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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics draw to a close See in context

The moth was the best part :D

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Posted in: Tropical storm nears Japan, disrupting Tokyo Olympics See in context

.. it was a pathetic excuse for a storm, even a 'tropical uprising' .. as always .. everything gets blown out of proportion .. and then they dont mention the REALLY nasty weather until half of the mountain slides away .. sorry .. ranting .. was a nice afternoon to dry washing though :D

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Posted in: Typhoon heads for eastern Japan; Olympic rowing events rescheduled See in context

.. itll hopefully make the surfing more exciting :D

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Posted in: Russian Olympic archer loses consciousness in Tokyo heat See in context

64 archers?? Thats like a whole flank of Braveheart :D

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Posted in: More Japanese business leaders to skip Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony See in context

.. too cliche to mention rats and a sinking ship but hey .. it is what it is ..

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Posted in: Missing Ugandan athlete spotted on camera at Nagoya Station See in context

i thought people weren't allowed to gather / hold / collect your passport .. but WTF do i know lol ..

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Posted in: 3rd athlete at Olympic village tests positive See in context

Perušič, who said he has been vaccinated, is the second member of the Czech delegation to test positive in Tokyo after a team official's case was reported Saturday.

Oops ..

but .. what am i missing here?

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Posted in: No-spectator Olympics dashes sporting goods makers' promotional hopes See in context

.. and you just know that every unsold branded item is going into landfill .. shame they cant be rebranded or upcycled and be given to people who actually NEED the things .. more waste ..

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Posted in: Zero risk? Virus cases test Olympic organizers' assurances See in context

"The Olympics is not about whether you win or lose, its not even about the colour of your medal .." No its now about whether you can get in, compete, and get out without getting sick ..

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Posted in: Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Agreed .. i thought the point of BEING vaccinated was so that you could go and watch the Olympics .. now im just confused lol ..

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Posted in: Kono says local gov'ts need to slow down vaccinations due to supply crunch See in context

Would it not make, or have made, more sense to vaccinate the 'younger' working, socializing, going-outside generation first? Of course everyone has good ideas in hindsight i know but ..

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Posted in: Olympic athletes to put on own medals; crowd noise to be fed into arenas See in context

I can feel us all heading more and more into the whole 'user experience' Olympics where we do it in our own living rooms ala Ready Player One and the very recent Olympic Virtual Series .. The actual 'physical' Olympics is becoming so watered down for all involved .. "Open Sachet 1 NOW for the smell of chlorine and lycra togs .."

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Posted in: Daily tests, cardboard beds: 24 hours at Tokyo's Olympic Village See in context

OMG its just a cluster waiting to happen .. all they need is ONE positive in there and its like Army of the Dead .. Close the gates and lock 'em all in lol .. its just a cruise ship without the cruise .. or the ship ..

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Posted in: Sliced Black Thunder: A chocolate bar for toast See in context

.. just shuttup and take my money :D...…

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Posted in: 4 Olympic workers from U.S., Britain arrested over alleged cocaine use See in context

No covid in the 'bubble', but there's cocaine?!?!!?

Real question: Does 'olympic family' have similar 'diplomatic immunity' settings for luggage ??

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Posted in: Nagoya police take down knife-wielding man at train station without using lethal force See in context

".. without using lethal force" is pretty par for the course though .. that's hardly news .. but that the delivery guy got rolled into it is much more exciting :D

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Posted in: 4 Olympic workers from U.S., Britain arrested over alleged cocaine use See in context

Where does one even begin with this one lol .. just really generating a buzz though :D

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic athletes' village officially and quietly opens See in context

But no opening your duty-free, or your Olympic condoms, until you leave ok .. because that's the 'rules' .. oh and no drinking .. or talking out loud lol ..

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Posted in: Bach corrects Chinese slip-up in Olympic talks; calls Tokyo best-ever prepared host city See in context

Dazed after all his days in isolation ..

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Posted in: Not just COVID: Earthquakes, typhoons pose threat at Tokyo Olympics See in context

"Kenji, Shinji and Genji weren't totally convinced of the new methods for the Javelin umpires but nevertheless took to the training like fish in a barrel.."

And FWIW, the Athletes Village doesn't look very tsunami-proof anyway yo ..

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Posted in: Heist of over ¥2 mil in sea cucumbers thwarted by Japanese coast guard See in context

I really just signed up to lay down comments about the sea cucumbers tho lol .. Honestly though who knew that these were 'plucked' ?!?!?

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