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Posted in: Lifestyle illness: Finding a medical professional in Japan See in context

If you search Google Maps, you can find doctors/clinics and most will have some kind of review attached so you can see if the doctor is good or not (translate in Chrome or with Google).

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context


'The Japanese have moved on.'

Really? The Nagasaki 'Peace' Museum I visited totally whitewashed Japan's ugly side of the war and seemed to be designed to brainwash Japanese schoolkids into thinking that all Americans are cowardly murderers. In this debate, remember the one truism: The only people who know nothing about Japanese history are the Japanese themselves.

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context

European nations have what's known as Holocaust denial laws. I can't understand why Korea hasn't introduced similar laws for Japan's war crimes. Forget Japan's empty apologies; let's remember how many times Japanese politicians have DENIED the country's war crimes. Unit 731 -- didn't happen. Sex slaves -- were 'volunteers.' Pearl Harbor -- America made us do it. If Korea wants an apology, I'm pretty sure they don't want it coming out of the mouth of a Japanese politician.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rejects appeal by 'vagina kayak' artist over obscenity See in context

Wasn't she tried for sending out data that could be converted into a 3D image of her vagina? That's like charging me with murder for sending a kitchen knife to my mother. Whatever, this is a beautiful example of how absurd Japanese 'justice' is.

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Posted in: Tokyo to look into theater infections after 30 cases reported See in context

What kind of theater? Was everyone wearing masks?

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Posted in: No bail for 2 accused of helping ex-Nissan boss escape Japan See in context

I don't think they're worried. Once it goes to trial in Japan, they can just say they were drunk....

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Posted in: English TV commentary across soccer leagues shows racial bias, study claims See in context

Megastupid study. "This study shows an evident bias in how we describe the attributes of footballers based on their skin color." The bias comes from the people doing the study and praising it. It doesn't attempt to juxtapose the qualities of the players with the comments. What adjectives would people use describing, for example, Didier Drogba and Teddy Sheringham. Both great players, but they have different qualities. I suppose we're suddenly going to find out that Adama Traore is a genius and Shunsuke Nakamura is an athletic hunk.

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Facebook works fine if you let it. It's a soft target for those who, ironically, just want to be heard and seen on the internet. The internet hasn't dumbed down society. The dumb have dumbed down the internet.

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Posted in: Gov't seeks more inclusion in education for foreign children in Japan See in context

Story fails to address the issue of Korean schools. Are they included in the figures?

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Posted in: Cyclist killed in hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

There are so many stupid cyclists and pedestrians out there, especially at night. They're in the road in dark clothes with little or no lighting. I'm amazed more don't get killed. Even if the cyclist is 100% at fault, the driver of the car is going to be punished. As a cyclist, I'm hyper careful and try to stick to the sidewalk or quiet roads, not main roads. As a driver, you have to expect the unexpected, especially at night. But some of these people are too dumb to be saved.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics protest parody of logo that depicts COVID-19 See in context

Brilliant! Typical Japanese response to a brilliant parody. The Asahi article was just garbage; typical rubbish Japanese journalism. Just when you think people can't get any stupider. The graphic cojoined Covid19 and the Olympics, which was brilliant and accurate symbolism. Another 'How Dumb Can We Get' sticker for the Japan Olympic Committee.

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Posted in: China, S Korea consult Japan on easing business-travel curbs: report See in context

Monty: 'Please do us all a favor and ban all business travelers from mainland China.'

Surely you mean the U.K., Spain and Italy??????

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One the one hand, there's circumstantial evidence of a huge number of deaths in China (46,000) and looking at figures from other countries, it would seem that the Chinese figures don't add up. On the other hand, China locked down virtually the whole country two months ago, which could explain a quick flattening of the curve and lessening of deaths and infections. But pre-lockdown, it's hard to believe that China's figures are limited to what they say when you see what happened in Italy and Spain.

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Posted in: Japan Times changes reference to 'comfort women' after backlash See in context

And let's not forget the rest of the war:

'Between 20,000 and 80,000 Chinese women were raped – and many soldiers went beyond rape. So brutal were the Japanese in Nanking that even the Nazis in the city were shocked.’  (Newsweek)

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I would suggest holding the Games as late as possible this year, say the end of November and beginning of December. They'd still be the 2020 Games, the virus should be under control and the weather will be nice (so they can bring the marathon back to Tokyo). It's better than having them in the summer of 2021. And they could maybe hold off selling the Olympic Village apartments for a few months....

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Lots of pre-judging here from people who haven't seen the movie. I've seen it. It's not about the bigger issues. It's about how close eastern Japan came to being **ed. It's based on the book On the Brink: The Inside Story of Fukushima Daiichi **and basically shows the problem starting and the problems dealing with the problems. Kan is portrayed as an angry idiot, TEPCO execs are portrayed as useless idiots and the Fukushima 50 are shown probably as it was, virtually helpless. It doesn't sugar-coat it. Worth seeing.

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Posted in: Ghosn used Nissan-Mitsubishi venture to inflate pay: lawyers See in context

Henny Penny, Ghosn probably appeared arrogant to many within the Alliance, but people in Nissan (who I've spoken to) say he was the only one with a vision for Nissan and its partners. The executives left to pick up the pieces are no different to the idiots that Ghosn got rid of 20 years ago.

