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billgru comments

Posted in: Why can't Japanese teachers of English ... speak English? See in context

I found that as an English teacher, most Japanese students were more concerned with grammar then speaking. Grammar is a very important part of learning a language, but communication is more important to learning a language.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympics tumblers See in context

I think it would be a great idea if after Tokyo Olympics that it went to Greece and stayed there. So no more corruption.

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Posted in: Trump vows 'fair, but firm' approach to illegal immigration See in context

It's okay if Trump is a total looney nutter, but Trump is a dangerous looney nutter

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for murder of 6-year-old Kobe girl See in context

Before you hang him make him wait in prison for about two years. This way he has a chance to release what he has done. Then when he is nice and comfortable, take him out and hang him.

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Posted in: Ghibli Museum set to crack down on ticket scalping and resales with pre-entry ID checks See in context

Ticket scalpers are total low lifes, that should be given long prison sentences. They take away the chance for honest people to buy tickets at a fair price.????

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, Australia, Canada get visa waiver for travel to Brazil Olympics See in context

Really, who cares. The Olympics have become a bloody joke.

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Posted in: Japan Tourism Agency surveys onsens over tattoo policy See in context

I have tattoos and I understand the a lot of people feel uncomfortable with people who have tattoos, so I think it would be a good idea if someone started a bath only for people with tattoos????

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Posted in: Indian police arrest 3 for gang rape of Japanese scholar See in context

How many time must this happen before any Indian government really do something about women being treated like a piece of meat.

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Posted in: 3 most unattractive women’s hairstyles (according to Japanese men) See in context

Bob cuts on Asian women is just stunning. It shows off their cute faces like a wonderful picture frame> (_)

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Posted in: Anti-whalers ask supporters for cash to fund next campaign See in context

I think that the SS crew are behaving like pirates, and have the white man's burden attitude. Yes I'm a white foreigner!! gner

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Posted in: Free gifts, cheap coffee no help as McDonald’s Japan troubles continue See in context

It's great hangover food, all that grease and sugar. Other wise it's horrible junk food!

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Posted in: Australia to tackle Japan on whaling at U.N. world court See in context

I'm Australian and don't really care that Japan is whaling, but don't call it research because that's an insult to our intelligence. I agree that the Sea Shepard is a pirate ship. I think people love whales because they have a 2metre tongue and can breath through the top of their head!

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