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Posted in: U.S. may review plan to relocate forces in Okinawa to Guam See in context

what an uneducated thing to post about those who are posting that it is the Okinawa people protesting, when the instigators, which has been proven by media have been Korean instigators.  The original Ryukyans not Japanese and should have the voice not the other way around seem to be ok with the US forces.

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Posted in: China says U.S. warship entered its waters 'without permission' See in context

Man made island, seems like pretty open sea lanes to me. The US does not need permission from China to do anything it wants or feels to do.  China can't even stop NK from continued tests of missiles much less stop the US.  The US does not need China to intervene with NK since it is much the other way around.

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Posted in: 2 Chiba teachers fired for filming up girls' skirts, kissing students See in context

Training for the future.  Lessons learned for the school girls.  Besides the kissing could very well have been the other way around too.

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Posted in: Japan scrambles jets after China flies drone See in context

Japan has the right to defend itself if it is attacked, well a piece of war equipment aka weapons system is an act of war, shoot the thing down, sink the ships and give them something to really talk about because that is what China would do if in similar situation.

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Posted in: 2 men beat woman returning home in Saitama See in context

re: Any explaination would be appreciated.

ok, here goes: has to do with the replies as to" why did you do it"

Police: Why did you it"

Suspect: I wanted to know how it would feel to hit someone.

Police: Why did you do it?

Suspect: I don't now I was drunk and can not remember.

Police: Why did you do it?

Suspect: I didn't like how the person looked at me.

Police: Why did you do it?

Suspect:  I woke up this morning to hit someone. 

Need one say more...makes for good reading..

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Posted in: Abe unveils plan to amend Constitution, put it into force in 2020 See in context

The second step to the rise of Imperialism and rise of the new Emperor of Japan.  The losers are the sheeple people who love to pay tax to an outdated system and have no voice.

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Posted in: Ex-actress Saya Takagi gets suspended term for marijuana possession See in context

All of this publicity for the outcome expected in the first place.  Once again the system proves itself that if your "someone" in Japan then the laws do not apply to you and only to the commoner, so what has changed in Japan over the last century?  The politicians, talent and everyone at the top get preferential treatment, the commoner gets prison.

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Posted in: Japanese warship to escort U.S. supply vessel in Pacific: reports See in context

Does the US really need a Japan warship to escort? This only entices enemies of Japan and puts the country into the spotlight.  Japan has not business in allowing it to be drawn into conflict as a means to change the Constitution which only serves Abe's and the old guard private interests and not the people.

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Posted in: Japan eyes putting TPP into force without U.S. See in context

re: Face reality. Add China.

Yeah and the same Chinese who come here to Japan and waste up all the resources driving up our costs.

IN return we get the junk that doesn't have any quality and ends up in overfilled landfills because the materials are too toxic and not worth recycling...think before you post ridiculous suggestions.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. ready to act alone on North Korea See in context

wow so many war experts on this blog. Yet everyone seems to forget one important player..Russia. Do you folks really think they will stand by and just watch the show? Please, China is of no concern to the US, just media hype. Russia on the other hand is a concern. If the Russians were to sit idly by and watch the show you can bet there is a deal already in the pocket. The shock and awe that everyone is talking about is nothing more than media hype and too many movies. IT will be quickly over long before there is a wall of fire burning around Seoul, the EMP bursts will frazzle much of the NK made in China circuitry, and tose massive missiles will never get off the ground except for a few what will fizzle out.

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Posted in: NHK fee collector arrested for forcibly kissing woman See in context

again another story of too overly sensitive gone wrong with women in Japan. NO wonder there is a shortage of births,
Women in Japan are just too overly sensitive. it was a kiss nothing more..she should be flattered that a guy was interested and bold enough considering her old maid status.

Moderator: If you ever post offensive remarks like this again, you will be leaving us.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for groping woman on train See in context

Women have gone overboard on this subject. She should be glad that someone was even interested and perhaps then the country would not be facing a shortage of future pension payers/population decline. Women have become too sensitive in Japan, else their would not be a decline in births.

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Posted in: Akie Abe reportedly in hot water with mother-in-law over school scandal See in context

Blue blood or not, the bottom line, all humans die, all humans bleed red. Abe's mother is no exception to the rule and when she dies cannot take money or any possessions though many have tried..but they theory remains to be proven.

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Posted in: LDP panel calls for capability to strike enemy bases See in context

re: Japan has maintained a strictly defence-only policy. Its pacifist constitution, imposed by occupying U.S. forces after World War II, bans the use of force except in the strictest meaning of self-protection.

Fire at will, fire at will. If Japan feels it is imminent that self protection quantifies first strike, then fire way fire away... Do not wait for the US to attack or assist. Unlike the Obama administration that was worthless to stop Chinese encursion and land grabbing, and as Duarte pointed out, where was the US before China even built the man made islands and why wasnt' there an armada warning them to stop...hmmm.

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Posted in: S Korea's Lotte family owners go on trial for graft See in context

Serves them right to be punished for getting in bed with China in the first place. Recall China started the entire Pacific incursion by building man made islands under the guise of peaceful research yet they have instead militarized and hence forced its neighbors like SK to take its own measures to defend itself. China should learn to keep business as business and not mix politics with business.

