying to make their country whole again, or as fellow human beings trying to move forward.

No they view their smaller neighbours in the cold light of politics between themselves and NATO. Russia has always had an inferiority complex and now they're trying to quench that by brutalising Georgia to show their "superpower prowess" and how much they've recovered from the Soviet days.

But the only thing Russia are showing us is that they are still the brutal country that existed 50 years ago under the Soviet Era, that existed 100 years ago under their ruthless Tsars.

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Posted in: Hunter dies in suspected bear attack in Hokkaido See in context

That's a pretty grim way to die.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing man in Hokkaido park See in context

Wow japanese criminals are really honest, if this happened in Trinidad (Caribbean), that criminal would've blamed everyone from God to the Government for the stabbing. But here they always tell you the genuine motive. Thats another thing about criminals here, most of the time they don't seem to have very good motives for these stabbings in my opinion, strange.

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Posted in: Crown prince See in context

I feel sorry for her, she still seems trapped in my eyes :(

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Posted in: Kung Fu Panda See in context

I saw that movie the other day, gonna watch it again tomorrow cause it's that good!

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Posted in: Crown prince seeks public understanding for ailing wife See in context

So basically she's stuck in that palace surrounded by people who ensure she constantly follows protocol... and you wonder WHY she continues to be stressed?

Poor lady, sounds like she just needs to get away from that stuffy palace and all its protocols :(

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Posted in: Yomiuriland See in context

Looks nice, crowded but nice, I'd feel awkward as a foreigner to be there though :l

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Posted in: 37-year-old caregiver arrested for sexually assaulting 65-year-old bedridden woman in Chiba See in context

Well he admitted it initially and probably realised later that he could dispute the allegation but passing it off as an unfortunate necessity of his job hence later disputing the allegation.

I reckon he did it in a pervy way though...

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Posted in: Housewife brews up plan to escape from robber: tea and conversation See in context

She certainly is modest isnt she :l

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