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Posted in: Ghosn used Nissan-Mitsubishi venture to inflate pay: lawyers See in context

Everything written here seems to suggest that Ghosn didn't inflate his pay or even cheat Nissan. He just a) used the rules (OK, maybe tax dodges, but seemingly legit ones) to get the money he probably felt he deserved and b) got money the companies knew he would be getting. It's normal that when you fall out with a company in Japan, they try to demonize you and make you look really bad. Nissan and the prosecutors they have in their pocket need to put up (all the evidence) or shut up.

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Posted in: Koizumi, wife have baby boy See in context

"I want to be a father like my dad was."

Surely this should be "I want to be a father like my dad wasn't."

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Posted in: Ghosn: A tycoon full of surprises See in context

I don't think a normal, democratic country such as USA, France or Switzerland would extradite him to Japan because they couldn't guarantee his human rights in Japan. I hope Ghosn makes this challenge and Japan gets more egg on its face

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Posted in: S Korean envoy to Japan seeks 'comprehensive' fix to wartime issues See in context

Tom Doley, you're a star!

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Posted in: Manga about 40-something man’s relationship with daughter’s schoolgirl friend sparks controversy See in context

The notion that 40, 50 or even 60-year-old men lusting after young women is perverted is ridiculous. It's actually normal. Your image of a sexual partner doesn't have to change just because you get older. 50-year-olds aren't more attracted to other 50-year-olds; they're attracted to the most desirable females (males, etc.) in their sexual group. OK, some may like this type of person, some may like that type, but Playboy doesn't usually feature pinups of 50-year-old women. Society imposes laws and conventions to protect young women and men, but these are artificial barriers. If the legal age for sex is 18 (I think it's 16), it doesn't make you a pervert or a pedophile to lust after a girl who's 17 years and 11 months old. The media like to portray old men as corrupting young women, but sometimes the opposite is true. Some who get found out having sex with someone older play the "I'm a child" card to avoid trouble. Often, I suspect they are the corrupters and have more sexual experience than their 'oppressors.' Society needs to grow up a bit and stop reading and believing rubbish in the media.

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Posted in: Death of K-pop star Goo Hara stirs bullying debate See in context

@KariHaruka great posts. Korea was at the forefront of computer and internet advances; unfortunately, they are also at the forefront of internet abuse. It is a worldwide problem now and largely out of control. Korea has to face up to the monster it has created, but I don't see it happening. Like Japan, there is too much male-dominated abuse and too few consequences. FInd a way to fight back. It can be done. Look at Hong Kong.

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Posted in: Koike remains defiant over IOC decision to move events to Sapporo See in context

From Wikipedia: 'The women's marathon at the 2004 Summer Olympics took place on August 22 with temperatures exceeding 95 degrees (35 °C). Among the 82 starters, only sixty-six were able to successfully finish the race, with two left the track seeking for a medical attention.'

Been done before with no great problems. Humidity may be different, but it might not be 35 C.

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

Or, how about running it in Tokyo's underground roads? Or through the Aqualine?

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

If you're going to have it at night, then around 8 p.m. makes sense from the point of view of the heat (hot but no sun) and spectators (they can still get home on the train). Logistically, this might not work as other events will be taking place in the evening. To make it easier, you could have a circuit course instead of one-way, perhaps from Shin Kiba to Odaiba and the offshore islands where the rowing and equestrian events are being held.

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Tororo in itself is hardly scary, but I recently had it with chunks of raw chicken topped with a raw egg. Beautiful, but don't expect many Westerners to go near it....

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Posted in: Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks suggests same with S Korea See in context

He's right, but South Korea's occupation of the islands (legitimate in my view) is just another symbol of Japan's diplomatic and military impotence. Japan has only ever had economic leverage over other countries. They mistakenly think this gives their foreign diplomacy credence. It doesn't. No cares about what Japan thinks (on the rare occasions when it does actually think). If you want 'your' islands back, go and get them.

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Posted in: Farage offers Johnson an electoral pact for no-deal Brexit See in context

'That rhetoric appears to have won over voters from the Brexit Party - which has been successful in recent years at poaching Conservative Party voters.'

'In recent years'? The Brexit Party was only formed in January of this year.

As for a no deal Brexit, Vladimir Corbyn and his allies don't want that, so they will try to force a general election. The only way Boris is likely to win that is by an alliance with the Brexit Party, who now only seem to want a no deal. So by forcing an election, the remainers may end up with the result they were desperate to avoid. This means no backstop, so a hard border? The U.K. will not make a hard border. The EU say they have no choice. Who will be obliged to make the hard border? The Irish, who want it the least. Only idiots would avoid a deal, whether that's the EU or the Brexiteers.

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Posted in: Japanese entertainment mogul Johnny Kitagawa dies at age 87 See in context

From Wikipedia: 'From 1988 to 2000, Kitagawa was the subject of a number of claims that he had taken advantage of his position to engage in improper sexual relationships with boys under contract to his talent agency. Kitagawa denied these claims, and in 2002 was awarded an 8.8 million yen judgment against the magazine that had published such allegations. An appeal by the magazine followed, resulting in a partial reversal of the judgment. The Tokyo High Court reduced the damages to ¥1.2 million, concluding that the reports of drinking and smoking were defamatory but that the allegations of sexual exploitation of adolescent boys by Johnny Kitagawa were true. A 2004 appeal to the Supreme Court by Kitagawa was rejected.'

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