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Posted in: Would you be willing to pay for access to newspapers' online content? See in context

certainly not .There is no way . if they don't want people to read for free then they shouldn't be on line in the first place .They get enough money from adverts, don't they ?

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Posted in: U.S. professor's Holocaust-Gaza comparison stirs debate See in context

I think professor Robinsons is right inwhat he says about the Israelis practices not only i Gaza but also in the WestBank . It is a combination of Nazis and the apartheid . Let's not forget charls Freeman a month ago how he was intimedated and his character was defamed by the jewish lobby in Washington , and now it's Robinsons. This is intimedation from the israelis , anyone dare say the truth will face the same fate . But more and more people are saying and observing the truth . the older days have gone and new tide of media and thoughts are prevailing .The Israelis are like an Ostrich dipping it's head in the sand and says nobody sees me .their pracices are already exposed , more and more people are daring to say the truth and oneday the Israelis will find themselves isolated and exposed and begging for forgivness.

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Posted in: Asashoryu takes sole lead after Hakuho falls See in context

After all the bashing which Asashoryu recieved from the media , I think he well determind to prove them wrong and this is a polite slap on their faces . The media should leave sports personal alone after all they are human being . I wish Asahoryu all the best and all other wrestlers as well.

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