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Posted in: Abe says Olympics 'will repay debt we owe the world' See in context

Congratulation Tokyo!

Very good team work and definitely well played.

And yes please do fix Fukushima problems for real this time.

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Posted in: Snow hits Kanto, paralyzing transport; 267 injuries reported See in context

Woke up in the morning, I thought I was in Hokkaido.

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Posted in: Darvish's absence spells trouble for Japan's World Baseball Classic chances See in context

@tmarie Thing is, he's half so a much more open target!


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Posted in: China reins in rowdy anti-Japan demonstrations See in context


Which one came first actuallly, some chinese people landed on the disputed island or the purchase of the island?

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Posted in: China reins in rowdy anti-Japan demonstrations See in context

@tmarie write up something either about being anti-Japan, anti-emperor or anything that questions how foreigners get treated

No foreigners or foreign assets will be harmed. That's for sure. Give me a link or concrete prove where foreign assets get looted and vandalized in Japan then we'll talk.

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Posted in: China says Tokyo survey team acting illegally See in context

@smithinjapan why you always suggesting force (if china wants it, they'll get it). Is that how you settle your issues? By brandishing your power?

If china or south korea really has a solid proof that they own these islands then they should settle it over ICJ and get it done and over with.

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Posted in: Korean man assaulted by extremists for protesting Japanese war crimes See in context

@smith dude, he asks for it and he got it simple as that.

stop being apologetic.

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Posted in: Lee says emperor would have to apologize if he wishes to visit S Korea See in context

Seems like Lee has a very short memory.

A little less than 2 years ago NK bombed SKean island and it almost went into an all out war.

And just over 2 years ago NK torpedo SK's warship killing 46 sailors.

I think he should watch his back instead of instigating a fight.

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Posted in: 4 Kanagawa cops admit sexually harassing female officer See in context

Wow, what's with the Japan bashing?

These things didn't happen in other countries?

I totally agree they should be punished more severe, but give me a break on the bad mouthing.

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Posted in: Evidence shows months of plotting ahead of Colorado shooting See in context

@Frank Vaughn

I concede that with guns the death toll probably would have been higher

That's the idea!

We can't stop crimes, there'll always be a nutjob somewhere trying to prove their points.

But we can reduce the mortality rate by banning guns when that happened.

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Posted in: Evidence shows months of plotting ahead of Colorado shooting See in context

@Herve Nmn L'Eisa

Had even one person at the scene been armed(aside from the nutjob), the shooter could have stopped before so many were victimized

Why stopped at one, why not the entire movie goers?

Can you imagine what would happen?

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Posted in: Business caters to sexual needs of disabled See in context

shufu and alladin, Sex is one of the most basic needs of human.

Just because many don't have it that doesn't mean they don't have the urge. Why do you think there's so many of us?

God bless this service and all other services for the disabled.

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Posted in: Rakuten's decision on English not welcomed by everyone See in context

S7ro9kGm3aQ The amount of westerners I've met in Japan who are capable of speaking almost perfect Japanese with excellent pronunciation far outweighs the number of Japanese I've met who can speak English to the same level

Looks like you haven't met enough Japanese yet during your stay. I've some of them who speaks both natively.

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Posted in: Wash and wear See in context

Aya-chan is as kawaii as ever. Love her!!

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Posted in: Former doctor fatally stabs 8 students in China See in context

How can someone with a history of mental health problems become a doctor?

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Posted in: Japan stocks tumble on U.S. stock losses, higher yen See in context

I agree with rajakumar, by printing more yen we get more from the cash handouts as well.

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Posted in: Deepening Israeli assault on Hamas divides Arab world See in context

I think the International peace keepers should intervene and stationed inside the conflict zones. That way both sides wouldn't dare to fire rockets or make incursion, I hope.

It would be funny though if Hamas fire rockets and hit the peace keepers.

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Posted in: JAL president becomes famous as modest executive on YouTube See in context

Catch a train in Japan to go to work as a CEO, I give him that. My work doesn't start until 10.00 and it is still packed like crazy.

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Posted in: Japan considering sending warship to tackle pirates off Somalia See in context

I'm a non Japanese Asian and after have been living in Japan for 7 years, I truly believe that Japan's imperial ambition is long dead when they declared unconditional surrender.

Most Japanese have little patriotism to their own country, they do show it though with passion during sporting events. On the flip side 'other' Asian countries brain washed their people to hate other Asian countries which is not good for world peace.

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Posted in: McDonald's admits 1,000 people paid to join queue for Quarter Pounder debut in Osaka See in context

Just like people lining up for an iPhone, could never understand that.

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Posted in: Japan considering sending warship to tackle pirates off Somalia See in context

Asian countries beware, the beginning of remilitarism is happening again.

I think you should worry about 'other' Asian countries.

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Posted in: Tiffany handset See in context

This may not be the best picture of Aya but she's still cute.

I like this one better.


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Posted in: Microsoft says next Windows won't be as annoying See in context

Linux maybe a better OS however, it is still far far away from being user friendly to average users.

I don't know about now but, just to install a simple flash player I had to untar the package and run the script manually. It doesn't sound too complex but if you ask average joe to do that, he will go, Huh?

Maybe Linux does not have to be mainstream because it bears a lot of responsibility and may kill Linux innovation.

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Posted in: Miwa Asao back in public eye after sister's death See in context

Welcome back Miwa, really sorry about what happened to your sister.

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Posted in: Instead of being apologetic, Japan is becoming more and more brazen. This worries me. It has to stop. See in context

I can't believe someone actually live there in complete isolation.

It's like Adam and Eve all over again.

Blind nationalism can make one goes ....blind.

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Posted in: Transsexual celebrity Ayana Tsubaki introduces Coppola's new film See in context

And this is Ayana's blog.


See if you can find anything "manly" about her.

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Posted in: Transsexual celebrity Ayana Tsubaki introduces Coppola's new film See in context

This Ayana freak, should not be promoting anything

What's so freaky about her? Your comment freaks me out even more actually. Have you seen her on TV or hear her speaks, she is totally a woman.

I agree that she might not be appropriate introducing the movie, but I don't understand why you so freaked out about her sexuality

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