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I'm Australian and was raped at 19 by a member of the most powerful military in the world whilst living in Japan. Obviously, he was untouchable - diplomatically immune. There is nothing to describe the inadequacy of the legal system, the countless ways police re-traumatise victims during interrogation, the blame and judgement assigned immediately. There is no concept of maintained enthusiastic consent. There is no concept of retraction of consent - the idea that at any point during a sexual act, if either partner changes their mind and wants to quit, THAT'S IT. GAME OVER. NO MEANS NO. The culture for Japanese women is extremely unfortunate as they are socially vilified for demanding so much as bodily autonomy, a right to be heard. but the situation too for gaijin in Japan is one of blatant disregard. not just total cynicism. "you're foreign, he's foreign, you're not our problem". Ah, I'll just take my contusions home and lick my wounds. Thank you officer.

Okay, so what about the group of Nihonjin guys who spiked my drink? I went out on a Friday night and woke up on a Sunday in a hotel, in another district, with my clothes on backwards? "you were drinking. you're a slut, basically. control yourself."

Hai, domo.

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