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Posted in: Sirens blare as Japan, fearing N Korea, holds first missile drill See in context

I for one am sick and tired of the mass hysterics reported by media and paranoia that many speculate would happen. In a real world scenario, it won' even come close. A massive preemptive strike would end any misconceptions painted. The end result would be rebuilding the rubble and feeding the masses. China would be upset, but nothing they could do as even today there is nothing they can do to stop such an attack. Russia by this time would have cut a deal with the US and would only rant as a show. I support a full scale preemptive strike.

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor mural canceled over concerns about headline See in context

What weaklings, the political correct is yesterday's news..Japs is not derogatory...Obama, and the Clinton era are long gone...the right thing to do is for them to continue as was originally planned.

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Posted in: Diet proposes one-off abdication law for emperor See in context

The Imperial family has rights just like anyone else, therefore they should be able to call it quits and abandon this overtaxed outdated system that does nothing for anyone except put tax money in this system. Let them be like everyone else it is 2017 afterall, end the entire system. This is not pre 14 century.

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Posted in: China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea See in context

All I can add is talk is cheap and China is full of cheapness. In WWII Japan still had a very powerful Navy, and has ever since. One does China think that 1 carrier will win a war for them? Please...

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Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

While the trade deals are in the making would be a great and big bonus time for Japan to join the rest of the cell phone market and get rid of the bogus, 2 yr. contract system period.

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Posted in: N Korean missile launch was training exercise for strike on U.S. bases in Japan: KCNA See in context

If that is the best they have, the need to make massive improvements. NK if overlooking the significance of its ranting and raving towards Japan. That the US has bases in Japan is irrelevant, and overlooking a much more dangerous foe. Just because a tiger is sleeping inside a cage does not mean that its claws are not sharp.

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Posted in: Abe says N Korea launched 4 ballistic missiles; 3 land 300 kms from Japan's coast See in context

Wasn't there a movie where a general was making demands to an alien, only to shrunk down to size and SPLAT!! This sort of reminds me of those before who placed sanctions and wa wa wah...SPLAT

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Posted in: U.S. soccer players must stand for national anthem See in context

If these players don't like it, they can leave for other teams. It is disrespectful and tasteless. Leave the US if you cannot at least stand. If they are Americans' then submit your passport and surrender your citizenship just don't let the door hit you on the way out..unless it helps them out the door further...

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Posted in: Millions living in U.S. illegally targeted for possible deportation under Trump rules See in context

It's high noon, and bringing it back: That's right bringing it back:

Go on now, :Go on outta here,,go on a git! Git on outta here....don't come back hear!!

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Posted in: Message for Trump See in context

Immigrants make America great but only if they are supporting of Christianity. No where is there room for Muslims making America great, but more like despair, pain and death. That is the truth. If these people do not like and support the US President, turn in your passport, and leave. I'm sure there are plenty of people left that are much better off in the US with these sympathizers gone. I bet they would be crying to have the US take them back...

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Posted in: Japan pledges patrol vessels, $1.1 bil aid for Vietnam See in context

If the US is seeking bilateral agreements, and fair for both, then allow the Japanese military to train on a US base. We are allies afterall. The US trains in Japan with numerous bases, why not say let Japanese troops be based in say California, and train. This way if war and the Pacificist Constitution is changed, then Japan can immediately help its US inside their own territory. It is time for both countries to really work together and trust one another. Japan has proven to the US it can be trusted and counted on to help as long as the people in Japan are allowed too show them it can be done.

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re: I also want to hear what she wants to tell me.”

Not to sound insensitive, but more than likely she would have said, " move on, get a new partner, live your life and enjoy"

That is the best one can do but harder said than sounds....

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Posted in: Ambulances called 777,427 times in Tokyo last year See in context

I guess the best way to describe the gripes being posted are not being said other than a means to get to a hospital. Unlike other countries where medical care is actually practiced in Japan the best you can get is an ice pack, as it is nothing more than a taxi with a red light and cheaper. If taxis could have red lights to transport people to the hospital they too would be used as such. The best solution is too allow ambulance personnel to be able to treat minor and life threating situations while in touch with a medical doctor. I can get me own ice pack.

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re South Korea’s opposition politicians on Wednesday called for nullifying a settlement

Great that they are marching but barking up the wrong tree. Follow the money and see which Chaebols made a killing after Japan left Korea. Japan paid huge sums of money to the old Park administration but only limited amount went to the victims, that doing was not Japans but the Korean government. Then again such goes the spoils of war...and women are a part of the treasure...

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Posted in: Taxi fares in Tokyo to start at Y430 from Jan 30 See in context

Re: Oh well, in 10 years the prices should actually go down when all of the taxis become driverless and the drivers are not part of the cost equation anymore.

No it won't because it will cost more to buy the driver less taxi due to technology required to maintain it.

RE: Thought the same thing when self-service gas stations came here, no such luck, prices are generally the same, as will taxis as well. Aint no way the companies are going to give up a chance to get more profits.,

Good point, I have yet to see where the savings are. It cost more in time for me to pump the gas vs taking it and having someone do it and clean the windows etc...Japan should do away with the self service as it didn't work like in other countries; bottom savings..

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