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Posted in: Hospital fails to report 5 deaths in rooms amid heat wave See in context

Surely the overpaid Diet fat cats could have easily donate air conditioners, but that's only wishful and deep dreaming. However in reality, while the elderly and common taxpayers get taken their greedy pockets get fatter and this is an end result.

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Posted in: Japan says N Korea still poses serious and imminent threat See in context

Yes, more money for my pockets...I love it..but on the flip side, NK has not shown backing down to anyone including Trump and as long as it has missiles capable of hitting Japan it is a big threat. They proved it can hit Japan whenever it wants. If that happened, do people really think that the US would shoot their missiles down or attack them. The answer lies in the truth NO at least not right away and NK can always claim that it was a mistake and apologize under the Russian and Chinese blouse. Japan needs to defend itself period and not wait for the US in reality for an attack strike that would never occur. Augh history has proven that time and time again while the innocents are slaughtered.

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Posted in: Self-driving taxi with paying passengers tested in Tokyo in world first See in context

Well their go the taxi jobs, so long taxi man...Wonder what the smart tech AI will do to the non paying fare dodgers...

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Posted in: Woman stabbed by man while walking home in Funabashi See in context

re"  late 20s to early 40s, 170 cms tall, chubby with close-cropped hair and was wearing a black T-shirt and short pants."

This narrative description just narrowed it down by about 500,000.

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Posted in: Japan must act to protect Fukushima clean-up workers: U.N. experts See in context

I can't stop laughing at the heading of this article. The ship has long sailed especially how most including the media forgot that Japan raised the rad exposure limits much higher so that it would almost be impossible to file claims...Literally the only way anyone could actually file a claim is if they are directly in the line of the exposure to high level rad..

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Posted in: Tokyo tests water sprinklers to combat heat at 2020 Olympics See in context

great more mosquitoes means more illnesses.

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Posted in: 2 Koreas to hold summit in Pyongyang in September See in context

to understand the entire plot one must go back in history. The old empire of yesterday has awoken, it is very much reaching out and grasping its fingers on whatever land it can grab., it is by no means a secret where this is heading.  Behind the scenes the ever strategic Chinese and the Moon sympathizer selling out Korea which comes into play is Japan. China and Japan are already making plays for the future while the US under the noise making of US President Trump goes no where, as they adage goes a barking dog with no teeth means just that a loud bark. The US will pull out of Asia and the writing is on the wall. Japan reads it and is moving themselves to align.  However the day will come when the appetite of the Chinese will become too great and hence finally the Great War.  A war that could have been prevented years ago had the Obama admin not thrown out so much gas and the Clinton admin not weakened to their Berkeley ideology of giving the voice to China in the WTO and with it more than half of the US trade business.

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Posted in: Okinawa rally mourns governor, opposes U.S. base relocation See in context

Everyone forgets that Onaga made the bulk of his wealth due to the bases, but too clear his conscious went the other way at the end. He knew his time was limited but it was by no means for the people but for his own guilt. Seriously these idot's don't 'know how to count, there aren't that many bases left with the numbers like in the past, most has been turned back to the landowners or some faction within the GOJ.  This is about business by the greedy landowners pure and simple. The rest are just peasants and ignorant fools. If Japan really wanted to make a difference in Okinawa, then show the world that this country has a pair, and put the Marines on the Senkakus, that way they will first to fight. If China can build bases out of rock tips why can't Japan...

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Posted in: Couple films own suicide jumping in front of train in Sapporo, streams it online See in context

Tanabata season, hmmm. but aside the suicide, it caused delays, missed flights, rebooked hotels some  couldn't get one at the last minute etc. now who will pay for the damages in delays and change of schedules...the family members left behind?

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Posted in: Need for foreign language disaster alerts for travelers rises in Japan See in context

One with common sense or savvy would think with it being 2018, millions of foreigners visiting, and the multiple major events that have plagued Japan during a time of crisis and No speakito Engrish...

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Posted in: Released memo points to Hirohito's role in Pearl Harbor raid See in context

Japan had a better chance to overtake and conquer all China, make it New Japan than what happened historically. Instead they fell pansy to the Germans to test the US resilience.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor takes steps to retract U.S. base transfer approval See in context

re: Kwatt: If that is the case I know of many Ryukyu folks actual bona-fide blue blood, who want the bases. By the way they refer to themselves a Ryukyu not Okinawans.

Question is how did Onaga make his money? Yes the bases, but only few know this.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany agree to promote free trade, rules-based order See in context

I'm farming rice and haven't gone broke, so something must be said about farming...

