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A nice and beautiful Sunday-Tokyo to hold a marathon.

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Posted in: Kipsang misses world record in Tokyo Marathon win See in context

Congratulations Wilson Kipsang !!!!! Today is a great Sunday in Tokyo.

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Posted in: The best part-time job in Japan? Get paid Y50,000 per day to take naps See in context

wow!!!!!everyone's comment sounds kind of funny.haha

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The film will go round the theaters smoothly. Watch it everyone.

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its cold and it reads -7 °C.But the pic is taken on 24th , today Hokkaido is a little warmer than yesterday.Current temperature in Sapporo and Hakodate is -4°C and -2°C respectively at 6.00 p.m. JST.

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so many trucks!!!!!

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Posted in: Anime hit 'your name.' finally coming to theaters in U.S. and Canada See in context

watch it everyone

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Posted in: Pet project See in context

Great App. Great Innovation. Loved It.

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Posted in: Nishikori into final See in context

Japan is proud of Kei Nishikori. I know he will continue to improve. Great player.

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Posted in: Abe asks business leaders to raise employees' wages See in context

Thank you Abe-san

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Posted in: Kei's cooking See in context

Very all-round type of person. Proud of Japan in tennis.

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Posted in: No. of traffic fatalities in 2016 falls below 4,000 for first time in 67 years See in context


Most of them would not pass a driver's licence test done by the German standards fully wrong assumptions

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Posted in: No. of traffic fatalities in 2016 falls below 4,000 for first time in 67 years See in context

the level of driving in Japan is comparable with that in the USA, and way worse than that in the European Germanic countries (Germany, Scandinavia). In other words, people in Japan don't really know how to drive: don't know how to stop at the stop marks, don't stop at red lights, don't yield and use priority correctly, and don't drive the legal spee

absolutely wrong

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Posted in: No. of traffic fatalities in 2016 falls below 4,000 for first time in 67 years See in context


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Posted in: Praying for prosperity See in context

Let the Japanese economy shine from this year. The good times of the economy is not very far.

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Posted in: Kim says N Korea in final stages of test launching ICBM See in context

crazy politics

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Posted in: Japan eyes trilateral talks with China, S Korea in February See in context

NICE move Japan. Time has come to close all the chapters of history and to set up for a respectful future relations between Japan,S Korea and China.

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I can see some foreigners too.Impressive!!!!! Everybody love to visit the shrines in new year,it just gives you a new good start to the year. Happy New Year Everyone♡♡♡♡♡

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These people are praying not only for their own well being but also for others well being like their parents,loved ones and all.

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Posted in: M6.3 quake hits eastern Japan; no tsunami danger See in context

Everyone please be careful as The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued a warning of an another possible similar quake that can hit the same area in a few days time. But I am relieved that the damages due the quake are quite minimal and no one is seriously injured.

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