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Posted in: Mazda assembly line rolls off vehicles at rate of one every 54 seconds See in context

Mazda, one of the best vehicles in New Zealand. a great car, I love both of mine, great cars, 2 Masaa 6

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Posted in: Kono urges Abe to stop being coy over Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Who is to say that the Americans' and the British armies did not commit war crimes, get over it for Gods sake, This bringing up old war wounds is nothing but vitriolic, and will never end, as long as these other nations do not look forward instead of backwards.

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Posted in: Tokyo bar owner, 3 hostesses arrested for drugging, robbing customer See in context

Deport the idiot , right away, he is abusing Japanese hospitality

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Posted in: It’s time for some real British food and drink in Tokyo See in context

Hi Frungy.

Don't tell Gordon Ramsey he is English, he will probably eat you alive, and England is not Britain by the way.

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Posted in: China angry over Japanese ministers' visit to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

How many times has the Japanese Government got to apologize to the Chinese or Koreans for that matter, which they have done many times in the past. The Chinese look for any excuse to attack Japan. How many people did Mao kill. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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Posted in: Tigers rout Yankees to secure World Series berth; Cardinals down Giants See in context

World series ?, what a joke only the Yanks can play in it, what about the rest of the world.

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