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Posted in: Heat wave deaths climb to 80 as authorities weigh preventive measures See in context

using air conditioning would help. I've gone to many businesses only to have limited AC on and it was hot. The reason too much cost to run the AC.

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Posted in: Two elderly sisters found dead in Tokyo condominium in suspected heat stroke See in context

Today is 2018, the invention of air conditioning, cooling fans has been around for decades except Japan.

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Posted in: While making nice with U.S. and S Korea, North Korea slams Japan See in context

With the Japan under the big umbrella of the US it should just press protect itself because frankly there is not much China, the Koreas or any other nation can do to retaliate against Japan...Any attack towards Japan rightly brings in the US as its protector...time to prove it..

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Posted in: Japan to deploy large patrol boats to guard nuclear plants See in context

laughing and rolling on the ground with this storyline...and check out the this comment: The coast guard expects the new ships will also enhance its ability to respond to North Korean boats engaged in illegal fishing, and to unidentified ships sighted off the central Japan coast, the sources said." The only unidentified ships sighted have ALL been Chinese but clearly labeled and boldly flying their flag..yet as on previous blogger put it, what are the Japanese going to do with these massive over expensive ships except throw water and blast their loudspeakers and horns....what a joke...Japan is weak and China knows this. It takes a bold leader to actually take real action against incursions into Japan waters and that is what China and other countries understand...look at Trump he is now looking a lot like Obama , hot hot blasting air with no punch...

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Posted in: Western Japan rain disaster causes ¥120 bil in agricultural damage See in context

Anything to raise prices and make profits, except the consumer.  Always an excuse by the greedy farmers. If farming was such a nonprofit industry then no one would be a farmer.

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Posted in: Man arrested after leaving bottles filled with urine at police box See in context

Finally a citizen steps up to complain for action and instead gets the traditional brush off. let the guy go and train him to file an official complaint in writing provide he has the proof of any violations..oh that's right there are none, cancer by tobacco is highly legal and encouraged.

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Posted in: Protest held in Okinawa against landfill for U.S. base transfer See in context

Dango bong, its money collected as land owners and nothing else to do with it. Also that statement about bulk of US facilities is farce and outdated. It is no longer the case as other pre use land was returned back to their government.

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Posted in: Chinese media say U.S. has 'paranoid delusions' See in context

Well at least China is admitting it produces cheap low quality products just a stride from junk. It is not the US building islands in the middle of water on a rock, so who is the paranoid one? hmmm seems it is China as all its neighbors just want to do business, not get in territorial disputes.

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Posted in: Japan confronts risks of U.S. alliance based on dollars and deals, not values See in context

Just another excuse to move Japan under Imperial rule or Chinese control...

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth arrested for stabbing 9-year-old boy outside school See in context

bullied when younger

what to see what it felt like killing someone

I was angry

I was depressed

I was unhappy

I was mad at myself

I didn't like the way I was looked at.

He smiled at me funny

He didn't return my good morning

the list just grows...

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Posted in: Osaka gov't warns of baseless rumors on social media after quake See in context

Let's see the Shinkansen killer, hmm Japanese,

The killer of Vietnamese girl: Japanese,

The killers of Sarin Attack: Japanese

it goes on and on. so Japanese are not perfect either...

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Posted in: China says N Korean leader Kim Jong Un visiting Beijing See in context

Of course, the Emperor of China beckons and Kim Jun Xi responds.  Clearly paying homage to the Emperor of China.

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Posted in: Lower house passes antismoking bill See in context

hahaha ha hahaha ha...doesn't mean the smokers will stop smoking at the entrances....

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Posted in: JAL, ANA change 'Taiwan' to 'China Taiwan' on websites See in context

today, China Taiwan, tomorrow China Japan, followed by China Korea..See Trump was only giving a hint, and used the Mexicans but meant 25million Chinese migrating to Japan.

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Posted in: Knife rampage aboard bullet train kills 1, injures 2 See in context

The famous cliché ""feeling frustrated" and just wanted to kill someone and that anyone would do" strikes again.. no news here. other than it was at a Shinkansen, but not enough to go ape bat crazy like the US with over kill security systems, etc...

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Posted in: Trump threatens U.S. allies on trade before leaving G7 summit See in context

Their is no dispute that trading has been extremely lopsided, un-fair and a major non-advantage towards the US, however that is only half of the problem because it is consumers greed and hunger for cheaper products that is the driver and left alone. Consumers in the US need to do their part and buy US made products and less of the imported junk..

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Posted in: Japan to let in 500,000 foreign workers to help plug labor shortage See in context

However the fact still remains, Japan is competing for the same service pool with other countries facing the same labor shortages.

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