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Part of the problem is that too much is taught. Cut half of the curriculum and allow kids to process information and think about it rather than just retain it. If I fill up the hard disk on my computer, the processor doesn't work. That's what happens to Japanese kids.

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Disillusioned is right. Students are taught grammar but are not taught how to use it or develop it. Rather than just upping the complexity of grammar levels, it would be better to get students to figure out how to use the grammar they know first.

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The Japanese players have to change their thinking and this is a huge task. No one's going to do it in 3 months. I think only Philippe Troussier has tried to do it; everyone else has been clueless. Wenger should be available from May.....

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I've always thought that if you need a certain percentage of workers to non-workers to maintain the tax/welfare system, then surely the obvious was is just to adjust the retirement age on an annual basis. Someone said it would be political suicide to do it. It looks like it would be economic suicide not to.....

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