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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

There are about 19,000 people on these islands nowadays. No way Russia give them up.

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Posted in: Macron reeling as tough stance against 'yellow vests' backfires See in context

Macron sought to head off the rebellion in December with a promise of tax cuts for pensioners, wage rises for the poorest workers

It has been pointed out that these were false measures that the government would have to do anyway, or that further disadvantage the poorest. All lies.

The price tag for those concessions: 10 billion euros

First, there are no "concessions". Second, reminder that Macron cut the ISF, Solidarity Tax on Wealth, with revenues of more than 4 billion euros. Also, tax evasion is estimated at 100 billion euros. But sure, giving to the poor is the problem...

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Posted in: Drop beef and save millions of lives, slash emissions: WEF See in context


Ok. But I said food system.

That includes food production, transport, stocking, disposal.

When we talk about the food system, it's not only farms and farm animals. There's a much bigger system around it that is polluting, wasteful, and not so healthy in the end.

And diminishing meat consumption means diminishing all of that.

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Posted in: Drop beef and save millions of lives, slash emissions: WEF See in context

It is well known that the principal source of greenhouse gases is our food system.

Changing our eating habits is inevitable if we want to reduce our emissions. Unfortunately, between climate change deniers, those who plain and simple refuse to change their habits, and politicians will only short term goals, nothing will be done.

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Posted in: 'CALM DOWN,' Trump tells detractors in New Year's message See in context

Trump shutdown and meltdown all at once.

With the Democrats taking the house and the Mueller investigation continuing, he's going to implode very soon.

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Posted in: Australia swelters through heatwave as records tumble See in context

Up to 16 degrees Celcius higher than usual, but climate change deniers are already up in arms, trying to deny the problem.

These people are not afraid of being ridiculous.

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Posted in: Nations count cost of 2018 climate change-induced disasters See in context

Topping the list were hurricanes Florence and Michael, which caused an estimated $17 billion

Reminder : the US got out of the Paris accord because it didn't want to pay 2 billion. Irony.

There is a critical lack of political will, and what ever happens from now, we will suffer some kind of consequences.

On the bright side, there's never been so many people mobilized on the issue.

City are working toward 100% renewable, more and more people are changing their habits, citizens are suing their government, etc... So we might still survive this.

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Posted in: In a first, Trump makes surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq; Iraqi leaders upset See in context

Remember he was supposed to go to Mar-A-Lago if not for the government shut down. Needed a distraction, that's all.

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Posted in: Abe asks business leaders to raise wages before sales tax hike See in context

Shinzo made a "Request" ! What a bold, unprecedented move !

Don't hold your breath.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

It is simply to maintain adequate food sources for the population in a time of Trade War.

FYI, Japan wastes 5 million tons of food a year.

Please, respect Japanese culture, food and traditions.

I've been to Shimonoseki, the home port of the "research" ships. Ironically, I found quite a few abandoned Shinto shrines that were half destroyed. I guess Japan doesn't care about its own culture, or decided that whaling is more important than their state religion and, you know, half their tradition.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

Bad move before the Olympics. It will not be good publicity for the country.

Also, the hunting of whales will hurt whale watching businesses, as it does in Iceland. Bad move economically.

The government does not care about sustainability, profitable business or so called "tradition" : it cares only about its ultra-conservative voters.

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Posted in: Trump’s Syria withdrawal – right idea, wrong time See in context

The guy can barely read, don't ask him to understand geopolitics.

Also, he was criticized for not visiting troops abroad, so this gives him the perfect cover not to go.

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Posted in: Let foreigners enter, but don't let them obtain Japanese citizenship, doctor urges See in context

"some of them will stay, and there will be more cases of them starting families with Japanese women. This could be a growing problem."

That's some impressive racism ! 10/10 ! Bravo !


(note that he doesn't talk about Japanese men starting families with foreign women, how weird !)

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Posted in: On Christmas Eve, Trump questions child about belief in Santa See in context

Of course, that's the one time Trump can't lie ! Sad !

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Posted in: Shop selling sharkskin products hoping to revive tsunami-hit city See in context

Still with the "use every part of the animal" excuse. But this doesn't matter, use everything or half, the animal is dead, and you're selling a product in hope of increasing demand that will lead to more animals being killed.

We wiped out 90% of sharks already. Put quotas all you want : unless it stops altogether, the population will never go back to normal.

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Posted in: Trump's demand for wall moves government closer to shutdown See in context

"With so much talk about the Wall, people are losing sight of the great job being done on our Southern Border by Border Patrol, ICE and our great Military," Trump tweeted. "Remember the Caravans? Well, they didn't get through and none are forming or on their way. Border is tight. Fake News silent!"

Well, Trump says it himself : the border is secured !

Why would you need a wall then ?

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Posted in: Burnout, stress lead more companies around the world to try a four-day work week See in context

All that seems obvious to me.

Less work, less stress. What's the point in being at the office for 8 hours or more if you do only 3-4 hours of work ?

Unfortunately, we will need a BIG change in the capitalist way of thinking, and put human beings before the economy, in order to see any real change.

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Posted in: Customer berates convenience store staff after misunderstanding about cigarettes See in context

Working in restaurant, I saw things like this a few times.

