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Steven MccarthyToday  05:47 pm JST

Cue up the false/fake fact checkers . Omicron is as deadly as Delta . Everything is not peaches and cream. This is not remotely even close to the flu . Where are these 550,000 active cases ? Severe symptoms means on a ventilator. So how many people are there in the hospitals? We know there are some at home who should be hospitalized. Daijobu… not ! Trying to be positive. The only thing positive is the day infection rate and daily increase in deaths . The economy cannot be maintained as long as Covid is out of control and the naysayers continue to regurgitate their daily lies . This is not just going away. Here in Japan, we are nowhere near the peak . With the borders virtually closed , it’s time to make and enforce a real SOE. A REAL lockdown. Not the fake ones we’ve had over and over. Shut down public transportation. Forbid the ever famous daily meetings in a closed setting. Maybe if Japan would in FACT report the death rate from Covid in children, maybe just maybe the adults would start to act responsibly together. And those that refuse , deport them forthwith. And their partners too . Time to get real people.

Steven McCarthy, you're completely out of touch with reality. Omicron is not NEARLY as deadly as Delta (especially for vaccinated pax), and the numbers from every country show that.

It's insane that people in Japan are still calling for lockdowns in 2022, when virtually every other country in the world (even Australia and NZ) have realized that lockdowns are ineffective, harmful, and merely delay the inevitable (not to mention the fact that a lockdown is not possible under Japanese law). Shutting down public transportation in a metropolis of 45 million over 22 people in severe condition?!? That's just nuts.

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Steven MccarthyToday  05:26 pm JST

It’s way past time for a true and hard lockdown. No more urging . No fancy recommendations. Japan is proud of all their rules so it’s finally time for some Covid rules . This is not going away as some have suggested. Nor is it not deadly as some have suggested. 

Unbelievable, there's still people clamoring for a lockdown in 2022? Guess what, it's never going to happen. Aside from the fact that it's impossible under Japanese law, most of us (Japanese citizens and foreign residents alike) are tired of this nonsense and want to get on with our lives. You're welcome to lock yourself in your room for the next few months though!

Also, compared to past variants, it's not particularly deadly, and yes it will go away, as shown by the falling numbers in South Africa, UK, etc. Lockdowns and other restrictions on people's movement and interaction are just going to delay the inevitable.

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AlongfortherideToday  09:25 am JST

Although it would be difficult to do and would be a nightmare to be part of it. Japan needs to consider following other countries and do a complete lockdown for 1 month with borders completely shut. 1 month would allow anyone who currently has the virus to recover and stop the spread.

This hasn't happened anywhere else in the world, what makes you think it would work in Japan?

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lol it's absolutely insane that there's people on here in July of 2021 still calling for a full lockdown or shutting down public transportation. The only thing that's going to bring the numbers down is ramping up vaccinations.

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@Brian Wheway

"not only is it tranmited in tiny water droplets from the hoasts breath but it can be transmited by touch/contact, so its not only down to late night drinking, how about close contact and touching things on the train into work in the morning, and close contact through out the days work, like touching the fax machine, door handles, hanko stamps, staplers, phones, people shopping touching fruit and veg, the list goes on, its not just people going out drinking, its every one and that includes youths, adults, seniors,

So shopping? Not really that high-risk.'

yes it is, potentially anything that has been touched by an infected person can pass on the virus by touch, can you go shopping with out touching anything?"

Literally NONE of this is true. The CDC stated that the chance of catching COVID from surfaces is less than 1 in 10,000.

It's amazing that a year and a half into this pandemic, there's still this level of ignorance of basic facts about how the virus is spread.

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