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this US threat towards Japan is a bit rich coming from the fact Japan used foreign aid money to bribe smaller countries into joining the IWC as pro-whaling nations. Lets not forget the Dominican minister for fisheries resigned when Japan said it was going to pull foreign aid from them for not agreeing to be a pro-whaling nation as well as Antigua openly stating Japan had given then millions of dollars be have a pro whaling stance

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Posted in: Japanese whaling: Why the West is in the wrong See in context

I think those who say Japan is carrying out viable research and whaling can be justified need to remember that:

1) all the so called research currently performed whilst the animal is dead can be gained whilst the animal is STILL ALIVE using darting methods 2) the data collected from the animals when dead such as blood samples will be severely skewed due to the stress and trauma of the hunt and so does not produce any viable data anyway 3) the IWC has deemed that they do not meet the requirements for the research to be called scientific and so are in breach of the law 4) the research performed has already been done in other studies in the 1980s 5) there is no evidence to support the fact that whales are the cause of depleting fish stocks (might be something to do with humans overfishing more like?)

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