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Billy B comments

Posted in: Does a guy lose all chance with a Japanese woman if he doesn’t pay for the first date? See in context

I guess it all depends on how the date goes, if she's interesting and 8f it "clicks", I'll be more than happy to happy to pay. If she's a bore (to my standards) I'll split the bill.

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Posted in: Apple unveils headphones that cost twice as much as AirPods See in context

A true fanboy necessity! After the "tampon in the ear" design earppods, this is your chance to show you're a true Stan.

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

Mmm it seems the only way to stop them from killing each other is a common enemy.

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Posted in: Trump pitches 'back to normal' as Biden warns of tough days See in context

I hope trump will win!

Open a beer, prepare the popcorn.

Watch Mickey mouse land, turn into another Afghanistan, where religious freaks rule, people get shot for no apparent reason until four little boys from a small town in Colorado come and save the day.

The democrats deserve to be flogged for putting up a candidate who can't guarantee victory over this miscreant...

Canada and Mexico should join hands and build a big wall around this cesspool before the virus spreads...

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Posted in: New Zealand votes to legalize euthanasia but not marijuana See in context

Happiness with weed is an illusion.

Euthanasia is playing God.


God is an illusion, so god is happiness with weed, and euthanasia is playing with happiness with weed.......

You're not making any sense here my friend.

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPhones for faster 5G wireless networks See in context

People would get annoyed with the change.

Ha ha like apple cares about that. Annoying me has been the reason why I quit Apple. Waterproof...in the next iPhone, big screen...in the next iPhone. NFC ...in the next iPhone....headphone plug....gone in the next iPhone. Widgets...in the next iPhone. Split screen....in the next iPhone. OTG...in the iPhone, 5g in the next iPhone.... With every release they add one new option..or remove one. So annoying.

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Posted in: N-word dropped from French edition of Agatha Christie novel See in context

Next up; a complete rewrite of Hollywood classic Boyz in the hood.

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Posted in: Verstappen storms to unlikely victory over Mercedes duo See in context

I’m not a fan of Verstappen

True he doesn't have the most charismatic personality, but you have to be fan of his abilities, I mean, he surely is together with Hamilton the most talented and exciting driver on the grid.

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