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BillOreilly comments

Posted in: Tiger Woods' troubles widen his distance from blacks See in context

Looking at this in a fair and balanced way, all i can say is that expecting one to marry ones own color is a racist ideology.

If i said i would only marry a fellow white woman, i would suffer massive critical responses, and rightly so. There seems to be a minority of black Americans who are allowed to spout racist comments in the Liberal media without fear of any punishment.

This has got to stop. Blacks in the 60s fought hard for equality not seperation as many in this story want. And thats a wrap.

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Posted in: U.S. soldier charged in comrades' deaths showed stress See in context

Hey guys, let's all look at this in afair and balanced manner with no spin.

We don't yet know the full facts regarding this tragic event. My thoughts go out to all the dead service mens families. Let us reserve judgement until teh matter has been fully investigated and we know more.

And that's a wrap.

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Posted in: Leaving Iraq: Shift to south, exit through desert See in context

I agree with guys like Sarge. When i look at the facts in a fair and balanced way, i can only come to this conclusion. Beacuse of the brave decisions made by Bush Iraq is now a free prosperous nation and part of the axis of evil has been take out. Also The terrorists have been unable to launch another attack against the US since 9/11. Their failure is down to the good policies and judgement of BUsh.

And that's a wrap.

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Posted in: Israel demands monitors as part of a Gaza truce See in context

Hey guys calm down. Let's all look at this in a fair and balanced manner ok! Hamas has been firing rockets daily into Israel, however these attacks are rarely deadly.

Israel has retaliated over these attack, in what many believe to be a heavy handed manner. I guess on this occasion i gotta agree. I believe Israel took this action before Obama became president and during the Christmas period to detract attention. However they failed, more people are angererd with Israel fo0r using these methods during the holy time.

Something has to be done, and i urge all world leaders to try to help resolve this matter, it has to stop.

Let's hope this year is one with much less bloodshed than last year.

Giving it to you straight. And that's a wrap!

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Posted in: Obama revels in Powell endorsement, cash mountain See in context

I must admit, i was in no way surprised by this news.

As an independent, Powell backing Obama will have no bearing on my vote come November.

Obama is a smooth talker, and this news cannot dent his lead in the polls. Powell is respected by many Americans on the left and right.

My guess is, this will not affect regular folks voting intentions.

Giving it to you straight.

And that's a wrap....

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Posted in: Obama camp suggests lies over Palin visit to Iraq See in context

Hey guys, calm down, ok? Breath deeply and relax.

Let`s get a fair and balanced view on this matter. The Obama camp has called Palin a liar, not a god call unless you have certain proof. The proof has not been fothcoming, the accusations are codswallop!

Palin did vist Iraq, the facts show her to be truthfull. I now expect all the far left guys on this board to apologise to the Palin and her supporters.

Be patriots not pinheads.

Giving it to you straight.

Aqnd that's a wrap.

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Posted in: Heat is on for McCain, Palin See in context

Guys, let`s looka t the facts is a balanced way, without any spin. McCain and Palin are a Republican dream ticket. You have a world respected statesman and war hero, and a young intelligent working mother, with high morals.

This combination will appeal to a lot more folks than Obama and Biden.

There is no heat on the Palin McCain ticket, they will walk dignified staright into the Whithouse. The future looks bright with this team.

And that`s a wrap....

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Posted in: Democrats choose Obama to thunderous acclamation See in context

I`ve been on this board for a few weeks now, and i always find messages from Sarge grat, concise, too the point and humorous. The guy is a true patriot. The Democrats are obviously going to give Obama a good response, he is their hope of being in power.

The spin stops here......

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Posted in: 2 Channel founder says don't blame him for criminals' posts See in context

Kimigano- Thnaks for your opinion on my post.

Looking at Japan and Germany, you will find that they government most against free speech and the right to demonstrate is the Japanese.

Maybe the truth hurts, but i suggest you look at the facts in a balanced way, without any prejudice or thoughts of national pride.

Messages telling how to kill others or yourself should be removed, they are not responsible messages to be conveyed.

My handle is BillOreilly, i am BillOreilly.

And that`s a wrap.

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Posted in: 2 Channel founder says don't blame him for criminals' posts See in context

Folks, I`m all in favor of free speech and freedom of expression, but people preaching hatred and publishing methods of how to kill yourself and others must be stopped.

How far should the government intervene in these topics? There is irresponsible sites like 2channel and at the other end of the spectrum there are sites operating from Japan with petty moderation, that delete almost half of all comments, without any apparent reason.

There needs to be a happy medium, common sense should prevail.

I`m looking out for you....

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Posted in: Iraqi leader insists on 2011 deadline for U.S. troop pullout See in context


Good call! The Us must stay in Iraq, to ensure not only that democracy continues in Iraq, but as a stabilising force in the region.

The US will leave when we deem the situation safe. Leaving an unsafe state would be a waste of years of work rebuilding the country.

Patriotic Americans know this is the way to go.

And that`s a wrap.

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Posted in: Obama picks Biden for running mate See in context

This choice by Mr Obama is another in the nail in the coffin for his campaign. The guy has lost track with reality. McCain can be trusted to pick a great VP.

The Democratic challenge has ended, Obama has sot himself in the foot once to often.

Obama has shown himself to be a pinhead.

and that`s a wrap.

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Posted in: Iraq demands clear timeline for U.S. withdrawal See in context

SushiSake3; Last time i checked the US economy was doing just fine. All lives lost were in the name of liberation. We removed and brought to Justice a guy who wanted to see the downfall of the USA. This guy also attacked our closet aliie in the region, Israel during the Gulf War.

The region must be policed by us to protect democracy and destroy those who want us to fail.

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Posted in: Iraq demands clear timeline for U.S. withdrawal See in context

Im with AlliedForces on this one. The US is respected worldwide for sacrificing lives and spending billions of Dollars to free and rebuild nations. We did it in Germany and Japan, and well do it again in Iraq. Anyone who disagrees is a pinhead and is being unpatriotic.

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Posted in: White House denies faking letter linking Iraq and al-Qaida See in context


you should watch Fox News daily. GW would not falsify anything , he is a regular honest guy.

And that`s a wrap.

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Posted in: Young women’s summer fashions show too much, poll reveals See in context

Hey ladies, cool it with the talk about your underware. Guys here are gonna get hot under the collar, if it ain`t hot enough outside anyway.

Anyway i think women, especially those teens still living at home, should dress in a sensible manner, which doesn`t look outlandish.

Hey, moms and dads i`m talking to you now, you must make you daughters dress decently, and grow up knowing the meaning of decent dress sense.

That`s all from me for now. Telling it to you straight.

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Posted in: Longest-serving GOP Sen Ted Stevens indicted See in context

adaydream, Lets wait to see if this guy is convicted first. If i were to staright out say some Democrate was guilty before hes tried, the Liberals would scream and shout allegations of bias. Just a fair and balanced look at the matter

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Posted in: Bush vows to take 'message of freedom' to Beijing See in context

I am all for Bush taking a message of peace to China, but i want to see him come down hard on them regarding their human rights record.

I`ll be keeping a watchfull eye, seeing if he does the right thing.

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Posted in: What do you think is causing the recent spate of random stabbings in Japan and how can society address the problem? See in context

Hey, THese people have grown up without discipline, and without learning old fashioned christian values.

Lots of these stabbings are carried out by kids, i blame the parents for not supervising their kids, allowing violent video games etc.

The cycle of violence has gotta stop, and the family has the duty to provide a decent environment for each other.

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