This being Japan, there's not much that the employees can do. Apologize, call the boss... that's it.

Companies should give license to call the cops in such cases.

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Posted in: Japan to pull out of IWC to resume commercial whaling See in context

At least they're being honest on the subject for the first time...

Does it mean the government will stop subsidizing ? No reason to pay whaling companies anything. If it becomes officially commercial, it means it's a viable business that should be able to support itself.

And if not... I'm sure they will find an excuse to give them taxpayers money !

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Posted in: N Korea says it won't denuclearize unless U.S. removes threat See in context


It's basically what NK was trying to say since a few months. And what experts were saying since the start.

Can't wait for Donald "smart cookie" Trump's tweet on the subject. (my guess is "KJU u r breakin my

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending Christmas in Japan? See in context

For me, Christmas has been synonymous with work since a long time ago, even before moving to Japan.

And even before that, I cared less and less with age. I think I was 16 the last time I had a Christmas dinner.

I guess that happens when you're non-religious and can buy your own stuff.

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Posted in: Survey investigates how Japanese women feel about going Dutch on a date See in context

Splitting the bill evenly is OK: 69 percent of female respondents

Why do I never meet anyone like that ?

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Posted in: Trump starts pulling U.S. forces from Syria See in context

Trump tweeted that "We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there."

At least that's good for a laugh !

It's not surprising he's trying to take credit for defeating ISIS, but will he start pretending he did the fighting too ?

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Posted in: Trump panel recommends guns in schools to keep U.S. students safe See in context

Some people watched Die Hard too many times, and actually came to believe the "good guy with a gun" fantasy.

What does it take to neutralize a lone shooter without or with minimal collateral damage ?

It takes a team of people specifically and highly trained for this kind of situation. That's the SWAT in the US, the RAID in France, the SAT in Japan, etc...

Guys who can go in and won't panic and start shooting everyone screaming or running away because they were startled. Teachers and other school staff, regular people are not trained for that, neither is it their job. Putting a gun in their hands won't change this fact.

Hiring veterans specifically for this purpose, that's assuming they kept training, kept in shape, or you know, aren't suffering from PTSD.

Anyway, in most other countries, putting weapons in a school or not is not even a question. It shows how low the US has fallen.

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Posted in: N Korea warns U.S. over sanctions See in context

Since the summit, more missile bases have been found, NK continued to produce fuel for its nukes, and now they're threatening to stop altogether. So much for being in love...

Also, it seems like Kim is crushing Trump's hand in the picture.

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Posted in: Climate talks pass baton in race to stop global warming See in context

The world is heading for a 3-5C rise in temperatures this century, the U.N. World Meteorological Organization has said.

Just to give an idea, here's from National Geographic's "Six Degrees Could Change the World" :

At 3ºC higher the Arctic would be ice-free all summer, the Amazon rainforest would begin to dry out and extreme weather patterns would become the norm. An increase of 4ºC would see the oceans rise drastically. Then comes the twilight zone of climate change, if the global temperature rises again by another degree. Part of once temperate regions could become uninhabitable, while humans fight each other for the world’s remaining resources. The sixth degree is what is called the doomsday scenario as oceans become marine wastelands, deserts expand and catastrophic events become more common.

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Posted in: Putin calendar sales surpassing those of Japanese stars in Japan See in context

Looking at the picture, I'm wondering what he's describing with his hands...

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Posted in: U.N. climate talks inch forward; appear headed for overtime See in context

Last week, the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait blocked the endorsement of a scientific report on a key element of the Paris climate agreement

The US is now a part of a nice little club ! Congrats !

It will be up to the rest of the world to save the planet then.

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Posted in: Main suspect in Strasbourg attack killed in gun battle with police See in context

He had spent time in French, German and Swiss jails for a theft and violence and authorities say he was known to have developed radical religious views while behind bars.

Not surprising. He was an easy target for radicalization.

I'm glad nobody else got hurt.

His parents and two brothers in custody---two sisters questioned in Paris----sounds like a family of suspicious individuals!

I think this is standard procedure. Usually the family had no idea of what was going on. However another of his brothers is on the radicalization watch list and haven't been arrested yet.

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Posted in: Police search across eastern France for Strasbourg Christmas market attacker See in context

Terrorists aren't "vulnerable people" who are tricked by evil con artists. They make several important and conscious decisions on the road from simple religious believer to mass murder.

I agree they make the choice in the end. But you just have to look at the kind of people the perpetrators are : second generations searching for their place, petty criminals, orphans, guys who discovered Islam a year ago...

Some are stupid enough to a military patrol will a knife or hammer.

There are videos of ISIS fighters who were captured and were not so excited about martyrdom anymore (screaming and crying).

In short, the foot soldiers are not the more courageous, bright or educated. The ones above them, that's a different story.

Some clearly have an interpretation of it that they believe justifies violence.

Sure, but where do they get this interpretation ? They find ISIS or Al Qaeda on social media. Doubtful they ever read the Quran themselves. As I wrote above, some weren't even Muslim a short time before their attacks. Some wannabe jihadists bought "The Quran for Dummies", for pit's sake !

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