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Posted in: Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks suggests same with S Korea See in context

He's right, but South Korea's occupation of the islands (legitimate in my view) is just another symbol of Japan's diplomatic and military impotence. Japan has only ever had economic leverage over other countries. They mistakenly think this gives their foreign diplomacy credence. It doesn't. No cares about what Japan thinks (on the rare occasions when it does actually think). If you want 'your' islands back, go and get them.

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'That rhetoric appears to have won over voters from the Brexit Party - which has been successful in recent years at poaching Conservative Party voters.'

'In recent years'? The Brexit Party was only formed in January of this year.

As for a no deal Brexit, Vladimir Corbyn and his allies don't want that, so they will try to force a general election. The only way Boris is likely to win that is by an alliance with the Brexit Party, who now only seem to want a no deal. So by forcing an election, the remainers may end up with the result they were desperate to avoid. This means no backstop, so a hard border? The U.K. will not make a hard border. The EU say they have no choice. Who will be obliged to make the hard border? The Irish, who want it the least. Only idiots would avoid a deal, whether that's the EU or the Brexiteers.

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From Wikipedia: 'From 1988 to 2000, Kitagawa was the subject of a number of claims that he had taken advantage of his position to engage in improper sexual relationships with boys under contract to his talent agency. Kitagawa denied these claims, and in 2002 was awarded an 8.8 million yen judgment against the magazine that had published such allegations. An appeal by the magazine followed, resulting in a partial reversal of the judgment. The Tokyo High Court reduced the damages to ¥1.2 million, concluding that the reports of drinking and smoking were defamatory but that the allegations of sexual exploitation of adolescent boys by Johnny Kitagawa were true. A 2004 appeal to the Supreme Court by Kitagawa was rejected.'

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Why do we get two reports and pics of regular American PGA Tour news but nothing about Ryo Ishikawa winning his first title in three years with an eagle in a playoff at his 37th hole on Sunday?

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Part of the problem is that too much is taught. Cut half of the curriculum and allow kids to process information and think about it rather than just retain it. If I fill up the hard disk on my computer, the processor doesn't work. That's what happens to Japanese kids.

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Disillusioned is right. Students are taught grammar but are not taught how to use it or develop it. Rather than just upping the complexity of grammar levels, it would be better to get students to figure out how to use the grammar they know first.

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The Japanese players have to change their thinking and this is a huge task. No one's going to do it in 3 months. I think only Philippe Troussier has tried to do it; everyone else has been clueless. Wenger should be available from May.....

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I've always thought that if you need a certain percentage of workers to non-workers to maintain the tax/welfare system, then surely the obvious was is just to adjust the retirement age on an annual basis. Someone said it would be political suicide to do it. It looks like it would be economic suicide not to.....

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